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Doran Scales - DS8150-WIFI - Digital Chair Scale with WIFI, 550 lb Capacity, Seat Dimensions

Doran Scales:
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Digital Chair Scale with WIFI, 550 lb Capacity, Seat Dimensions: 22" x 18" x 5"

More Information
Manufacturer Doran Scales
Categories Bathroom Aids, Medical Scale, Other Living Aids
Code DS8150-WIFI
Sold By Each
Product Size 22" x 18" x 5"
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
30 Review
BestBuyerNJ Review from
Best Buy
June 15, 2021
Works well and is accurate
Despite wirecutter review, noticed scale is accurate within 0.5 pounds each time. Could be due to bad unit but our scale is fine. Besides if you lost only one pound it doesnt make a huge difference in the long run, if it was 1 lb or more then could make sense Includes carpet feet which are wide which is a nice touch but otherwise works fine with included feet on bathroom floor Setup is mostly straightforward and best for automatic loading of health data into Apple apps like the health app Body fat percentage does vary wildly but it does do a running average to show general trends and is inhere
MisterFuFu Review from
Best Buy
June 7, 2021
Great scale but maybe gimmicky?
I upgraded my previous Withings scale for this one because I wanted to track body composition. I won't say it's inaccurate because there's no real way to check but it feels a touch gimmicky. For instance, when I lose weight I lose numbers across all metrics. I haven't seen a trend line that says less fat, more muscle or less fat more water. It just generally shows trend lines down. I guess this could be what's happening in my body but I expected to see fat % go down while muscle goes up if I've been working out every day but relatively stable in weight. Regardless, it's a great scale.
TacoGrande Review from
June 1, 2020
Ya it works but.......
I was so excited to update my previous Smart Scale ($30) to this new Smart Scale that will use Wi-Fi to send my data to my mobile device and for my doctor to view the results through my Fitbit account that is linked to my health account. Sadly I have mixed reviews about this scale after having it for a month. The Smart Scale on it's own, the options, and the app are pretty awesome. It's easy and programmable. I like how the results are displayed on my phone app and on the scale. You can customize what you view on the scale and app. I have no issues what so ever with the basics. When it comes t
JoJo Review from
Best Buy
January 24, 2021
Great scale
I first purchased this scale for my son, who said he loved it and went on and on about the measurements it took. Based on his review, I went ahead and purchased one for myself and husband. The scale works and does indeed show different measurements, just by standing on the scale. My son didnt have this issue but because my husband and are two, we had to learn, through trial and error, how to record our individual weights and measurements. Trial and error because the instructions were not quite clear on how to do this. After a couple of times, we got the hang of it. The thermostat is a bit off
HonestReviewer Review from
Best Buy
September 17, 2021
Great scale with all the cool functionality
Very very happy with this purchase. I used to use weight watchers basic scale thinking a scale is a scale. But I love how it keeps track of my history (you need to download app) and it measures fat %, heart rate and other things. Also you can sync it with your iPhone to track steps taken and many other metrics. I love the fact that it keeps track of your progress and lets you analyze your pattern - weight gain or loss, activity history and more. For a few more dollars it was a great investment that I enjoy everyday.
Rjnsn Review from
Best Buy
February 26, 2021
Withings White Scale
This is great scale. It is very stylish and lightweight. Unfortunately, it appears to be very accurate! Need to get some extra pounds off. Will purchase another one for our other bathroom. Wanted to use it and see how we liked it before I purchased a second one. This scale is worth the price. We have not used all the features yet. The shipping was very fast. Very happy with our purchase.
SueC333 Review from
Best Buy
March 16, 2021
A MUST product!!
I use this scale with my NOOM weight loss app, which encourages users to track weight daily, due to normal fluctuations with water retention etc. This product is simple to use after set up and is very accurate. It provides a weekly report on weight trends and overall loss/gains. The scale also measures BMI, bone mass, water and daily measurements of weight loss/gain. Ive lost 15 pounds with this product and my NOOM app. I love this scale and purchased another for my daughter!
Review from
January 12, 2022
A real asset to training & heath
The scale is of excellent build and function, and unlike some of its competitors, Withings makes sure it's apps work well with a phone's operating system - not just some models of phones. Install and set-up are easy and work first time. And that's where the scale really had made a difference. I can easily monitor my status and trends, e.g simply when choosing what to eat. It's been a real boost to my health and training regimen. Very happy.
TKitt Review from
Best Buy
May 2, 2020
Does the job, sort of
This does what it says for the most part but I'm not sure how accurate the scale actually is. The number that it shows significantly changes if it is placed on different surfaces, even on hard surfaces. It has about a 5 lbs different when placed on hardwood vs tile. Even with the feet on, this is not something you can use on carpet as it is about 100lbs off. If you're using this to just keep track of progress, it works fine as long as you keep it in one place. One thing to note, this does not work with 5GHz WiFi. You can still use Bluetooth to sync your progress, but you no longer get things l
SarahJabado Review from
June 6, 2020
Great build quality and accuracy of weight.
This product is consistent with its measurements (which is a good thing for tracking progress) but in terms of its capacity to measure accurate metrics it's a significantly off when compared to an InBody 570 (industry standard in health and fitness composition tech) The calculated body fat % was over-estimated by 7%, this would be disheartening for anyone who didn't have results to compare, basically the difference between being considered health vs significantly unhealthy with an increased risk of diabetes. The calculated body fat in KG was out by almost the same amount, however, when compare
Rachel Review from
Best Buy
September 1, 2021
Knowledge is Power
This is a great scale. The interface on the scale itself is very easy to read, but what makes the product special is the app. Instead of weight making me feel shameful, it was empowering to see my muscle mass and fat percentage change - even if my weight stayed the same or went up. Its empowering to know that you are making progress, even though your weight might go up. I did have a bit of an issue connecting the scale to wifi & bluetooth, but I googled solutions - and found a way to help.
AlecSF Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
August 9, 2021
Super Happy with this scale
This is the second Withings scale Ive owned. My last conked out after 8 years, likely due to corroded batteries. This newer version is far better. The app and connectivity to apple health is amazing. Tracking BMI and muscle mass has really helped me stay on my with my diet and exercise routine. Really spectacular product.
codeman Review from
Best Buy
December 23, 2021
Great Wifi Connected Scale
One of the biggest pains in weight management is logging your weight daily. The wifi connection on this scale solves all those problems. I've already started a great routine of stepping on the scale in the morning to monitor my health, and it sends everything to my phone automatically. It comes with additional carpet foot attachments, and my only complaint is it slides around on my floor a little much.
TheSpoilerReview Review from
Best Buy
September 26, 2020
Technology as Motivater
Technology has always fascinated and motivated me. The awe at what technology can do motivates me to use it. A typical, traditional scale would motivate me to hop on whenever curious about my weight, which would happen hardly ever. It fascinates me that this Smart Scale can keep track of my weight and all my body measurements, and it syncs it all to my iPhone's health app and its own add. Seeing my progress makes me want to hop on the scale often, almost daily, to see my progress, as little as it may be. I'm not sure the price tag matches what it can do, but Best Buy offers one of the lowest p
Heatwave Review from
Best Buy
January 8, 2021
Capable Scale - Good Value
It's a great scale for the money. It will calculate your Body Fat, Water and Bone Percentage, as well as wish you a Happy Birthday! The calculations will vary more than your body is actually changing - no body loses 2 percent Body Fat overnight! The app is basic and hard to drill in on details that you might want to see in depth. Also no way to export the data that I've found so far if you wish to analyze in another application. If you are a Metric reader the scale will show you Metric read-outs but the app will only show Imperial values, probably good for most, but not all.
anonymous Review from
September 10, 2021
Easy to set up, accurate and relevant data.
Great bathroom scale. super easy to set up. identifies the user easily. Really like the visual display and the data is relevant. It took me a while to settle on buying this scale after copious amounts of research but i am happy with it and in my opinion its really good value for money compared to the other more expensive scales out there.
JulieH Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
October 24, 2021
possibly used
Scale came quick as promised. Problem is that it appears to have been previously used. Package was re-taped. And the scales battery life is already at only 81%. I have the same scale and its at 100% life still. (This one is for my moms house when I visit). Great scale, but not happy with the actual product I received.
BBB Customer Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 25, 2021
Takes some time to set up but worth it so far
I'm giving it 4/5 stars for set up time. There is a you-tube video that I found to be helpful. After I connected to wi-fi and blue-tooth it was still not working. I read that once you step on the scale the first three letters of your name should appear and you need to wait 20 seconds for all the readings. It did not work this morning until I stepped on and off the scale about three times. If you check your phone settings, wi-fi and phone viability it will show if you are connected. If you press on the icon for the Healthmate app it will tell you if it is ready to receive data over Bluetooth
Kevin Review from
April 10, 2019
Happy so far. Weight measurement seems very accurate and its easy to use
I've been using the scale for about a month already. My weight measurement is very consistent both with itself and with my other scales. And unlike my previous scale, the measurement is not impacted by where you stand on the scale. So for measuring weight it does a very good job. I also like how the display shows a small graph of your weight over time. So for measuring weight it is very good. I'm less confident in its measurement of muscle mass and BMI, but that really isn't a big surprise since it is likely impossible to accurate simply by measuring using electrical resistance. The Android ap
nanth Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
April 23, 2021
Love This Scale!
This scale is great! Accurately shows your weight, your BMI, your body fat %, your bone density, and your water weight. And it's all recorded and viewable through an app on your phone. Can also add multiple people who the scale will be able to recognize and differentiate. Super cool and useful piece of technology!
Smartmovebarry Review from
Best Buy
July 10, 2021
Nice fitness scale!
Bought this to replace our 10 year old glass scale that did measure BMI. This one does that and more, muscle weight, bone weight and water weight. It remembers who you are by your weight. We were able to pair it with our Fitbit app. It connects to WiFi to give you the days weather and Bluetooth to connect to your iPad. Very happy with it.
Scriber13 Review from
Best Buy
July 24, 2020
Simple and works
I used this to replace my 5-6 year old FitBit Aria. The two main things that make me happy here - I'm an Apple user, so I no longer need an additional app/step to move my FitBit data over to Apple Health. Second, the Aria was showing it's age and kept disconnecting from the wifi. No issues with the Withings at all here. The app is very well done. The data transfers automatically to Apple Health. The scale looks nice on the floor. Overall, I'm happy!
BestBuyCustomer773 Review from
Best Buy
May 11, 2020
One month in...Simple Scale
The scale is fairly simple to set up and use. You are required to create a Withings account. You can add other family members from the single account. When multiple members of the same household are about the same weight, you have to help the scale identify the user. Lean to left or right to identify based on the display. So far the metrics are similar to our previous scale. The app tied to the scale allows you to track your metrics overtime without data entry on your part.
anonymous Review from
December 30, 2021
Good Body Fat Scales
Scales work well and give accurate reliable readings of weight, body fat, body water percentage, body muscle, & bone mass. App you download onto your phone gives you graphs, including previous readings, & includes where you should be or aim for to be in healthy ranges. Scales are good to show if any weight goes on whether its muscle gain, water or fat.
N Andrews Review from
June 7, 2021
Easy to setup and use. Syncs to Health apps well
Easy to set up and use amongst family as we each share same login email, but different profiles. Bought it to replace a Fitbit Aria scale we had for 9 years, as that was harder to sync to Withings (Nokia) Healthmate and Apple Health. Basically just want weight logged easily.
JLT_Swift Review from
September 14, 2021
Amazing Smart Scales 10/10
Seamless! Works perfectly! Connects straight through my Wifi and never have any issues. Batteries are last so long. I've now purchased two, one for myself and one as a gift and have zero regrets. The technology is super impressive and accurate!
HappyCamper Review from
Best Buy
September 25, 2020
Accurate and good looking
I love that the scale syncs with MyFitnessPal. I had to not allow MFP to write weight to the Apple Health app though because MFP was randomly adding weights. Back to the scale, the weight trend graph is nice. The weight measurement is accurate but I have no idea if all of the other metrics are. The scale looks good and doesnt show dust. I got the white one.
menc Review from
Best Buy
January 11, 2022
One of the better smart scales
Really excellent scale, we've used it for a couple weeks now. It has a fast weight reading and you can customize what screens show up after you weigh yourself (who really cares about seeing the weather on your scale?) My only gripe is that adding additional users isn't very clear and I'm actually still not sure I did it right.
NoExcuses404 Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
January 7, 2017
Tried other scales, love this one!! =)
I've owned a few other less expensive scales and Ive had issues from accuracy to application issues to syncing issues. This scale has given me no issues, easy to set up, and has a great app to use with it. The Wi-Fi and Bluetooth sync features have worked flawlessly for me and the graphs and trending on the app are great. I was considering getting the cardio version of this scale, but in the end I use my heart rate tracking off my activity tracker for this data. Although it's not the same data, it serves my purpose for tracking my heart health and improvements. Spend the extra money for this s
NFFC Review from
September 24, 2020
Accuracy is questionable
Its great, it syncs well with my wifes and my mobile. It does all it says it does, however I do question a few results. My wife works out constantly and has no body fat, is high in muscle etc, but the scales report that I have a better physique. It does report that my BMI is high (fair enough), I do some exercise but not nearly as much as my wife. As a result of this my wife is annoyed so I highly recommend these scales.
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