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Hello everyone, my name is Robert Velazquez. I am a content marketer currently focused on the medical supply industry. I studied Medicine for 5 years. I have interacted with many patients and learned a lot about how their emotions, apprehensions and shortcomings affect their daily life. I have also become very familiar with the medical industry as a whole.

After Medical school, I worked in medical supply sales for various companies. It is during this time I realized how much lack of information patients have regarding the basics of their condition. Not only this, I felt that the insecurity and uncertainty of many patients render them somewhat helpless to effectively seek the medical product or therapy they needed. As such, the idea of contributing my two cents coupled with a knack for writing along with my passion for medicine lead me to blogging since 2015.

I also like providing ‘refresher’ information for healthcare professionals, such as nurses. With this said, I always tell my readers that the information and tips I provide should not be misconstrued as medical advice, only your doctor or nurse can do that. As a content writer, I simply intend to forward information that is scientifically known and discovered every day, in a way that is easily comprehensible for the layman and professional alike.

When I am not writing, I am either reading or playing sports. I’m always on the lookout for interesting topics to write about, whether they be basic medical precepts, trends in the medical product industry, an overview of a disease, or any scientific advance being made that will help patients increase their quality of life.

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The name senile dementia is an expression used quite often within popular culture. It’s a cognitive

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