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Avalon - 361 - Bed Sheet

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Size - 60 IN X 96 IN. Color - White. Tissue/Poly.
More Information
Manufacturer Avalon
Categories Bed Aids, Bed Linen
Code 361
Sold By Case of 25
Product Color White
Product Size 60 X 96
Require Prescription? No
Score: 3.9 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Rebecca Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
June 2, 2022
Not what I was hoping for
I was mistakenly under the Impression they were cotton as I had selected filters to only show cotton. So my bad for not reading the description. However, BB&B bad for tagging them incorrectly. I hate microfiber sheets. I'm terribly picky when it comes to bedding fabric, natural fibers only (natural fibers breath better no matter how 'moisture wicking' synthetics claim to be, and I also have some skin irritation issues occasionally, and I'm spoiled. I admit it) so had I been more careful I wouldn't have ordered them. They're thin and that's normal for microfiber, but I don't like that. It also
Cindie Review from
November 2, 2021
I am a big fan of microfiber sheets, I used to love Egyptian cotton but I slept on a set of these while visiting family. I was amazed, and set out to get some. The main reason I like this is because I do not stick to them, especially in the winter when I have on leggings. When I roll over on these I do not rip all of the covers to my side! I got the beautiful Ocean Blue and I love it. These washed up really nice, I do not use fabric softener in the wash load as it is not supposed to be good. They fit well, look beautiful, and I have the little drawstring carry bag to use for other goodies afte
Fatty Review from
May 26, 2022
Poorly Made
Just washed pillow cases separately, flat sheet separately, and fitted separately. All in cold water with low spin. All dried separately in dryer on low temp with minimal amount of time until dry. First round done drying. wrinkles galore. Pulled out dryer screen to clean for next round, it was filled with so much lint (worse than from new towels) and that was just from one sheet. This just continued for the next 2 rounds. The lint was so bad that the main vent had to be cleaned, completely clean inside the dryer and dryer screen. So what did I end up with wrinkled sheets and major cleaning pro
Lauren Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
March 1, 2022
Drastically too small, does not fit.
I am super bummed. I love love this color, and the feel of the fabric is so soft and comfortable! I thought it was perfect! I threw away all the packaging as I've never had any let-downs from Bed Bath & Beyond and I washed it like I always do with my sheets. I tried to place the fitted *full* sheet set I ordered on my *full* bed and it literally will not fit. I can hardly get 3 corners over the edges of my mattress. I'm shockingly disappointed. I even double checked my order to make sure I ordered a full, I even went back and double checked my mattress I bought 2 years ago because I was in suc
clare Review from
February 9, 2022
Poor quality
First, this came in a pouch with a drawstring, so tightly packed that I had to cut the bag to get the sheets out. They were rolled together in order to get them into the bag. The fabric was a soft almost flannel like not the sheets I expected. I washed them since they had the blue bird logo of China on the bottom sheet. when putting the sheets on the bed the bottom sheet was too small. The elastic all stretched to the limit would not reach the fourth corner. They are not usable and I am giving them away with my used clothing. I am very disappointed. Clare Geiser Platinum member. Also the pillo
Natalie Review from
September 30, 2021
Overall okay for the price
I bought this because we have a quilt on our bed and my husband constantly complains saying its paper thin. I ordered the cheaper comforter that wasnt supposed to come with any shams and what I received seems to be the pricier version with two shams so Im glad I stuck with the cheaper one anyway. I dont know that I love the side with the designit makes me think of old school computer printouts like the bubble tests we did when I was in school. Luckily most of our house is a version of grey, white and blue so the blue side going up will be fine too. Im going to wash it before putting it on our
Gregg3689 Review from
Home Depot
May 14, 2021
Will be interesting to see how long they last!
My sheets came last week. The Cal King fitted sheet is a few inches too wide -- but works. Like most sheet set, the top sheet is barely wide enough to tuck in. Let's say 1-2" on each side. So, the top sheet could be wider and the bottom sheet SHOULD be narrower. (My mattress is a deep 1400 spring Cal/King Sterns&Foster). The reason for the friendly pricing seems apparent when your under the sheets and see how much light travels through them. They are "silk-thin". Compared to $100+ sets, you might think they are "thread baren". But, who knows how long they will last and/or how strong the fabric
Pooj Review from
April 2, 2022
Soft and cool
I have been buying this brand for a while now for myself and as housewarming gifts and I really liked this color. They are very gentle even with my sensitive skin. Super soft. They are cooling and breathe well too, so there's none of that sweaty feeling of sheets that stick to you. Even after a couple of washes, the material doesn't snag or form those awful bumps. My only issue is that these sheets wrinkle really badly even when they are removed promptly from the dryer but other than that very happy with the quality of these sheets.
Plant Lady Review from
May 11, 2022
Just the softest, coziest sheets! A Summer Perfect delight
I needed a lighter set of sheets for spring/summer and by that I mean weight and the color. I ordered the stripes, and they are lighter than the image and they are adorable. It lightens up the room and to soft feel like microfiber type is SO COMFY. I have grey decor in my bedroom, so this coordinates very well. They can even be mixed up or added to a solid set, name your combo! I recommend, and would have no problem ordering again. Very nice sheets, arrived fast and washed up perfectly. They have spoiled me :)
Kimberly Review from
May 23, 2022
Very soft...
So far so good! I've washed and slept on them and they are very soft. My only complaint is the ivory doesn't look ivory nor the color in the picture. They have more of a yellowish tint to them. I purchased the queen and they seem to fit just fine after being washed; keep in mind, I didn't put them in the dryer... Hung them to dry. I didn't detect any odor with mine. The biggest test yet to come, if they pill. That's my biggest pet peeve with sheets so if they don't, I'll purchase another set on sale. I also purchased the dark gray but haven't taken them out of their packaging. The color is as
BBB customer Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 27, 2022
Hate the fabric
If you like your sheets crisp and with some body, these are not the sheets for you. Right out of the package, they feel like an old rag that has been washed a hundred times. They're also terribly thin - hold them up to a window and you can easily see through. Also - weirdly - the fabric seems to 'cling' or 'catch' on things - so, for example, you can't easily put a pillow in the pillowcase by beginning to tuck it in and then just shaking it down. You have to shove-shove-shove-shove each of the two pillow corners until it's all the way in. I used these sheets three or four times then donated to
BB&B Customer Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 30, 2021
Softest sheets ever!!
The Clay Color is divine! A nice warm coral, not too feminine! These sheets fit our deep mattress with a puffy mattress topper with room to spare. They have washed well, no pilling. I love how soft and luxurious they feel. Normally I dont go for synthetic but this sheet set got everything right! Better than cotton! Easy to remove stains, and looks brand new after several washed. I bought my son a set as well.
darls Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
May 11, 2022
Bad Description
When I purchased these sheet sets, they said they were made of cotton. They are microfiber. I cannot use microfiber. Now I am stuck with 2 sets. They are thin, you can see through them. They have an extreme amount of static to them all the time. We have the only California King bed in the house and they are not going to be used. If you like microfiber, they are probably a good deal. Otherwise, stay away from these.
Pragati Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 8, 2022
So soft + pretty!
I love this set so much and I cannot get over all pretty and vibrant the color is! It's so soft to sleep in and doesn't irritate my skin. I also don't get hot in this set. I love that there are four pillowcases so even if two of my pillowcases are in wash, I have another two as a backup. I've thrown this sheet set in my washer and dryer multiple times and it's holding up well. I do recommend that you put it in a mesh laundry bag and then put it in your washer/dryer. This way the washer/dryer won't be able to hurt the sheet set in any way.
Nanamom48 Review from
May 26, 2021
Very Nice, but the Devil is in the Details
Ever since my adorable 2 year old granddaughter took an ink pen to my other set of ivory king size sheets, I have been on the lookout for a deal on a replacement. I purchased these and was ecstatic when they arrived because I would now get a break from my blue ones (yes, they were getting washed regularly). I have had a king size bed for over 25 years and have purchased numerous sets of king size sheets. Never have I purchased a set that only came with two pillowcases. Now, I will admit some fault for missing this nugget of information in the details, but it never occurred to me to look. I was
BB&B Customer Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 30, 2021
Amazing softness and durability!
I choose the ocean color for my son, a lovely year round soft blue. Matches well with his grey duvet. He is so picky and loves The soft feel. These are warm in the winter and I think would be cooling in the summer as well. Ive washed twice and they look as good as new with no pilling. The deep corners fit his mattress and mattress Cover well! We have a set For our room Too! Such nice quality For the price! Feel like you are at a fancy hotel.
Sleepless in Seattle Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
October 1, 2021
Do Not Buy This
Arrived 3 weeks later than anticipated, and when I took out the sheets to try them on our bed, the Ivory sheets I ordered were bright PEACH colored, and thin as a nylon. The pillowcases were so thin that I could see the grey color of my pillow through them. The fitted sheet just has a loose piece of elastic with the edges sewn around it, so it moves and bunches. This is the equivalent of fast fashion - could maybe be used to cover old furniture or to catch dust while cleaning a vent, but what an absolute joke to call these bedsheets. So frustrated and disappointed.
Lesli Review from
October 25, 2021
Great sheets but.....
These specific sheets are way more pink than the photos show. I wanted a muted blush color and these are like cotton candy pink. I ALWAYS buy ienjoy home sheets. They are super cozy. Just like the description says they really are buttery soft and extra comfortable. They wash beautifully and always last a very long time! Great deal for amazing sheets. But read reviews because the colors seem to be off on a lot of them.
Katie S Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 18, 2021
awesome sheets
These are my favorite sheets. So many great colors to chose from. I like the darker colors. They look great when you layer with your other favorite bedding. Very soft and comfortable. They seem to be on the bigger side too so easy to tuck into the bed and stay on a good fit. After initial wash the sheets had no wrinkles and were extremely soft. I highly recommend these sheets.
Stephen Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 22, 2021
Awesome sheet set.
Ordered these sheets and they arrived super fast. First of all, I love the packaging. They are all rolled into a bag that make them easy to store in my linen closet. I washed and dried them and immediately put them on my bed. They felt soft without being too thin and I slept great. I also got the king size navy blue comforter to go with them and they look great together. I will definitely buy again but they seem like they will last for some time. Thanks!
Katie S Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 18, 2021
softest sheets
These are my favorite sheets. I have ordered them in multiple colors and love the big selection. They are lightweight, but very cozy. Perfect for the summer when all you need is a light sheet, or also great for winter time when you want to Layer with a blanket. After washing them one time the wrinkles were easily out and looked great on my bed. The extra pillow cases are great if you have multiple pillows on your bed like me! highly recommend.
Holly Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 21, 2021
Fantastic set of sheets
This is a 6 piece set! I thought for the price that it might have been a typo but it isn't. You get all 6 pieces!. The quality has been great so far. No tears, rips, or pilling of the fabric. The blue is a warm cozy blue that would go with all kinds of comforter designs. Very modern and sophisticated color. They washed up well, no faded and very few wrinkles. I didn't even both ironing them because they came out so well. I will be buying in other colors.
lacykeller Review from
September 27, 2021
I LOVE these sheets - they are incredibly soft and SO inexpensive. The quality is fine - especially for the price. They are definitely not fine linens, but they are super soft. My only reason for less stars is that this particular colorway is not accurate in the image... The true color is more like Banana Pudding than Ivory, LOL. The picture makes the color look much appealing than it is. It would be fine if that's what you're expecting.
Jerome Review from
July 26, 2021
Hellooooo, Groupon. This sale is reminiscent of another months ago where the advertisement wasn't "exactly" descriptive of the product. 6 piece is for the larger sizes. I ordered the twin size and got 4 pieces. Price was decent enough that I will ask about the difference but wont go crazy. Quality is nice. Packaging is unique. I will keep it but will check twice b4 I buy again to make sure that what im expecting is what will be sent.
Kelly Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 17, 2021
These sheets are so soft and warm! They washed and dried really well! Fit our thick mattress with ease. They would totally get 5 stars if it weren't for the fact that they were "too warm" for us. If you are looking for a silly flannel like feel - THESE WILL BE PERFECT! If you tend to run hot, you will only want these for super cold winter nights and you won't need a huge thick blanket to go with it!
terry.l Review from
January 7, 2022
I love these #bed #sheets. They are good quality. Wash extremely well. Don't shrink. They don't wrinkle. Fit on the because well after washing,so they don't shrink. They were extremely expensive because l got them at #Macy's. I highly recommend these great quality sheets. Sincerely Terry L. terribleterry63
Eugenia Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 9, 2021
Purchased as a gift
I am in love with the texture of these sheets so much that I purchased a set for a friend of mine after getting a set for myself! They are so soft and I know my friend will love the baby blue color as it matches with their current comforter and bedroom decor. Also the fact that they are hypoallergenic is great, as he has some allergies and is pretty picky about the kind of sheets he uses. So far so good, he loves them as much as I love my own set. Will be purchasing again!
Eugenia Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 9, 2021
So soft!
I am in love with the texture of these sheets! They are so soft and very comfortable to sleep on. I was a little concerned about the quality and softness when I originally bought them but was not disappointed at all and exceeded my expectations. I love the color of the deep purple, and I love how they are hypoallergenic as well. They don't seem to trap as much dog hair as my other sheets do (my dog is a fluffy husky and loves to cuddle in bed in the mornings) and that is a big factor for me!
Iris Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
November 16, 2021
Almost perfect
I love the feel, color, quality, and the sheets fits my thick mattress well. The only negative, is that the elastic (fitted sheet) does not stay under the mattress. The sheets are deep enough; the elastic just is not strong and tight enough to stay put. I had intended to order a second set, until I saw that the fitted sheet does not stay put. I am now going to wait and see how the elastic holds up before ordering again.
DEEDEE Review from
Home Depot
January 29, 2021
We originally purchased a comforter. Loved it so much we went back and bought sh
We originally purchased a comforter. Loved it so much we went back and bought sheets and pillowcases. We loved our purchases so much that we ordered another sheet and pillowcase set along with the matching ruffle. The microfiber makes the sheets soooooo soft! Shipping was fast and free. Meets and exceeds our expectations, since we wanted a lightweight comforter, and matching sheets, etc. Looked all over the an email from Home Depot, but never thought about looking for bedding at the Depot.! Took a look and we are very happy that we did.
Robin S Review from
June 12, 2020
Urban Loft Luxury Performance 4 Piece Bed Sheet Set
I bought these sheets years ago through a different retailer. When I upgraded to a King, I knew that I had to find them again. I went to the original retailers website and they were way out of my price range. I went searching for a coupon code and came across Tanga. I thought it was too good to be true, but I was ecstatic to find the little heart and bird on the tag when they arrived. This is my favorite brand of bed sheets and comforter. I will absolutely be buying more. I highly recommend them. My last 3 sets lasted 4 years and would likely have lasted several more years to come. They are a
Morgan Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 31, 2022
Great for price.
These sheets are good quality for the price. The sheets are a little more thin but that is expected when spending less on sheets. They are very warm and do not provide much cooling so if you are one to get hot at night I do not recommend them. I am having to sleep without the top sheet due to them not being breathable. The color is not as bright for the clay sheets as pictured. Overall they are good sheets for the price.
Stephen Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 22, 2021
Another great sheet set
I bought this set as compliment to the light blue set I also bought from the same company. They feel great and came rolled up in a bag which I like for storage purposes. They go great with the comforter and are warm without being too hot. This was what I was looking for, as its pretty warm where I live. They are easy to sleep in on hot nights when the A/C is running . Great product!
Holly Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 21, 2021
Beautiful Color
Love the color of these sheets, they are like a smoky blue. They look beautiful on my bed. I washed them before putting them on and they seemed to hold up well in the machine, they didn't come out faded or wrinkled. I didn't need to iron them at all, They could just be put on the bed. Good strong elastic holds the sheets in place. Especially for the affordable price, these are fantastic
cjaw Review from
September 6, 2021
Soft but the color is way off as is the correct pa
When I opened the package, I had to wonder why I ordered a soft yellow sheet set for a spare bedroomI just wouldnt have done that, off white yes, yellow, no. So I looked up my receiptthis set was supposed to be ivory. To me, ivory is off white, not yellow tinted OR is this something that has been in a warehouse for a length of time? Its soft, but its not even the style I wantedthis is the Chevron print that was sent. All in all, rather disappointing..I hope the 2nd set is better than this one!
SheetSnob Review from
February 23, 2020
Thin and horrible fit
While I agree with other reviews that this sheet set is beyond soft after washing, the sheets after being dried didn't fit my king size bed. The sheets pop up on both sides now forcing me to get sheet straps. There is a sheen that makes the sheets look like silk when you first unpack them. Don't worry, that sheen goes away and they won't look shiny like they do in the picture or they do when you unpack them.The other concern is they are not thick sheets, they are super super light weight. More like summer sheets, and then they will tear easy, so lighten up on the bleach use if you use to disin
Paul Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
November 9, 2021
Truly deep pocket
After returning some other sheets that did not fit our queen size mattress with topper, we purchased this sheet set. They fit our queen size bed with mattress topper very well, no concerns about coming up the mattress. We are careful about washing the sheets and cold water and drying them on low so is not to shrink and make them ill fitting. We would buy them again. Also, they were on sale, very reasonable.
Rain M Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 11, 2022
Beautiful Color and Super Soft!
Im in love with this company. The sheets are extremely soft and vibrant. They dont fade quickly. The sheets are nice and breathable which is great as I hate being hot when I sleep. These have a great seam around the full sheet so they stay on the bed for a lot longer. They also dont wrinkle!! I dont think Ill ever go to another brand again.
Sunny Review from
Home Depot
February 18, 2021
I love these sheet sets. I have actually purchased two sets. I bought both sets
I love these sheet sets. I have actually purchased two sets. I bought both sets in purple. The color is a dark plum color with just enough sheen to highlight the pattern on the sheets. These sheets are soft on the skin and doesn't make noise with movement. Also, I washed both sets before using them and they both have retained their color and sheen. I have a king size euro-top mattress and the sheets fit very snug on it.
Dave1 Review from
Home Depot
June 30, 2019
A very light and smooth, silky, soft sheet set. This is my first experience with
A very light and smooth, silky, soft sheet set. This is my first experience with anything but 100% cotton sheets, so I was very surprised at the overall quality of these sheets. I have been buying sheets from the warehouse club and they were 800 thread count and 100% satin cotton. Those sheets are smooth and very cool when you first climb into bed. These checkered purple king sheets are just as soft and silky like satin cotton, but the first thing I noticed is they are not cool when you climb in bed, but they are warm. The nice thing is, I didn't overheat in these sheets as I did in my cotton
LadyLuLu Review from
November 6, 2021
Washed them when I got them and no issues at all like some other reviewers had. I absolutely love the sheets! Soft & comfortable. Got the aqua and plan to order another set; love all the choices. I knew the material I wanted so that helped before I ordered. I highly recommend them. Love mine! The fit is perfect as well.
Cindy Review from
October 5, 2020
I was a bit reluctant to order a product from Group Me as I have never done that before. Additionally, I was skeptical about the quality of these sheets priced at $25. I have to say, however that the experience and the product exceeded my expectations. The arrived very quickly. I was informed of the shipment status and they were better than expected. These sheets have extremely deep pockets and fit my King size bed perfectly. They are very soft and the color is awesome. I will probably buy another set for my guest room. Definitely recommend the experience and the sheets. Thank you.
Allie Review from
October 31, 2021
I bought 2 sets of these sheets. They are the cheapest, most poorly constructed sheets I ve ever purchased. The elastic band on the fitted sheet (of one set) is just free floating & moves around, the material is VERY THIN- almost translucent. The second set I bought was absolutely the incorrect size. They did, however, refund my money on THAT set because they had nothing to replace them with.
Katie Review from
March 13, 2022
cozy sheets
I was unsure about getting microfiber sheets because I am used to jersey, but I was looking for something lighter weight and am pleasantly surprised with how soft these are. Very light weight but durable and extremely comfy. So many great colors to chose from, I personally love the light blue ones! These are easy to wash and the color did not bleed or fade!
JF1017 Review from
Home Depot
June 22, 2019
I tend to be skeptical of any claims made on infomercials, so when those "bamboo
I tend to be skeptical of any claims made on infomercials, so when those "bamboo garments" came out and touted their coziness and their cooling properties, I shook my head. No longer! These bamboo sheets and pillowcases live up to those promises and are quite stylish as well. The fabric feels like a medium-weight cotton, but the surface feels a little like satin. The set comes with a flat and a fitted sheet, which fit nicely over a standard twin mattress. And the color is a deep, restful navy blue. The biggest bonus, though, is that the sheets do have a cooling effect. Whenever I've used eithe
Try2Save Review from
September 7, 2020
Bought these on sale and hoped they were as good as advertised in store. They are very light weight. After sleeping on them, they were so badly wrinkled! I have never had sheets wrinkle while just sleeping on them. After a week, the elastic started to fail to hold the corners down. The deep pockets weren't quite that deep. These are really a junk item. I will donate to Goodwill, as I find them unacceptable overall. They may work for shallower mattresses or maybe the material could be used in some craft project.
Pooj Review from
May 3, 2022
Good Price for Comfortable Sheets
Nice soft sheets at a good price point. It has become very difficult to find well made microfiber sheets with a soft finish and do not wrinkle like all cotton when drying in the dryer. Purchased for my guest room and all guests have been pleased so far. The light blue was a nice color and I haven't had any issues with snagging or freying after 4 washes.
Heather Review from
May 24, 2022
I don't understand the good reviews
These sheets are soft, yes, but since they're not cotton, they're very hot. The bottom sheet's elastic isn't strong enough to keep the fitted sheet in place and you'll end up sleeping on wrinkles. The top sheet is skimpy in size. I did appreciate the extra pillowcases, but they're not worth a miserable night's sleep.
Saleshopper Review from
November 2, 2020
I've had these sheets for a few weeks. I've washed them twice and so far they ha
I caught these sheets on a great sale and then I had another coupon from KLC. These sheets are worth every penny of the original price. I do wish the plum was just a little lighter, they are super dark purple. which is fine. When I slide into bed at night these sheets feel awesome. Soft and not cold to the touch at all. I will purchase this brand sheet again soon ~ in the white this time.
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