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Walker Bags, An Essential Accessory

Walker bags help you carry everything you need as you walk. It’s ideal for seniors.

When you cannot use your hands to carry all your belongings with you, or you don’t want to compromise your legs, knees, back or arms lifting or carrying any weight, a walker bag is your best choice.

They have become more than an essential accessory because you can have handy everything you need that you can’t carry at once.

You can organize everything and keep them in a private safe place while you walk around. It gives you peace of mind to know that you will have all your personal belongings with you all the time, and everywhere you go just like you’d carry your handbag or wallet with you but with much more space, well organized and keeping your hands free.

Here is a list of the most common items you might carry inside your bag:

    • A book, journal or magazine

    • Glasses

    • Tissues or a handkerchief

    • A pen, a brush or a comb

    • Some change (coins)

    • Sweets, candies

    • A to-do list

    • A list of frequently called phone numbers

    • Cell phone

    • A bottle of water.

Nowadays there are many excellent walker bag options, models, fabrics, sizes and designs that will fit your needs.

There is a wide variety of walker bags available that are :

~Water resistant.


~Made of nylon, polyester and cotton which can be easily washed.

~Made with zippers and/or adjustable straps.

Walker Bags:

    • They are perfect for your active lifestyle

    • No more struggle when you’re out for a walk and want to carry everything you need

    • Can be easily attached to the frame of your mobility device

    • Everything is conveniently reachable when you need it

There are a wide range of options and providers to choose from

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