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Amsino International - AS00503S - Ear/ Ulcer Syringe

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Prescription MAY BE REQUIRED

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AS00503S3oz50 / Case
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Product Information

AMSure Ear / Ulcer syringes are ideal for irrigating smaller wounds and alleviating congestion. The syringes are available in several sizes to meet clinical requirements.

  • Gentle tip design reduces irritation 
  • Ribbed bulb provides steady grip control 
  • Designed to stand on the bulb end to help minimize contamination 
  • Sterile and Non-Sterile Options 
  • Latex Free

3 oz. syringe
Amsino International - Ear/ Ulcer Syringe, Vinyl, 3oz, Sterile, 50/cs
Amsino International - Ear/ Ulcer Syringe, Vinyl, 3oz, Sterile, 50/cs
More Information
Manufacturer Amsino
Categories Ear Syringe, Living Aids Parts, Medication Helpers, Personal Care, Ear Ulcer Syringes, Ear Wax Removal, Nursing Supplies
Code AS00503S
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
50 Review
yachtonon Review from
June 24, 2020
dhal3138 Review from
September 6, 2016
Gentle & safe.
I have recently purchased 2 of these Aspirators, as i rely on the product so much. I have suffered from excessive ear wax all my life, i am now 69. Before i discovered this product, i had to visit my GP for the removal of my ear wax. Not any more. I use regularly about once a month. This removes any ear wax, preventing build up. You only realise you have a wax problem, when you suddenly go deaf, usually after showering or swimming, as your ear wax softens & blocks your ear canal. I have said that this product is good quality, even though my first one split around the seam on the bulb. It had l
gourls Review from
February 27, 2018
I can hear!
About a month ago I stupidly tried to clean my ear with a Q-tip and i must have pushed wax into my ear canal. I literally couldn't hear out of my right ear. It felt like i was walking around with a set of earphones on. So after a few youtube videos, I bought this and gave it a go. I used lukewarm water and tried to flush out the ear. Wax did come out but It didn't really work the first time. So about an hour later I tired it again with slightly warmer water. After two or three goes i could hear! The sense of relief was unreal. It's been a few days since i done it and my hearing is still perfec
dipsysallly Review from
June 4, 2019
A little miracle worker
After seeing my husband suffering with hearing loss due to ear wax (he has very narrow channels) this worked a treat. I had to try 4/5 times but in the end it loosened and wax came out. I would recommend this but not as a regular feature simply because fiddling with your own ears could be harmful. He contacted his ENT consultant as he had impacted ear wax last year and she said not to do it himself BUT it did work for him as an emergency and have no hesitation in recommending this if you are desperate to hear again!
sws1712 Review from
March 27, 2019
Godsend! Handy little device, sorted my problem within 10 mins of opening!
Handy little no-tech device, a godsend! Completely gunked up with earwax, couldn't hear a thing, and as a dance teacher and musician this was a huge inconvenience. Within ten minutes of unpacking this item, I'd sorted the problem! Eternally grateful. Forget other teccy/expensive devices on the market. This is the one to buy!
angelicajazz Review from
April 3, 2020
Best money I've ever spent!!
Absolutely fantastic piece of kit. So easy to use and what a relief to be able to hear again! Used oil for a week beforehand. Saves waiting for the Dr and also saves a HUGE amount of money paying to it done privately. Received two for the price if one which was a nice surprise. Would most definitely recommend. Thank you
tracsmit-37 Review from
August 29, 2018
Simple to use but very effective
My ear became blocked after an ear infection. After using olive oil to soften the wax for a few weeks my ear was still blocked. I brought the ear syringe bulb and after two or three squirts of warm water into my ear the wax started to come out. Then with a pop a large piece came out and my hearing returned. Simple but very effected. So pleased I purchased this product.
alison7685 Review from
April 28, 2019
Amazingly easy and an excellent job done!
I have very narrow ear canals and so syringing at the doctors was a twice yearly occurrence. I checked with my doctor that this gadget was safe and had the go ahead from her. After a week of olive oil twice a day to each ear I used it this morning and after 5 goes in each ear this is the result! Totally painless using like warm water. I would recommend this product.
0302richard Review from
June 29, 2016
Safe way to clean ears
This is a safe way of flushing wax out of your ears. Note I said flushing - there is not really enough pressure to force wax out or indeed damage your ear. This is why it is essential to soften any wax build up with olive oil for at least four or five days before you use this. The tip is made of soft rubber so should not irritate you ear. Remember to pull your ear lobe back and up to open the ear canal as much as possible, then give a good firm squeeze of the bulb. You may need someone to help with this procedure.
singerchevannes1 Review from
May 22, 2017
Fastest ever service from this great seller!
Item ordered on Saturday afternoon - arrived the very next day - Sunday afternoon - by courier. Could not believe it! Great little syringe to gently cleanse the ears of wax. Worked a treat (please note - I had been putting medicinal grade olive oil drops into my ears for 5 days prior to syringing. This is recommended to loosen wax prior to irrigation). I now have perfect hearing and very clean ears!
ibae8064 Review from
April 16, 2020
Excellent Product easy to use
It is a simple gadget for syringing ears. I had a bad earwax problem which left me almost totally deaf in both ears. I had tried the usual things (olive oil) but to no avail. I saw this on you tube and bought the bubble aspirator. it is a bit strange to start, but all my wax came out straight the way, and I could here as clear as a bell!
riddlywalker53 Review from
May 25, 2016
old style healing
Thank the gods for this, after the pain of an ear syringing by a machine wielded by a practice nurse two years ago, it was great to find this old fashioned device that holds enough water to gently ease impacted wax out of your ears without harm or distress. You still need to soften things with oil for a few days, but this will do the job.... And- its hard at work keeping camera lenses clear of dust while my hearing is clear! (its not big enough to baste a turkey though.) If you ever have hearing problems because of wax build up, put one of these in your medicine cabinet as soon as you can.
knittingmrs123 Review from
June 18, 2020
Brilliant so easy to use, they also do the job they were made for
Anyone with ear wax problems this ear syringe is for, before using it put a few drops of olive oil in your ear for 5 days to soften the wax, then this ear syringe will wash out the wax. wish I had one of these over the last 30 years they are brilliant. thank you george
acon9627 Review from
August 1, 2018
Great for getting rid of stubborn ear wax
I used this on my boyfriend as he had a lot of ear wax build up. Managed to get some big chunks out after a few tries. Will try next time after using olive oil ear wax softener for a week or so. I can imagine it would remove even more next time. Would definitely recommend
yvonne.54 Review from
September 16, 2020
Not impressed
I personally found this product a waste of money. It does not assist with ear wax at all. Therefore I personally do not recommend it, but this is only my opinion.
jadybaby1 Review from
January 16, 2019
Poor instructions
The instructions are unclear considering you are clearing out a sensitive bodily region. When I used it I felt light headed, perhaps I wasnt doing it right. Therefore photo demonstration would have been ideal. For that reason I have given a low review.
morkeef Review from
June 18, 2020
Unable to remove wax!
Had spent several weeks dropping olive oil into my ears. Really happy to try this item but sadly it did not work at all. Maybe just our proceedure, and the way we tried to manipulate it. However, item well made and great price!
graceicals6 Review from
June 13, 2020
Great product, save yourself a trip to the Doctors, or Ear specialist.
Ok,i put olive oil in my ear once a day,for a week before i tried this. To be honest i didn't think it was working as i expected it to work first time. I persevered and after 4 days,after a shower i did it, and all of a sudden i could hear clearly again.All i can advise is to keep trying with warm water and be patient.
2011hjmc Review from
September 9, 2017
Really useful little gadget
My husband and I both have trouble with ear wax causing deafness and discomfort. Our surgery has stopped offering ear syringing so we tried this little device. We oil our ears for a week then use the ear bulb. We do this once a month. Success.
123mikeyb Review from
October 7, 2016
Ideal for cleaning fountain pens
I bought this from a YouTube recommendation on cleaning fountain pens and it works perfectly. Fill with hit water and a tiny bit of washing up liquid, place into the section where the ink cartridge would go and slow squeeze. Then again with warm non soapy water to rinse out. BUENO!
malc.333 Review from
March 24, 2017
Did the trick.
The syringe was delivered in two days which I thought was was excellent, from ordering I started using olive oil to loosen the wax , when it arrived I filled it with warm water and gave it a go half way through the third refill all the wax came out and I could hear perfectly again .I would definitely recommend it . The relief when you can hear properly are don't feel lopsided is amazing. MW.
nstanden Review from
March 6, 2020
Ear wax syringe
I received two syringes , which was a surprise as I was only expecting one. This was my lucky day as the first one split , but the second one did the job brilliantly and was still in perfect condition after clearing both ears . So I am very happy.
zonic2007 Review from
September 30, 2018
Fab product!
Works well I've has ear problems for years and after 2 weeks of imbalance due to a blocked ear canal I can 100% say buying potions and liquids are not he way to go. Highly recommend this after 3 days use I can finally hear again I had been taking drops for over a week! Thank you for this amazing product!
ricrod99 Review from
July 20, 2016
Ear Syringe 3oz
Good value and well made. Works well. Right amount of suction and collects any inner ear debris. Washes easily and far better value than the leading high street's much smaller one. Highly recommended.
deemar54 Review from
May 10, 2017
Doctor Recommended
I usually need my ears syringed every six months - have done for years. Went to the docs to get recommended for an ear syringe and got a locum who mentioned this to me - never heard of it before - WOW - how good was that. Now I can syringe my ears whenever I want to without doctors appointments, nurses etc. Very Happy with this
jessicaradley Review from
August 24, 2016
Worked for me
Does what it says on the tin - gets wax out of your ears. Or anything else that might be stuck in there (a ball of tissue in my case!). I can hear again! Very cheap and easy to use. Is your hearing not great? Try this, you might get a surprise. Recommended defo.
pstacey3390 Review from
April 16, 2020
So easy to use.
Cleared both ears easily. Warm water used and now I hear much better. Would recommend this product to anyone who, like me, makes an excess of wax. So easy to use.
philip5279 Review from
February 17, 2021
Did the job for me
A normal ear syringe wouldn't do it on this occasion so tried the BULB syringe and it worked.Still took a good few goes but has a little more power than normal syringe and i think that was enough to loosen wax.My tv volume goes up tp 100 and i had it on 80 now its down to 30 and much clearer.I cant emphasise enough how fantastic it is to be able to hear proper, i put up with it to long.
perneluc Review from
August 1, 2018
Literally amazing! Tried all sorts to unblock my ear for about a week was driving me crazy. Saw this online and read the reviews, tried it and within about a minute my ear was clear. Would recommend :-)
golfmartin1951 Review from
October 20, 2020
I can hear again
After a week of sodium bicarbonate solution to soften my ear wax, it just to 5 minutes with this device and BINGO I can hear again. It works!!
klopp-banana Review from
September 13, 2018
Better Than A Washing Up Liquid Bottle
Since my GP surgery stopped doing ear syringing, I've been using a fairy washing up liquid bottle and luke warm water, and it's been a pain. Then I came across this and it does the trick a lot better and a lot quicker.
riddlywalker53 Review from
January 16, 2020
Old school.
Traditional device, easier to use than a plastic syringe, can be used very gently and safely. It hadn't occurred to me to use it as an air puffer to clean laptops and lenses- but dry it thoroughly first!
lucyl4 Review from
May 28, 2019
Having had issues with a build up of wax that left me feeling like I had an ear plug in continuously, this little thing saved me spending 80 on ear suction!! It worked great, well worth a try before spending out lots of money on professional techniques.
saanaee-7 Review from
February 9, 2019
Excellent product
If you have ear wax without any doubt use this product I really recommend this. I used to go to doctor for ear wax clearing, but I tried this yesterday and wax from my ears has been removed without any pain in just 5mins.
tezw-25 Review from
January 16, 2020
Super Syringe
This ear syringe really does work! Use olive oil for a week then use the syringe with lukewarm water and your ears should be clear again.
doohanok1uk Review from
June 13, 2019
Works a treat
I was a bit doubtful if this bulb would work but it really does shift all the wax out of your ears. I can hear clearly again. My advice would be to use ear drops first to soften the wax for a couple of days.
aboyce2003 Review from
August 25, 2016
Fountain Pen Lover
First of all I do not use this product for what is it intended. I use this as an aid to flush out ink from my fountain pens. The product is well made and so should last for a good while. l
3580roy Review from
January 21, 2018
It works
It took a few attempts to clear the ear, what a relief !. I would recommend this type of syringe as the water pressure produced by squeezing the bulb does not feel too high.
pocky_41 Review from
June 6, 2019
Brilliant yoke
Brilliant little yoke Ive suffered with bad deaf ear from a child sick of going to doctors and the constant pressure in my ear drum am still deaf in one ear but its not as bad as before no tilting my head or constant numb sound would definitely recommend it takes five ten minutes to get hang of and clear the ear very happy with this yoke its on hand 24/7
hisue1954 Review from
March 15, 2018
Good product
Very easy to use, works very well. Others available at varying prices but this is a very good quality product. Blocked ears, buy one of these.!
marttrade Review from
June 12, 2019
Clear ear.
After being told I would need to wait 2 weeks for a GP appointment, I bought this instead and to my relief sorted out the blockage in two minutes. Very good and it DEFINATLEY works.
suky321 Review from
July 1, 2020
Good for removing earwax without visiting doctors.
Good product. Helped remove ear wax deep in my ear that other methods couldn't do.
brown5725anthony Review from
September 25, 2019
its a simmple sqqquee
Great device simple to use,dont squeeze to hard at first until you know just how much pressure you are comfy with,worked for me,got all the wax out but soften for a few days first.
gilliandickinson Review from
October 4, 2018
Works well and good value.
So pleased as at last, after using this bulb, I can hear properly again. Definitely recommend this product if you have a problem with ear wax.
raysell123 Review from
April 26, 2018
Worked well
GP / nurse at practice no longer carries out this function,who knows why,so after using the drops prescribed which did not expel the wax (past experience told me it wouldn't anyway) I searched and found this item.Worked a treat.
blinkie82 Review from
June 23, 2018
Worked perfectly
Youtubed this product to see how it worked before buying, after a using oil in my ear for a couple of weeks i used this product with luke warm water and after a few attempts it worked perfectly, i have to have my ears syringed at the docs at least once a year and with it now being phased out this product is perfect :)
sben5010 Review from
February 6, 2019
Great gadget
It really works! Nothing tried before has ever worked to clear my sons ear wax. It was easy to use and he could do it by himself.
tonyrisebrow11 Review from
January 8, 2019
Excellant at fountain pen cleaning with distilled water
Bought to flush/clean out fountain pens when changing ink cartridges/colours, very good at this.
m_ayaz007 Review from
January 3, 2018
Ear syringe
Bought this as getting an appointment at the docs is impossible, I used olive oil prior using this for few days then at the first use it cleared all the wax, used it for my kid too and it worked just as well, defo recommend this!
283garethb Review from
September 26, 2019
It works
Went to the doctors and was told I had to wait over a week to get my ears syringed . I brought this and after approx 10 squeezes the wax came out and I can hear again