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Amsino - AS00501S - InternationalEar/ Ulcer Syringe

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Prescription MAY BE REQUIRED

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AS00501S1 oz50 / Case
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Product Information

AMSure Ear / Ulcer syringes are ideal for irrigating smaller wounds and alleviating congestion. The syringes are available in several sizes to meet clinical requirements.

  • Gentle tip design reduces irritation 
  • Ribbed bulb provides steady grip control 
  • Designed to stand on the bulb end to help minimize contamination 
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile Options 
  • Latex Free

1 oz. syringe
Amsino - InternationalEar/ Ulcer Syringe, Form Fill Seal Package, Sterile,
Amsino - InternationalEar/ Ulcer Syringe, Form Fill Seal Package, Sterile,
More Information
Manufacturer Amsino
Categories Ear Syringe, Living Aids Parts, Medication Helpers, Personal Care, Ear Ulcer Syringes, Ear Wax Removal, Nursing Supplies
Code AS00501S
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
31 Review
Brittney Review from
September 21, 2016
Great dropper!
My four year old has a brain condition called Chiari Malformation. In short, It's a herniation of the cerebellum tonsils (the lower part of the brain) into the spinal canal. It causes horrible headaches among other symptoms. We bring medicine with us whenever we leave. Well, this one particular time I forgot to put his syringe and measuring cup in his bag. I was walking around toys r us and thankfully this was there. It's just like every other syringe except I do like the color and it isn't hard to squeeze the medicine through.
NJ Future Review from
March 21, 2017
This is an amazing tool for parents.
As a new father I have to be careful with my strength. I have to remind myself to be more gentle than I'm used to. Especially when it comes to administering medicine to my daughter with a syringe. A came across a few syringes that were a bit too stiff so when I would go to release the medicine, I would apply a little too much pressure causing more medicine to come out than I wanted. The Safety First syringe has the perfect friction to allow me to administer medicine at a slow and constant measure.
Sara Review from
August 24, 2017
Is an okay product
This is an okay product. I work in the medical field with actual real syringes. This syringe is a little more difficult to use. It is harder to push the medication out to where i feel like if I push too hard it will get everywhere. I also find that wherw thw 1ml is very little and it almoat looks like there is nothing in the syringe. I would suggest it for people who don't know about syringes, but I wouldn't buy it again.
C the CSI Review from
March 4, 2017
Would buy again
Needed to give water to a dehydrated infant that wouldn't nurse. It worked well. It is made well. Will probably get a second one for the diaper bag for "just in case" situations. Only con is that the measuring lines have worn off rather quickly but we believe that is from the coconut oil we use. Because we don't need exact measurements for water intake we aren't worried about it.
Amber Review from
May 15, 2016
Medical Syringe
I've purchased 2 Safety 1st Hospital's Choice Medical Syringe's. The first lasted about a month before it broke, so we had to purchase another one. They work fairly well. I wish they were thinner though so it would fit into my daughters vitamin D bottle. Right now I am forced to pour some into the lid and suction it up from there, which at times can be very messy. Not the most convenient, but it gets the job done. Plus we haven't been able to give do anything better.
Joanna the scientist Review from
October 13, 2015
Works well and reliable
Precision is very important to me, especially when it comes to giving medicine to my little one. Having a science background, it was vital that I have a syringe that accurately collected and dispensed the correct dosage. Of the three syringes that I currently have this one works the best and eliminates the bubble that occurs when preparing the medicine. I also really like the 'no rolling' feature. Simple but helpful design.
Isuri Review from
July 10, 2016
I will recommend this to all moms I know
Some times I have to give Madication to my little one, in some madication they haven't any meterial which is safe to mesure and give madication in proper way. So in that case, I bought this product & it is so helpful to solve my problems I mentioned above. This product is safe and easy to handle. Now I feel so comfortable with measuring the perfect dose to my little one.
mommyof2 Review from
November 19, 2014
Wish they came in a pack of four
We use these after my son brushes his teeth. We spray water into his mouth and he spits it out. Perfect way to keep kids from swallowing their toothpaste. I'm sure it would work great for medicine as well. Wish they came packaged with 4/5 instead of purchasing one at a time. Works pretty good with water so I assume it would work even better with thicker medicine.
Heather Review from
January 10, 2014
Good Product.
Great measurements and simple to use. Price is great too! This is our second one only because when I was cleaning it I didn't realize I lost the rubber ring to allow the suction to fill the syringe. There are reviews that state an air bubble results in leaving some medicine in the syringe. I agree with that, but found it can be avoided if you leave the air at the top while giving the medicine to your child, all medicine will be consumed by your little one!
Lexie Review from
October 25, 2016
Great item
Unlike most syringes from the hospital or local pharmacy this one is easy to use and clean. The only down fall for me was the syringe can't stand up on its on. So if you have a fussy baby once hungry I suggest you have the syringe fill and ready to go. So don't have to deal with holding the baby and trying to fill the syringe all at once.
Liz Full Time Mom, Full Time Worker Review from
September 12, 2013
Better than dispense pharmacy will give
Our little one requires Zantac for acid reflux. The syringe they gave us from the pharmacy was hard to slowly move and we ended up giving her too much med at once (and she's spit it out). This syringe allows for a slower dispensing rate and we can give the 1.2 ml in about 4 pushes (increases the success of it going down). I only gave it 4 stars because there are no markers between ml, so it's hard to be exact when measuring the .2 --- otherwise a great, cheap purchase.
mamajanna Review from
March 1, 2014
Great product
I got this for giving my baby homemade organic gripe water. It's very durable, strong, easy to clean, and just great. The only con i have against it is the suction is good but could be better. Gets a little bit of air in the syringe. Also medicine gets stuck in the tip of product but these are not deal breakers.
Neda the working mom Review from
May 8, 2015
This is the best syringe I've used
I had to give my 6-week old Tylenol after his first set of immunizations, which included 3 shots. He ran a little fever the first night. I ran over to Babies R Us and bought the syringe. It's great since its large enough to use easily and see the measurements clearly. Made my life much easier!
Madtownmom Review from
March 8, 2016
Could be better
We purchased this syringe because we had medication to give our 16 month old that only came with a measuring cup. We had been using the syringes that came with ibuprofen and found out those ones worked better. It doesn't have as tight of a fit as those which is a little disappointing. Thankfully, it wasn't expensive.
Meredith the new mom Review from
July 26, 2013
Good, but not the best
Bought this because the syringe that comes with the infant Tylenol does not have very many measurement lines. Was somewhat disappointed because it is not compatible with the bottle. Had to squirt the Tylenol in a small cup and measure it that way. It's impossible not to waste the Tylenol that way. However it works great and has appropriate measurement lines.
Amanda C Review from
February 28, 2018
I would not buy this again
My 18 month old takes medication daily we needed something that was sturdy and easy to use and clean and had the correct dosage amount. This was perfect. The suction is a little tough so it makes it hard to get the medicine in the syringe and push out.
dormir41 Review from
March 27, 2015
somewhat stiff
I purchased this to give my breastfed baby formula since she's not gaining weight as fast as dr wants but she doesn't take the bottle well from me. It works well for that but the plunger is a bit stiff and the markings are wearing off after about a week and a half of washing. It's decent for what I'm using it for but not sure about medicine where you need it exact and to come out smoothly.
SJC Review from
May 10, 2017
Convenient and easy to use!
Using children's motrin for 1 year old and they do not come with the medicine syringe. This was a nice cheap purchase when on the go and needed to give her a dose. No spillage. Easy for her to suckle on as administrating.
Mariah Review from
June 22, 2016
I would buy this product again.
I especially love this product because it shows measurements in both mL and tsp. which I found extremely helpful as some doctors or medicines tell you amounts in different measurements. It is easy to use as well as easy to clean. Great product.
Jsweeney Review from
February 12, 2017
Works great
I was looking for a medicine seeing that didn't have rubber on it. This one does have some rubber on the inside, but not bad like the ones I got from the pharmacy. It is very easy to use. I just don't like how much medicine gets stuck in the very end.
becky.a Review from
February 16, 2021
Great product. Wish they had these years ago when my kids were small. Great for when the grandkids come over
Woogz Review from
December 13, 2017
Came in handy in an emergency
This syringe was very easy to use. Not much thought needed to go into it. I needed it as my fur baby wasn't feeling well and handling liquids so I rushed to Toys R Us to buy this item. I would recommend
Grandma cuts all the courners Review from
July 22, 2013
Does the trick in half the time
when a baby is sick, there cry and cry and you just don't know what to do. you get some medicine from the drug store or doctor and you but some on a spoon, and you try to get it into the baby's mouth. You spill have of it , but with the syringe just stick in in between there lips and squirt the medicine right in there mouth. soon the baby will be better and resting and so will you!!
Karina Review from
October 12, 2017
Perfect for small babies
It was always hard and messy to give my son anything liquid. This mkaes it so much easier and clean. I also like that he doesnt choke on the liquid like with the spoon.
CYSc Review from
October 28, 2016
Very useful
Used this to give my some antibiotics with his first ear infection. He actually sucked on the end to get every last drop out surprisingly incentives he usually gags himself. It's easy to use and easy to clean properly.
Traci C. Review from
October 18, 2016
Excellent item
This medicine syringe is perfect for dispensing liquid medicine. It is labeled with teaspoon measurements unlike the pharmacy ones which are in mL. Also, very reasonably priced.
J Review from
March 28, 2017
Good idea when administering meds to babies
Have not yet used so my review must be in the middle. Appears to get the job done if necessary. I am not one to claim sickness or to accept it. This will only be used if needed.
Liz Review from
August 12, 2017
My son is a micro preemie. Once discharged from the hospital, he was prescribed 6 different medications. This is the only way my son will take any of them as he was used to syringes.
grammiedeb Review from
October 20, 2016
Medicine Syringe
For administering medicines to infants, or in our case very I'll small dog, this works wonderfully. Medicine is pulled into syringe and then given directly to babies mouth without spilling or dripping.
Isa's mom Review from
October 30, 2017
Awesome product! Easy to use and clean.
I bough this syringe to give my baby some cough medicine (which comes with a cup but wasn't easy or practical for a picky 2 y/o to drink from). With the syringe was a total success.
Mimi Review from
August 6, 2016
Medicine syringe
It does the job but does not draw up medicine to the 5ml line without coming apart or actually equally 5ml. As an experienced nurse, I would expect something so simple to be able to be used with ease....Not in this case Good for smaller doses
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