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Bard / Rochester Medical - 8006380 - Rectal Tube With Funnel End

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Bard Rochester:
FSA Eligible
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800638024 FrEach
800638020"Case of 12
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Tubes, Rectal, Radiopaque, Glass Molded, Rubber, Funnel End, Open Tip, One Eye


  • Radiopaque for use in barium enema administration.
  • Features open distal tip and one side eye.
  • Single-use, non-sterile.

24 Fr Rectal Tube With Funnel End, 20
More Information
Manufacturer Bard Rochester
Brand Bard
Categories Enema Equipment, First Aid Supplies, Fecal Incontinence, Rectal Tube
Code 8006380
Require Prescription? No
Store Discount Catheters|Drip Armor|Online Living Aids|Stomabags|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.7 from 1 - 5
45 Review
Rebecca Review from
June 30, 2021
Urinary drainage bag
I bought this bag for my dad after a recent stroke left him with weakness. Because of limited mobility this was a must for him. Sometimes I can smell an odor from urinal bag so I rinse it out everyday with bleach. It doesnt really help. Sometimes leaks can happen if the rubber plunger is pulled to hard, it can actually come off. Im now looking for a different system. Bummer because I purchased three of these bags, I will try to return remaining two.
Robert N. Review from
June 17, 2021
I was looking for a
I was looking for a night bag that had a plastic hook. I tried yours . The closure was difficult to use but became easier but not as easy as the plastic hook. Each type may depend on the circumstances of its intended use . If you make a plastic hook I would like to try it . If this is the only product you have I may order again while I search. Thanks
Elaine C. Review from
April 12, 2020
Different from expected
I have been using BARD bags, so expected this to be the design I have used, but it is different. The white plastic clip holds well, but it is trickier to open it when emptying the bag. Maybe that is good so it does not open by mistake. And I am used to a plastic clip that holds the end of the hose in place. This does not have any clip like that. I do prefer the metal closure clips, I think, but after I finish using these bags I will probably be good with them. I have enough to last me quite q while!
Lucille S. Review from
October 18, 2021
Used this product before. Works
Used this product before. Works well. Wish the tube was longer as I dont have a place to clip it on my bed so I get concerned if I move too much it may disconnect. Best price at Vitality Medical - significantly less costly than my previous provider for the exact same product.
Irene J. Review from
September 17, 2019
Solid and worth the money
Urinary Night Drainage/Collection bags cost from about 2.25 to sometimes close to 10 dollars per bag. So what's the difference? Much has to do with the construction of the bag and it's ability to be cleaned and reused. These bags, if properly cleaned and maintained, can be used for up to two weeks, which I have done. Less expensive bags do not hold up to the strain of daily washing, plus do not contain the extra bennies of a bed clamp mid catheter, offer only a shorter catheter, do not offer an easy way to take a sample for a test. Rather than buying a bag for two plus dollars that does not la
Mary N. Review from
October 24, 2021
Happy & satisfied customer
These are my favorite bedside catheter bags and I was having a very difficult time in finding these bags until I found your site! Not only that you couldn't beat the price!!! Needless to say I am one extremely happy customer! Thank you!!!
Richard W. Review from
September 15, 2021
Until now, every time I've
Until now, every time I've used this item I've ha zero problems. The first night Iused a new bag it leaked considerably. Tried a second bag and it too leaked. What gives?
Audra P. Review from
May 20, 2020
Okay for the price
These are mediocre, The bags ending with 2 have just velcro, which was not clear on the product description. The drain clamp frequently requires 2 hands. They seem to lack the antimicrobial qualities found in Bard brand products. You get what you pay for.
CB Review from
May 15, 2014
Great for G tube drainage
I have been looking for something that really helped me drain my G tube port and I decided to try these one day. I had been making homemade bags from old feeding tube bags but I have so much bloating it was impossible to use. I found I needed. 6-12" Mic extender set for my tube to make the end of the Bard bag fit into my G tube and it works beautifully, keeping me free of bloating and allowing the few liquids I can take in flow out easily along with excessive bile reflux, keeping me happier and healthier. I won't buy any others. Really pleased with this bag. Draining is easy too, just open the
Denise C. Review from
April 28, 2020
I love the products and
I love the products and they fit into my budget. I do have MH and MC, but they won't pay for this stuff, they pay for cheaper items. I just found this notice in my mail to get 5% off, and also I ordered enough to get free shipping. It still won't change me I still will order for my medical problem is for the rest of my life. Thank you Denise
Carmen S. Review from
August 9, 2020
The company was great and
The company was great and everyone very helpful , although the product did not work for my Dad and after doing much research and speaking to other professionals this product was never going to work for my Dad due to his age .. had they asked me more questions and maybe they werent qualified enough to know that they shouldnt be selling this product to a Man whos 97 years old .. cannot use half of what we bought , very disappointing..
BEATRICE C. Review from
January 26, 2022
Bard anti/reflux urinary drain bag
The product is great: well constructed, reliable, durable. Im very pleased. Thanks for your quick delivery.
Grace H. Review from
September 18, 2021
Worked well. Easier to release
Worked well. Easier to release for my sister who has early stages of dementia. Thanks so much.
Michael M. Review from
August 10, 2018
Thank you for helping me with my search it's been a long one
I have been looking for 6 months for someone to carry the bags that I need. None of my insurance covered any of the ones that I needed and the cost out of pocket was ridiculous over $20 per bag. Your company was my savior and I will look to you anytime that I need to order any medical products in the future. It's nice to see a company that treats medical equipment not like a business that overcharges for everything. Michael
Joseph H. Review from
October 23, 2018
Cathedur Night Bags
It was so easy to order from LoCost. Bags were an excellent price and ithey were shipped to my door. Usually, I drive 16 miles away, to a different company, where they charge $13.00 PER BAG. And the workers at the place are rude! But now I've found LoCost and refuse to use any other supply company. They are a Godsend. .......Joe from Milwaukee
Review from
May 28, 2020
I use this at night by connecting it to my smaller bag's drain valve (need the flip valve or similar) and opening the smaller bag's valve. Keep it in a small pan on the floor next to bed and works very well as long as you remember to open the smaller bag's valve!
George W. Review from
July 27, 2018
I live this product. Easy to use
So comfortable, it's not like wearing anyhing. So much brtter sleep at nite. No more grtting uo 3- 4 times a nite. Full nite sleep and so affordable and reliable. Very fast in getting supplies . We deffenintly continue to use these folks.
Petuniainroyaloak Review from
December 9, 2020
Great to keep one on hand
Good price, fast service. I needed to keep and extra on hand. Price everywhere else is much, much higher and harder to get. Brand name product. No expectations of problems.
Guest Review from
October 2, 2018
So Glad We Found You!!!
Your products are very well made and very reasonably priced. We are so glad that we found you. We have been using your products for a year now and we love your company. Thank you so much...... We love that we can afford to use your products all month and they are the best we have ever used too. Thanks again. The miller family
Robert E Review from
February 8, 2022
These drainage bags are okay but I like the valve on the other Bard bags, since those were out of stock I needed drainage bags and ordered a few to hold over until the other bags were in stock again,.
Cliff R Review from
January 1, 2017
love this product. My wife started using the urine catheter Nov . Dr. will replace the supra pubic catheter that was installed 6 weeks ago. New one will be installed Tues. Jan 3ed. We are very pleased with this product , easy to install and remove. Thanks. Cliff Reece
Donald G. Review from
August 9, 2021
Quality Drainage Bag
A good quality drainage bag. I've used BARD/Bardia bags for more than 6 years and have never been disappointed.
Norma H. Review from
December 5, 2020
The quality is perfect. The
The quality is perfect. The item is the good material. I will order the same item again.
Tracey K. Review from
June 18, 2021
Strong durable bag, the plastic
Strong durable bag, the plastic release clip is easier for my dad to use instead of the metal clips on other bags.
William M. Review from
April 10, 2020
Bardia Drainage Bag
Easily hung on my walker. This less expensive bag is easily drained and rinsed in the morning. I recommend purchase of this drainage bag.
Nancy C. Review from
April 15, 2020
This is a great bag. I use it every night and rinse and clean it in the morning. It is strong and easy to use and clean. Never had a problem with it.
Sheebi Review from
October 7, 2019
Great bag
Im most impressed with this catheter bag. Weve had to put up with other bags when the nurse at doctors offices change my catheter. All have been inferior to this bag. Needless to say we like this bag very much.
Review from
August 24, 2021
Have used for about 8 years for my urostomy as an overnight bag. NEVER had a problem. I normally use one bag for a month.
Review from
November 9, 2021
Have used these bags for 7 years. They work very well. On two occasions the tube has come off of the top of the bag causing a leak
Sharon D. Review from
November 15, 2020
This bag works really well.
This bag works really well. Its so much easier to empty and clean than the one the Doctor originally gave me! Thank you!
Guest Review from
March 13, 2019
Bardia Urinary Night Drainage Bag 2000ml
Very pleased with the amount of time it took to receive the bags. Shipment was very quick. My father is happy we were able to find these bags online, because he is able to drain them himself with ease. Thank You
Steve C. Review from
August 3, 2021
have used these for 25 years
I have used this same bag for 25 years. No change in design or quality. I'll keep using them.
Richard K. Review from
September 21, 2021
Works fine. Get more nights
Works fine. Get more nights than advertised
Mary K. Review from
October 21, 2018
BARDIA Urinary Night Drainage Bag
The purchase of the night drainage bag was well worth it. The bag is well made with a substantial vinyl and therefore any odors are contained. The other parts of the bag area a high grade also.
Barbara H. Review from
July 1, 2021
Everyone says theirs a back
Everyone says theirs a back order on these bags, and you have never dissapointed me. You always have what we need Thank you
LINDA L. Review from
March 20, 2022
I prefer this bag over those. The cord is longer which works better at night in bed
elizabeth c. Review from
August 16, 2018
rather good
this model with the plastic clamp is more reliable than metal clamps or the bard safety flow device. my metal clamp popped open and the safety flow device leaked! the hook and string at the top are great-they are vital.
Sharon B. Review from
June 17, 2020
This drainage bag was much
This drainage bag was much needed. They are just the right size and they are Antiflux . Thanks Vitality
Kerri C. Review from
November 11, 2018
My husband can get a different kind of bag with his insurance. It has metal clips that come open. These have plastic ones. So I will pay to get these. Shipping fast and price is great.
Sally Review from
March 21, 2022
Best Foley bag available
They are absolutely terrific for catheters. Easy to use Sterile.
Dennis Review from
April 27, 2011
Ease of draining
It allows the patients to sleep. This drain bag includes a swivel hanger or flexible hook and loop of a cloth strap. The regular size of this product can handle 2000 ml. It has an anti-reflux chamber along with a sample port. It is known for including easy-to-drain outlet tube along with a tube holder. It resembles a plastic bag that gives a way to sterile fluid path. No more wet spots on the pants.
Jose N. Review from
September 22, 2019
Very pleased with supplies. Good Quality. Great Sevice. Lightning Fast delivery. Will use their products again.
Frances Review from
December 15, 2019
Good products, bad policies
I made a mistake in my order, and have tried to return the unneeded product within 30 days. I have called and chatted but to no avail. I was told I would receive an email with instructions, no email has arrived although I get emails advertising Vitality products daily. When I questioned the second time about the timing of the emails I was told it would arrive that afternoon or in the morning, and to be patient. No emailed instructions. Time is running out. I like the quality of the products I purchase and the quick shipping, but they are running a scam on their 30 day return policy. Just put o
Sybil D. Review from
September 24, 2018
Overnight Collection Bag
I am very pleased with this product. My only concern is that the hanging clip doesn't keep the bag straight, which makes noting the amount of collection more difficult. Has not leaked.
Richard M. Review from
April 26, 2019
As Above
Well done well designed. Need better description of the green connector. Now I believe it's factory glued and I should not nave tried to adjust the length. My fault!