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Clinton Industries - T-6842 - 2 step, step stool

Clinton Industries:
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2 step, step stool
More Information
Manufacturer Clinton Industries
Brand InTENSity
Categories Bed Aids, Foot Stool
Code T-6842
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
42 Review
Tricia Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
March 24, 2021
Worth the $! The only stool you will ever need!
I bought this step tool to access things around the house without bringing in the 6 foot ladder from the garage or getting a standard step stool out of the closet that only stepped up 12" off the ground. This step stool is AMAZING! I wish I would of bought it along time ago. It is nice and sturdy and has wide base to stand on the very top. I feel very safe and lets not forget to mention the ease of use! It easily folds away for storage and locks when open to stay in place. If you are on the fence BUY IT! I definitely do not regret this purchase!
KelH Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 11, 2021
Good Step Stool but Narrow Steps
I just purchased this step stool, and it was exactly what I needed for my kitchen. It is light and sturdy. It was a decent price as well. However, the first two steps are very narrow. I have not decided if I am going to keep it over this problem. I dont feel comfortable. Another reviewer described it like being on a tight rope. I couldnt word it any better.
jmajjfrank Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
February 16, 2021
Great 3 Step Folding Step Stool!
My husband built a very high shelf into our large pantry to put things we don't use all the time - holiday baking pans/ice buckets/etc. Our old 2 step folding step stool wouldn't adequately and safely work any longer. I purchased this one as it was light and folded relatively flat to store against the wall. It works PERFECTLY! I highly recommend this lightweight 3 step folding step stool!
Loveandshop Review from
January 26, 2022
Just ok
The steps are way too skinny especially the first step. Its like walking on a skinny plank! It does the trick for me as i just use it to get into my tall cabinets. I dont know why it has handles to hold because its way way too low to even use as a prop ! Its an over priced step stool in my opinion I like that it folds for convenience though and it fits in slim places.
Isabella Olivia Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
February 4, 2021
Very nice but .........
I am disabled and short so I was excited to receive this so I can organize overhead in my closets, finally! One thing I dont like and is a safety issue for me is the bottom two steps. The top platform is very stable and plenty of space to stand on. When coming down from the top those bottom two steps should be larger like on a two step model. I have balance issues and those steps are sort of tucked under the other and slippery . I have to be extremely careful climbing down. Please fix those steps? I hope that I dont fall off of it!
DJ Review from
November 21, 2021
Everyone should have this
Purchased this step stool for my 80 yo mom to stop her from climbing on chairs and bar stools to reach top cupboards. This is so lightweight, easy to open and close, and most important STURDY. Its also compact enough to store/slip in narrow gap between her fridge and cabinet. Im getting one for me too.
Jfkmk Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 31, 2018
Good value
I bought this stool because I needed a 3 step lightweight stool that doesnt take up a lot of room. I want to use it mainly in my garage where I have some high-mounted cabinets. As soon as we got it home my wife discovered it is the perfect height for her to reach the top shelves of our 42 upper kitchen cabinets. Fortunately it tucks away nicely behind the breezeway door so it can be used in both places! About the only negative thing Ive read about this stool is the steps are narrow. While it is true they are narrower than some 2-step stools Ive seen, they arent much narrower than a typical ste
harb Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
November 9, 2021
A lightweight ladder
I have a heavy duty ladder, but it was just TOO heavy for moving from laundry to dressing to kitchen, etc. and so it has been sent to the garage. I love this lighter-weight ladder, BUT .... the two bottom steps are too narrow. I know that I should not climb a ladder without unlocking the front door, and telling a neighbor, however this ladder could be improved.
Faith Aloha Review from
October 19, 2021
One of the Best
This ladder is very sturdy, as well as light and easy to carry for women! I even can stand on the top for checking higher places. I have this for years but never have problems, nor fall from it! Now, we move to new apartment which has shelves on higher places. I am thinking of buying 3 step ones!
DLSayville Review from
November 24, 2021
Super sturdy and lightweight
Finally, a step ladder that is super sturdy, with upper rail to hold onto. Locks in place and easy to release with one hand. So lightweight that it is easy for us seniors (74) to carry from place to place. Ridges on the steps make it more secure also. LOVE THIS,
Troipp Review from
February 27, 2021
Light weight=must have!
This is so light weight and feels really stable. Exactly what we needed. Most are very heavy to lug around. The material does scratch easily (already had scratches when we bought it). So the material is cheap but were so thrilled how light weight it is that we kept it.
dwp1948 Review from
November 8, 2016
U-Shaped Handle at Top Slightly Loose
11/08/2016 The overall construction of this three step ladder is excellent and feels sturdy, however, at the top (highest place to grab hold of) the U-Shaped Handle at the top (that goes from one leg over to the other) is slightly loose (pop riveted and the top u-shaped part/smaller tube does NOT slide down far enough into the lower leg/inside that section/the larger tube at bottom/the legs) I know this because: 1. even though it does have two pop rivets on each side 2. only one of those pop rivets is holding the U-bar in place on each side. Not what I would call wobbly but I would prefer Zero
AtlantaUtd Review from
September 28, 2021
So lightweight and inexpensive
I bought this because I was tired of hauling our bigger, heavier step ladder out of the closet whenever I needed it. This is the lightest option I found, and so inexpensive! It fits well beside our refrigerator, and we get it out constantly so my toddler can easily wash her hands at the bathroom and kitchen sinks.
Melissa Review from
November 16, 2017
Great Step Stool for Toddlers
I purchased this step stool years ago for my toddler to use at our main powder room sink to wash his hands. It fits perfectly under the pedestal sink and we leave it out as it is not in the way of any adults using that bathroom and sink. We recently decided we needed another stool for the sink in his bedroom/bathroom for brushing his teeth. It's narrow enough that he and his brother can still reach the sink even though there is a full cabinet that it butts up against. I was thrilled that this one is still available. I love that this stool is small enough, and easy enough to use that my 4 year
Maureen Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
December 18, 2019
Handle makes this perfect.
Tried many step stools before purchasing this step stool. Perfect for reaching the top of my 42" high kitchen cabinets. Remodeled our kitchen and realized I needed something more supportive for climbing. I am 70 and recovering from a broken foot so balance is extremely important. The handle provides me with steadiness that other step ladders do not. However so light that it will be easy to move from room to room as I clean out all our other closets. Folds so compactly that it is easy to store in a closet or laundry room. One of my best purchases and was even able to use a Bed Bath & Beyond cou
Mom of 2 Girls Review from
August 8, 2020
Sturdy and stays in place
Before buying this step stool, I purchased a cheaper one that did not feel sturdy on the second step and the plastic footers moved across my hardwoods when stepping onto the stool. I spent a little more on this one but I feel totally safe on itthe plastic bottoms force the stool to stay in place and not move when stepping onto it. Both steps feel completely sturdy. Bonussuper lightweight and easy to open and close. Love it.
Pallavi Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
February 23, 2021
Very handy and versatile
I love this step ladder. It can be stored in the space between the refrigerator and the kitchen top. I love that its light and during rush hour I can open and close it single handedly. Even my 7yo can use it. Its a good buy PS- THIS IS NOT A PAID OR INCENTIVIZED REVIEW
maegen Review from
May 15, 2021
Cosco Stool
I still cant believe I found this stool. Great quality at a great price! I use it to reach things in the top kitchen shelves. My toddler uses it at the bathroom sink. Thank you Target, for carrying this item at this price. It is hard to find.
ctrujillo89 Review from
May 23, 2020
Great step stool!
Exactly what I was looking for. If you're needing a ladder for super high places or something you're having to keep out and use constantly then maybe this isn't for you. I just use it to get things out from high cupboards occasionally, and it does the job! Easy to open and close too, and small enough so it store away easily. I've only had it for a short while and used it a small amount of times and no issues. Definitely worth it for the price point!
AnkleRoller Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 27, 2021
New and impaired version
I bought this as a replacement for the one that got left behind at my old apartment. I didnt realize until I got home that Im this most recent version of the ladder, the stairs are only about an inch deep! Its practically impossible to balance your foot on the pencil-thin steps, and definitely a safety hazard. Ill probably keep this one, but would not recommend to others.
Stephanie Review from
February 27, 2021
I am short. I couldn't reach many of the shelves in my kitchen and I refused to drag the heavy, difficult to use step ladder we had. This step stool is a gamer changer. Now I can reach everything by using this very lightweight, easy to open and close step stool. It stores very easily.
Jrsmami Review from
February 22, 2021
Yes and No
I bought to be able to reach the ceiling for my filters my husband is 62 and needed just an extra foot of reach! He used it just fine but when I got on it to reach something else 411 and I literally almost fell the shape is a bit weird and so are the steps! I do and dont recommend! The handle should of been either further back or higher not dead in the middle of the step
kepc Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
July 13, 2015
Easy to use, good height for top step
I own an old two step stool that is heavy and awkward to open and close. It also is not tall enough to allow me to reach top shelves in the kitchen or to work on ceiling mounted fixtures, like smoke detectors. I purchased this Cosco three step stool hoping it would serve well enough to help me avoid having to lug my ladder into the house. So far the Cosco stool has been great to use. It is very light to carry and pops open and shut easily thanks to a latch/unlatch feature built into the top step. The extended upper handle provides a stabilizing bar during use. I can reach top shelves and ceili
Faith Aloha Review from
October 23, 2021
Awsomely light!
I have 2 step version, but my new place has shelves at more higher places and can't reach, so I get this 3 step one! Yes, it's still lighter for women and easy to carry than other stools!!! If you don't have enough strength, this is the right one! Highly recommended!!!
April Review from
September 15, 2017
Negative Commenters? Weird.
This is a great step stool. I do not understand the negative reviews regarding foot placement or ankles being hurt while standing on the top step. Inconceivable. There is plenty of space between the bottom step and the top one so that neither my foot nor my ankles are even touching metal. Also, the space between the top step and the carry handle is plenty big so as not to crowd the ankles and legs. The height is great; I can reach the back of my tall kitchen cupboards, hang paintings, etc. I am 5'7" so this stool may not be adequate for short people but it fits my needs perfectly. It is compac
dev Review from
November 16, 2019
well made and sturdy
i'm not a lightweight, i'm not athletic and i don't like heights yet i confidently go up and down this smart foldable step ladder at least 3 times a week to dust door frames, adjust drapes, or clean cabinet tops. i always feel secure even on the top step. i got tired of pulling kitchen chairs around the house to stand and balance on. this is solid yet easy to maneuver and well designed. best of all it easily folds up and stores neatly in my small cleaning closet. an essential household item. best investment.
Diana Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
August 15, 2017
Lightweight and sturdy
This step stool was exactly what I was looking for to use in my kitchen with tall cabinets with top shelves that are impossible to get to without it. It is sturdy, easy to snap open and closed and very lightweight making it easy to pull out and use. I like it so much I've thought about buying a second one to use other places, like my closet. I have one that is also excellent, in quality and sturdiness but it was much more expensive. Admittedly, the steps are deeper and it folds slightly flatter, making it even more stable while standing on it and the smaller profile takes up less space. But it
Katie B Review from
April 9, 2021
Sturdy and Durable
Very please with this stool, especially for the price. It is extremely sturdy and durable. It is also very easy to open and close it, which was a frustrating aspect of our last metal step stool. Would absolutely recommend this item to others.
DeefromNN Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 27, 2021
I bought this ladder for use in a new apartment. Once we received it my husband insisted we buy a second for our home to replace what we have. This is very lightweight yet very sturdy and gives you extra steps and inches to reach higher than most at home step stools. So glad we found it and at a GREAT price.
Marissa Review from
October 5, 2016
Very good and inexpensive
I received this as a gift for when I was moving into my apartment. The kitchen cabinet tops were impossible to reach. Pros: -Good quality. It is very sturdy even on my old uneven tile floors. -The compact size is great for my tiny apartment. Even with it open, it doesn't block my walkways. -It folds easily. -Good for reaching stuff. I have a 90 gallon freshwater aquarium that is over 5 feet tall on the stand and about 2 feet deep. I am able to reach the bottom to prune plants quite easily while standing on the stool. I am tall for a woman though, about 5'9 in shoes haha. Cons: -The bottom step
CSAM Review from
January 19, 2018
Compact, and light step stool
There are pros and cons about this step stool. This step stool is compact, and smaller than an average stool I am used to having. At first, I was disappointed, but now am liking how easy and light it is. It is now easy to carry from room to room where needed. My only issue is the first step is half a step and its difficult to place my foot on correctly, especially in the dark. My foot doesn't step on it comfortably. This stool is sturdy for how small/compact it is. The price is fair for this stool. All in all if you want a light, compact, sturdy step stool this will do the trick nicely.
Ld Review from
March 2, 2021
this little step stool is perfect. folds up so thin and can fit anywhere. very light. easy to fold and unfold. highly recommend. I purchased this as a housewarming gift and then for myself!
Excellent Step Ladder Review from
December 30, 2021
Great quality step ladder
Excellent step ladder for around the house. safe, well balanced, sturdy. This is my 2nd one of these and I highly recommend this product. Easy to fold up and store away. light weight.
dishdash Review from
December 31, 2020
Works great especially for kids, can be improved w/tweak
I got two of these, my kids use them to reach things safely. They are light-weight, easy to use & store, and are safe. I do wish they were a tad taller. If Cosco would make the second step higher, or even have a smaller 3rd step out of the handle that would be perfect. For their height and what they're designed to do, this is solid and a fair price.
Bought it once Review from
December 5, 2021
Just ok
This step ladder is light weight and folds nicely. It is a little rickety when stepping on it. I bought it online. If you purchase in store just open it and try it out before you buy. I am still using it, I just have to be careful. I wouldnt purchase it again.
Cristina Review from
January 19, 2021
Very good!
So light and easy to open and fold up again! Also very discreet and easily slides into any side compartments you have in your kitchen area. I will say though that the first step is very thin so you have to be very careful when you step on it. I wouldve preferred a much thicker step like the top step. Thats the only reason I took them start off but really really good for the price and the quality.
Shoewee67 Review from
June 9, 2021
Very useful, great price!
Compact, lightweight, sturdy step stool. Perfect height for daily use to reach high shelves. Stores well between small spaces. Glad I bought this metal step to replace the plastic ones that broke.
Bianca Review from
February 6, 2019
Must Have
True to some of the reviews, the step ladder is on the short side. This is totally my fault as the measurements are provided. I didn't realize how useful it would be to have a slightly taller step ladder until I pull this one out. It worked for my main purpose to get items stored on top of fridge safely. I like how quickly it folds and unfolds and how light weight it is. It stores perfectly in my pantry which is on the small side. I recommend, but pay attention and compare need to measurements. I am sad it took me to almost falling off a slipping chair to realize the great function of a step l
Maria Ann Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 1, 2021
I was going to buy a a step stool in the BBB store, but decided to wait. I saw this one online a few months after and decided to buy it. Im happy I did. I payed the same price my daughter paid for the smaller one in store. My only complaint, it wobbles on one side. Not badly, just enough to notice
Libby Review from
October 14, 2021
Wow! Its soooo light AND sturdy!
We needed a new step ladder after moving into a space with taller ceilings. This 3 step ladder weighs have as much as our previous little one, folds up nicely and feels sturdy. Great purchase
Rachita S Review from
January 27, 2017
Good for shorter folks
This is a good stepstool that is built well in regards to sturdiness. However, my only concern with the stepstool is that the way it is structured, it is impossible to hold on to the handle while climbing the steps. What this means is that a person needs to hold something else (a wall perhaps?) when climbing the two steps, or risk not holding anything when climbing the steps. Both of those options make me nervous, so I find myself holding the handle and then basically bending down as I climb higher- not a very stable situation. If you've got a strong core and can climb steps without support, t
Lauri Review from
December 30, 2021
Sturdy step stool
Sturdy, strong, durable, and steady step stool at a great price! My sister has one of these and I knew it would be perfect for my son's new kitchen that has ridiculously tall kitchen cabinets. It's perfect!