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Cramer - 089522 - Hydrocortisone Cream, Tube (CR089522)

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The strongest non-prescription strength formula available.
More Information
Manufacturer Cramer
Categories Hemorrhoid Medicine, Over The Counter Medications, Skin Protection, Antibacterial, Barrier Cream, Fecal Protection, Ostomy Skin Care, Skin Care, Skin Care Products, Urine Protection
Code 089522
Sold By Each
Product Size 1 oz
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Stomabags
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
39 Review
lori.h Review from
May 11, 2020
Cortizone 10 Intensive Healing Anti-Itch Creme goes on smoothly and relieves itch quickly while helping to heal the skin?s underlying problems. It contains 7 moisturizers and 3 skin nurturing vitamins in an extra creamy formula and is proven to moisturize
selene.m Review from
January 15, 2021
I had a rash on the side of my face almost by my ear that itched so much. Obviously with it being super itchy, I'd scratch it so much that my skin was starting to peel off. It was the most frustrating thing ever, having an itch that you're not suppose to
erika.m Review from
February 5, 2021
This creme works wonders for my itchy arm during the summer months. I tend to get rashes around the inside of my elbows and I can not stop scratching, sometimes I even got tiny cuts that would hurt so bad but could not stop. Finally my doctor recommended
c..r Review from
December 16, 2020
This topical and OTC treatment for skin itch works really well and typically I notice it working within about 20 minutes. Often the effect eliminates the itch and even hives for hours or more. I do not notice any irritation or side effects. I also find it
danita Review from
January 1, 2021
great product! great bargain pak!
great product. works on contact w/ skin. would be nice though if manufacturer made a 'cream to powder' consistency because cream is COLD on skin! ever grateful to Walmart for doing special same day deliver on this item of 4. prayerfully, i wished for it b
Kf33557058 Review from
November 18, 2021
Among the Best!!
Cortizone-10 is among the Best on-contact ointments/creams available. It stops itching on contact after applying and rubbing in thoroughly. It will quickly take care of those insect bites that itch you and safe for older children, as well. I have used it
Kylee Review from
April 17, 2021
This is the best product! I’m 9 months pregnant and have gotten a rash all over my stomach with intense itching and my OBGYN recommended this product and it instantly relieved my itching and the inflammation from my rash. A little cream really goes a long
queen.e Review from
October 15, 2020
This is the Don dadda of all the Don daddas! When I say it works!!!! I've used this cream since I was young and I never had a complaint. The new formulas are not as thick but it works just the same. It's not pricey at all and helps a lot with bites and al
brandi.s Review from
July 2, 2018
Cortizone 10 has really helped believe it or not clear up my acne and acne scarring. I know it may sound a bit odd to you this instead of something geared specifically towards acne. However I had started a new job and was wearing makeup everyday and I beg
HiMama1 Review from
March 13, 2021
You too can survive poison ivy
I'm very, very, very sensitive to poison ivy. So sensitive that I seem to find it even when we can't seem to find it....if you know what I mean. In the hierarchy of medical issues I don't want to experience again, poison ivy ranks pretty high. It is miser
Danimac1018 Review from
March 30, 2021
Great for tatoo itch
My relatively new tatoo started itching 6 weeks after I got it. My artist recommended this product. I made sure to continue using non perfumed anti bacterial soap on the Tatoo along with this product a few times a day. I felt relief on the spot. The itchi
jane.r Review from
March 5, 2021
Anytime I have a big bite or allergic reaction I reach for this. This product performs well and helps every time. I have to say this brand seems to work better than any off brand- but money and money and sometimes we have to skimp. I try to get this brand
mackenzie.s Review from
July 24, 2019
This is an absolute necessity during the summer months! It seems me and my children are prone to getting eaten alive by mosquitoes. It is torture, especially for my 5 year old. Sometimes it itches so bad she cries from it! I've tried many home remedies an
nikki.r Review from
November 26, 2017
This stuff is amazing!! (I solely used this product for poison ivy rash). After having a run in with poison ivy I thought I would save myself money/visit to the doctors so I did some reach on products I could buy over the counter. I had seen reviews about
amber.k Review from
August 16, 2020
My daughter woke up with a rash on her face yesterday. The pediatrician recommended cortisone 1%. I found this at Dollar General for $3. I bought the one with calming Aloe Vera. It’s a smaller tube; I didn’t need much to put on her rash. It doesn’t have a
heather.a Review from
December 23, 2019
Theres one thing I say over and over in a lot of my reviews. I have horrible skin and seasonal allergies. I love the outdoors and I love to garden, but I constantly get little patches of hives and itchy bumps. This product works like a charm. I also seem
becky.e Review from
October 29, 2020
I've said this before but whenever a brand name becomes synonymous with the actual product as a whole, it is clearly a success. Hydrocortisone cream is another example like Band-Aid or Kleenex, in a sense. The difference is that somehow they were able to
Rebec394 Review from
June 19, 2020
Where has this been all my life?
I used this cream for about a week and a half to treat a few bug bites on myself and my son's skin. We have a lot of mosquitos at this time of year, and this hydrocortisone cream works almost immediately after the application to take the sting away! The s
Lifewasosarcasm2 Review from
June 18, 2020
Relief at last!
All of the mosquitoes are out again which means my little guys are being eating alive. Having cortisone on hand is a must when we go hiking and camping in the summer. My little boys will scratch and scratch and scratch until they make themselves bleed but
glnnmp7 Review from
June 24, 2020
Best itch and burn relief
I have been using this cream on my mosquito bites daily. My reaction to the bites are usually at least a pencil size or larger. They itch and burn so bad that I usually rub my skin raw. When I use the cream, the itching and redness disappear within minute
jaymlaw Review from
May 5, 2020
Old formula is great. New formula caused BIG issues for me. Know what you're buy
The formula of this product has changed. I'm allergic to propylene glycol, which is in the new formula. It's taken me at least 4 weeks to reverse the damage done to my skin from two days of the formula with propylene glycol. If you can buy the old formula
tracy.m Review from
February 6, 2021
We live in Florida so we tend to encounter lots of bug bites mosquitoes ants anything of that nature. We also spend a lot of time outdoors hiking or kayaking so work sposed to a lot of different things that can make you itch. Hydrocortisone always seems t
brandy.n Review from
March 17, 2021
Cortizone 10 is a must have at my house. We live near the lake and the mosquitoes and other flying insects are terrible. Cortizone 10 heals those bites and it stops the itching. I have tried other anti-itch creams and they aren't as good as this one. I wi
shannon.c Review from
January 23, 2021
summertime magic!!!!! while it goes on a little thick it real goes deep and stops the itch of those pesky mosquito bites!!! I actually love the thicknessof the cream. it let's me know that it is not a watery, fast acting use repeatdly products
maika.r Review from
February 27, 2021
Great product and really soothes the itch. I break out in hives sometime or my skin irritates due to certain products, dust and other things and this is my must have. I buy multiple at a time to make sure I am always in stock. I love this stuff and recomm
maureen.t Review from
November 14, 2020
Cortisone /9 Hydrocortisone Anti Itch Creme is always in my first aid kit. There is nothing worse then a bug bite that is so itchy that you can’t stop scratching it. Cortisone 10 works immediately giving relief for a few hours. You may not need to reapply
laura.b Review from
January 6, 2017
Yes I would.Honestly nobody will believe this. I started using this cream for another purpose than what it said is for on the packaging. My mother suffers from eczema and acne on the lower part of her face stared using it on her face. She recommend I did
lauren.l Review from
July 10, 2018
I'm one of those people who always seem to attract mosquitos. It's very annoying. I could really do without the red, itchy bumps that appear on my arms as a result of said mosquitos. That's where Cortizone comes in. Cortizone always comes through for me w
ashley.c Review from
January 24, 2021
We have this on hand for when my husband inevitably gets person ivy. It is they only thing he has found to help give him some relief while he heals. I will use it on the occasional big bore on my feet because those buggers will drive me crazy at night. I
karin.k Review from
July 29, 2020
I never knew about this stuff until I started having children in 14 years ago. This stuff is definitely a gift from God. It clears up diaper rash heat rash any kind of rash. Mosquito bites give me a big welts and I put this on it and they go down within 5
elizabeth.a Review from
May 30, 2020
This stuff is great. My eczema is triggered by many factors. One is my environmental allergies. If benedryl or Zyrtec doesn’t relive the itching symptoms I use this creme. Very effective and fast acting. No weird smells or tacky feeling other cremes may h
melissa.i Review from
August 29, 2020
What I think about this product is I love it! It always works for the itch. I am definitely a repeat user of this product. I wouldn't improve this product at all. The pros are its dependent able on what it says. There is no room for improvement. I would d
lisa.m Review from
January 20, 2021
Mosquitos love to bite me. They’ll pick me out of 100 people. I live in the south and summertime is unbearable for me. I also have a reaction when they bite me that makes me itch all over. I keep the Corrizone anti-itch cream and within minutes of rubbing
CorBou12 Review from
June 24, 2020
Itchy skin gone!
I received my product sample just in time! I had just cut weeds, and small trees down on my property the day before I started itching. The cream applied smoothly, and absorbed into my skin easily. It was not greasy at all. It helped soothe the itch in a s
Review from
April 25, 2021
With raw, dry, cracked hands from over sanitizing and washing, nothing seemed to heal or give my skin any relief. Most just made it more irritated, painful and itchy. Cortisone cream is the only topical I have found to give immediate relief and calm down
alexis.s Review from
February 15, 2021
I sometimes get a little eczema on my chin from wearing a mask. instantly provides realized and heals the dryness within 2 days. It’s a life saver! I’ve tried other natural products like coconut oil but nothing does the job like this cream!
cheri.m Review from
April 8, 2021
As far as over the counter stuff for itching I would say this is probably the best you can get. I use it for my psoriasis that itches and for any rash or other itching and it helps a lot, you need to be patient it takes a bit to take effect. Before you kn
joanna.m Review from
September 6, 2020
Definitely love this stuff. Perfect for insect bites. I'm a repeat user. I keep this in my kit. No improvement needed. I think it's super affordable. I will definitely buy it again soon. Best cream ever.
alexis.h Review from
July 25, 2020
This product works great on mosquitoes bites and any bad itchy rashes. I always have a few of these products in my house because they work so well. When it comes to mosquito bites it works so much better then the Benadryl cream and and other superstitions
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