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Prevent Elderly Depression and Isolation due to Hearing Loss

Is there a relationship between our hearing abilities and state of mind? Current research indicates that there is a strong association between depression and loss of hearing, particularly in elderly people. If that is so, does reducing hearing impairments will allow people to become less depressed? Let’s see.

Individuals who have hearing deficiencies also have trouble talking with family and friends, and this eventually can take them to segregation, loneliness, tiredness and depression that can reach up to very high levels.

Elderly people can usually be affected by hearing deficiencies, and it appears to get worse as one gets older, like a condition known as presbycusis. This is a very typical hearing condition that has been found to progressively get worse with age.

Statistics indicate that between twenty-five and forty percent of individuals older than sixty-five years-old have issues regarding their abilities to hear properly. And, regrettably, in many cases the affected individuals or their relatives are not even aware of its occurrence. Hearing assessments performed in elderly people, as well as obtaining the appropriate hearing appliances, will no doubt help them from becoming depressed. For information and availability of many useful hearing aids, please review hearing-impaired-products

    • What type of symptoms can evidence a depression due to deficiencies in hearing abilities?

Having no interest in routine and normal daily activities, being unhappy with no reasonable cause, feeling tired, anxious and stressed, loss of concentration, no interest for amusements of any kind, no awareness about needs for eating or hydration, prickliness, bad temper, worries, these can all be symptoms of depression that can be related to hearing impairments.

    • How can elderly depression due to hearing deficiencies be prevented?

Elderly people need to have regular hearing assessments. Their relatives and family doctors need to be able to recognize the issue at its earliest so that quick actions can avoid development of depression which usually tends to aggravate with time.

Depression can also be due to other health conditions and if that is the case, hearing impairments are ruled out very quickly and other mental and or physical causes of depression can be evaluated and treated. Needless medications like antidepressants can be avoided if the root-cause of depression is found to be a hearing deficiency.

If you are experiencing hearing issues, consult a healthcare provider to know if hearing appliances need to be prescribed. If so, and after some adaptation and rehabilitation, you will be ready for a better and richer lifestyle with family and friends. A healthy hearing can improve your lifestyle and eliminate depression before it can grow deeper as a state of mind and thus, more difficult to eradicate!

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