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Graham-Field - 8100166 - Comfort Cushion - Dual-Layer Foam Cushion Comfort Cushion - 16" X 16" X 3"

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Flip cushion with high and medium density foam layers to meet individual comfort preference

3"; Cushion
Carry/positioning handle
Provides support and comfort while seated
250 lb maximum weight capacity
1 year limited warranty

Cover features

Moisture resistant nylon cover that meets CA117 flame retardant standards
Removable and washable for easy maintanance

More Information
Manufacturer Graham-Field
Brand Graham-Field
Categories Car Seat Cushion, Cushion, Living Aids Parts, Seat Cushion, Wheelchair Accessories, Wheelchair Cushion
Code 8100166
Sold By Each
Require Prescription? No
Store Mobility Equipment|Online Living Aids|Lay Off Pain
Score: 4.1 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Review from
October 13, 2021
Great Cushion
Great cushion fits 19 inch wheelchair seat perfectly. Very comfortable and raises me up a little in chair. My only advice is though I understand you pay for the convenience of making payments and I appreciate that. I bought mine of Amazon for 15.00. , with free prime delivery. It arrived last week and Im still waiting on manual chair from qvc. I would highly recommend the cushion to someone with degenerative disc disease , great buy.
SueD Review from
August 15, 2020
Durable and the right amount of softness
We used one of these to cushion a dining chair when a family member had hip surgery. It was so comfortable that it stayed on that chair long afterward. It is soft but does not compress as much as another brand of cushion we bought. Also the 3" height allows for a lot of give in case the user is heavier. Note that it will raise you higher than a thinner pad, perhaps this might be an issue for some folks, and/or in wheelchairs or similar applications. The first one we bought has stood up to years of use, a couple hours per day or so. Surprisingly durable. When we saw Walmart had a very good pric
BC Review from
April 29, 2021
Go to a different store and product!
The cover stinks! It is covered in nubs making it very uncomfortable for prolonged use. The cover also slides around on the cushion while you're sitting on it. The zipper is exposed so will scratch if you put it on a wooden chair. The package was mutilated when delivered with holes exposing the contents. The paper tape on the package apparently didn't get wet before it was applied except at the ends so did little good. My first and last order from Walmart!
OnTheRoadAgain Review from
August 4, 2017
NOT Memory Foam and NOT 3 Inches Thick
I've used memory foam wheelchair cushions for years. So I thought this price was too good to be true. It was. This is NOT a memory foam cushion. Only 1/2 of the thickness is memory foam, and a very low quality memory foam at that. the other half of the thickness is plain foam rubber. You can tell by two methods. Place it in the freezer for a few hours. The memory foam side gets very hard while the foam rubber side is barely affected. I also took it apart to cut out an area for tailbone relief and I could see that it was actually different materials glued together. It also is not 3" thick. It's
Paul Review from
May 26, 2021
Transport chair Seat cushion
I almost didn't buy this seat cushion when I purchased a transport chair, but now I am so glad I did. This cushion not only adds extra comfort but is also helps keep my mother from sliding down and out of the chair. This cushion is so comfortable my mother prefers sitting in this chair even when she is at home and not using it as a transport chair.
setx77704 Review from
September 14, 2014
better then I would have thought
I bought a desk chair ( about 1 yrs. ago. We are not talking a high dollar chair, but for the price it met my needs. Over time the bottom cushion flattened out, so I had to replace the cushion. I saw one of those "as seen on t.v." cushion that I was not impressed with, so came across this one. It fit's my chair perfectly, doesn't move around such as when you get up. Mine is something like 2- 3 inches thick (I was worried that it was too thick, not so) and is super comfortable. Also has a removable, washable seat cover. I am really
GwenAZ Review from
January 23, 2013
Great Cushion at an Affordable Price
I don't normally write reviews, but thought my 2 cents would help others in considering this product. I've been looking for a good seat cushion for awhile. Read a lot of reviews online for different types at varying prices. I finally decided on this one. It seemed reasonably priced and the reviews seemed hopeful, so I took a gamble. I spend a lot of time writing/gaming at my computer, so my tush takes a lot of abuse. My main reason for the purchase was that my butt-bone would start digging into the chair after awhile and it would really be bothersome/uncomfortable (I know that might be a bit g
Flybuy Review from
February 29, 2012
Good cushion
I recently found a $400 office chair for $5 at the local Goodwill store that was in perfect shape. The only weakness of the chair was that the seat padding was flattened out so I needed a pad. I found this cushion and so far it has provided excellent padding for me. I am 6ft and 170 lbs with an athletic sized bumm. When you first get the pad it does feel a bit firm but it will soften up a little over time. It does flatten to a thinkness of about 1/2 an inch where the greatest pressure is applied but it still maintains comfort. I've used it for two weeks now and it is appears that it should be
tvs75 Review from
January 17, 2019
Very Comfy! Excellent Quality.
I have had this for a few years now. This is excellent as a pillow to be used in any chair, let alone a wheelchair. I bought one for a family member who is short so that it adds an extra inch or so to see in the theater. And we have one for personal use with a wheelchair. We leave it in the trunk of the car so that it is always present for use. Love it!
Helen Review from
May 8, 2021
So-So item which others may like
I didn't check the sizes and it was a little to big for the chair I wanted to use it on. That was my fault. It is also a little softer that I had wanted. It would have be better if it was a little firmer. I will make do with them, though.
Timothy Review from
April 15, 2021
Rejuvenated my old office chair!
My old office chair was becoming hard as a bleacher seat, so I bought this Carex cushion and I'm happy that I did. It's the perfect size and really comfortable. This cushion has given new life to an old office chair!
UberGeek13 Review from
May 29, 2014
Not worth it.
Having had previous experience with memory foam products, I expected this seat cushion to be of the same quality. It is not. I didn't make it through the first day (8 hour shift) before I regretted this purchase. It's only been used about a week and is already greatly depressed. I am not an obese person either. I can say that the cover seems to hold up quite well. It gets tossed into and out of trunks multiple times a day & it isn't showing any wear yet. I believe I will upgrade the cushion & save the cover from this one for the new one. As for this product, don't waste your money. Spend a bit
Chris Review from
January 8, 2021
Worth every oenny
This cushion is just perfect for my lift chair. It provides the comfort i was looking for. Love the memory foam and washable cover. I am ordering another one for my kitchen chair!
rider111 Review from
September 9, 2011
I usually do not bother writing reviews but as I use this daily it has been just what I needed. I am in my computer chair for longer than Id like. I have school and work stuff that are both done in this chair. I recently bought a pretty decent computer chair to replace my other one , it wasnt really in bad shape I just needed more features for comfort due to my work load. I had bought 3 different chairs and returned the first two due to not have enough cushion for my rear end. After sitting for about 2 hrs the cushion seemed to go straight to the wood and my bum would get sore and itchy. I ONL
PLreviewer Review from
February 14, 2011
decent cushion (when turned right side up)
NOTE this cushion is only 50% memory foam. The bottom half is foam rubber. (Actually I think this is good.) I tried this for a day and was ready to send it back, as it did not seem to be made of memory foam at all; it did not have the quality of memory foam where you push into it and it retains the imprint temporarily. As I was putting it back in the box, I noticed that the bottom of the cushion felt a bit different, and upon unzipping the cover I discovered the cushion was made of half foam rubber and half memory foam! There is nothing in the product description or on the box or instructions
Timothy Review from
September 13, 2021
Good at first but doesn't last.
It was very comfortable and supportive at first but now it is flat and barely rises to the same height it was originally and has lost its comfort. It was good for about a week then went down hill.
SP Review from
June 24, 2020
Thickness is great
It is thick enough. If you sit on it for too long, it will go expected. Bit if you get up and stretch out for a few minutes, the cushion will get back to its thickness. My only problem was that it won't stay in its place. I sowed a strap at the corners of the zipper to go around the backrest of my chair and it works perfectly.
TerryS12 Review from
August 6, 2015
Works For Me
I was surprised that the foam rubber seat cushion was the right density for my bony bottom. I sit in a high back office chair when I am watching TV or on the computer. I am 71 and my other wise comfortable chair does not have the proper padding for the seat. I needed something that does not collapse and provides a soft seat.. The "foam rubber" cushion gives me the density that does not allow my bottom to bottom out on the seat. Excellent price on top of it sll
Robert Review from
October 26, 2016
Extra cushion
I purchased this cushion because the office chair I purchased at Staples had very little cushion on it. This cushion works fine for the purpose I bought it for. Once it is compressed, it stays that way until you get off it, but even so, it's still much better than just the chair's cushion by itself. I would like more cushion because you can never have enough really, but this one works fine, so I'm not complaining.
GolfBallTester Review from
October 24, 2011
Concrete Benches Are No Problem
Ever go to a sporting event and try and sit a couple of hours on a hard bench or on one of those 1" cheap foam cushions with some teams sports logo on it? Pretty uncomfortable. This 3" memory foam cushion with removable cover will make your sitting time as comfortable as it can be. I bought this cushion for an 80 year old gentleman that likes football and was sitting on a doubled up blanket which really wasn't working. He loves the new cushion and said he could sit all day watching sports on it. Comparable cushions run $50 to $85 and I went to a fabric store that sold memory foam and a piece t
Purdentshopper Review from
July 10, 2019
Makes hours in a wheelchair more comfortable
Very well made. Purchased for a larger man to use with a wheelchair. Comfortably supports his 260 pounds and fits his wheelchair seat perfectly. Measure the width of your wheelchair seat and order an appropriate size and you will be happy.
Texasdashopaholic Review from
January 4, 2014
Carex Memory Foam Seat Cushion
I don't have an expensive computer chair that is super comfortable and since I work from home now, I was hoping something like this would make my existing chair bearable. Unfortunately, this just did not work. Maybe if you're a normal size person weight wise it would work; but for LARGE people it just is NOT thick enough. After 20 minutes, it felt like there was not a cushion under my posterior at all! Thanks goodness, Walmart has such a great return policy as this definitely went back!
TheFlyMaster9000 Review from
May 30, 2016
Nice seat cushion
This is the fourth one of this exact seat cushion I have purchased so far and I plan on buying this particular one until I find a better one. It is affordable and fits my scooter nicely. Two things in the con column - you have to make sure the memory foam side is facing up because it's only on one side. The other thing is that it takes a little time to break it in.
A131313 Review from
October 24, 2017
Flat as a pancake
This is the worst cushion I have ever seen. It smushed down to the equivalent of cardboard. I bought a seat cushion in the automotive department of WalMart for the same price and it was 10 times better. In fact, I would recommend the Ergo Drive seat cushion for anyone looking for a good seat cushion.
11ene11 Review from
April 3, 2014
Great Relief!
This seat cushion has been such a wonderful purchase. I am care taking for both of my parents. I purchased 2. This cushion provides a wonderful back support for my Dad and helps him to sit straighter and upright during meal times. It has also been a wonderful seat cushion for my Mom who is a little shorter. Particularly impressed as this is solid memory foam throughout; others I looked at seemed to have had a filler material in the middle.
Reviewed1947 Review from
October 29, 2013
Reasonable performance and value
The product did what it was supposed to do. My wife and I both suffer from boney senior citizen butt, and the cushions made a long car trip much more pleasant. An advantage and a disadvantage: The cushion gives you about two inches of extra height. My shorter wife liked that. I could not drive one of our cars with the cushion because of lack of headroom. Also, pay attention to putting the tag side up - much more comfortable.
Bre1723 Review from
February 3, 2014
Very nice and comfy
Being only five foot tall, I was unable to see over the steering wheel of my new car given it had bucket seats which had warn out and sank farther. This cushion gave me just enough height to see over. It's comfy too if that's what you want it for. The only bad part is with the single digit weather the bottom regular foam part does freeze. It's not uncomfortable per say, but it does make it harder for me to reach the pedal.
AnneF Review from
May 25, 2021
I got "plain foam" chair cushion that didn't last long (already uncomfortable!), not good when you sit all day! I got this "memory foam" for on top of "plain foam", seems better but time will tell!
George Review from
July 4, 2016
I'm using it as I type this review!
The cushion provides relief for my buttocks, especially for my piriformus muscles. I tried it in the car, but it boost me up too much - [I don't have adjustable electric seats]. It seems to resist stains, but only time will tell. The cushion cover is easy to remove from the foam cushion inside.
Msthang757 Review from
July 9, 2020
This is so flimsy and I can't believe this is shipped and sold by Walmart. There's no cushioning whatsoever. It's like sitting on a piece of fabric with toliet paper stuffed inside. I returned this piece of garbage.
BellaDesigns Review from
March 9, 2011
Not enough cushion and not pleased.
I purchased this seat cushion for my computer chair in my office since my chair is a bit "broken into". I hoped for an easy fix so to speak as I have to work at my computer for roughly 12 hours of the day. Rather than buy a new PC chair I thought I would give this cost effective cushion a try and I have to admit that I loved it the first few days but after the first few days, its no longer comfortable. I do not think it is memory foam and does not stay firm. The fabric of the cushion is easy on the eyes, it is a nice royal/ navy blue and the cushion is a great size too. I recommend this cushio
dubtrub Review from
April 29, 2019
Wonderful pad
I had surgery and have been in a wheelchair for several months, the seat in the wheelchair started to become very hard. I found this pad it has been a gift. It has made sitting much easier for me until I am able to get out of the chair. It blends in very well with the chair.
Jeanie Review from
February 12, 2022
Great addition to our new wheelchair
Very comfortable and the perfect size for the new wheelchair we just purchased which has a 20 inch seat.
Duane Review from
July 28, 2021
Perfect I got two!!
I like the covering, very comfortable will be good for my wheelchair,rollator and will make it comfortable in restaurants and movies regular seats
Deannedoe Review from
May 2, 2014
Impossible to assemble!!!
I live alone and am partially disabled. I bought this to help me haul laundry. groceries, etc. I was so excited to receive it. After spending over an hour trying to put it together, it is going back to the store. It is IMPOSSIBLE for one person to put it together.....IMPOSSIBLE!!! I would not recommend this to anyone, unless you have a strong man, or another person to help with assembly. I am so very disappointed.
jcheri Review from
November 5, 2013
Based on the positive reviews I bought this cushion and now I'm disappointed. I'm a student and instead of buying a new chair to study I thought I'd just buy the cushion for support since my chair is a bit worn and I am on my final exams. It's two weeks since I bought, it's too soft and doesn't give support as I expected. The soft material inside literally causes the cushion to sink so much that I can feel the seat in the chair I'm resting it on. Not a good purchase for my use.
paige Review from
November 13, 2020
wonderful comfort
bought this for my grandma to put in her wheelchair!! she loves it! she feels so comfortable in it and doesnt hurt in her hops so bad!
JohnBop Review from
July 7, 2015
Not tired at the end of the trip
Our fancy Mercedes has hard seats that make for a sore bottom after a few hours of road trip. We got these to ease the misery. They work Great! Although the fabric cover slips around on the leather seats, the padding made the trip enjoyable. Going to use them in our motorhome, too.
Sandra Review from
October 19, 2020
Back relief
Was perfect for what I needed. I have back issues and use in office chair and mainly in car bucket seats don't fit me right. Am very happy and very comfortable
Robyn Review from
August 6, 2021
Perfect, I love these, on my porch chairs!
Perfect! My cats love more than me! :)
EGP Review from
October 14, 2017
wheelchair cushion
Perfect cushion for my mother's wheelchair. I wish it came in black instead of dark blue, but it's just fine as it. Older folks often shrink in height, so this way my mom can sit up taller. It's a helpful item.
singlemom02 Review from
February 16, 2018
Happy short person
I'm a really short person so this cushion really helped me. I've tried another cushion before this one and it did not work. So I was skeptical about this one. I'm glad I tried it because I love it. It was exactly what I need to help me drive.
Marifleur Review from
November 2, 2014
Very useful after hip replacement surgery.
Well-made, sturdy, and lightweight too. I use it in passenger side of my car while I'm not allowed to drive during recovery stage after surgery. Also use it on computer chair to keep my torso high enough not to bend the hip beyond 45 degree angle, as required. Good product, good price, neat looking.
KW1960 Review from
July 17, 2013
Very comfortable!
I love my new Carex Memory Foam Seat Cushion. I had to replace the hydraulic lift in my office chair, but the new one didn't sit me up as high as the old one had, so I needed something to sit me up just a bit higher. I bought this for that purpose, and it works wonderfully. The only thing that would make it better is if there were straps to attach it to the seat so that it wouldn't shift, but other than that, it's awesome!
ecleveland Review from
August 23, 2013
Yes finally, I was able to get a cushion for my wife that actually did the trick. I bought them all believe me from the cheapos to the high dollar item. All were like throwing money off a bridge. This pad really works and it holds its shape very well and springs back to its original shape and is not like sitting on a rock. Thanks Carex
al Review from
July 5, 2018
Trucker opinion.
As a retired OTR trucker, I wish I had this when I was driving from Boston to San Francisco. This is a great product, but make sure you sit on the top side. Don't sit on the bottom side by mistake. Buy - Use - Enjoy
Teri Review from
August 11, 2019
So soft the cat had to get one just for her!
Bought this cushion to use on my shower bench. Was air drying it out in my sunroom and my cat decided she liked the memory foam as well!! Had to purchase another cushion so we'd each have our own!
wxyz88 Review from
May 2, 2012
I recently purchased this product expecting it to be as good as it has been the last three times I bought it but instead I have found that it now bottoms out more than the old carex memory foam cushion that I am replacing. When I inspected the new cushion I found that it was only half glued together and not even cut evenly on the corners of both halves. I think that the quality has gone down hill. I would not recommend this product.
Sunny617 Review from
August 27, 2012
Very thick and durable
I sit in a wooden rocking chair for hours at a time. The size of this pillow fills the entire seat and also extends over the edge some so that the chair edge doesn't dig into my legs. The cover is durable and the foam always springs back to it's original size. I am overweight and it still provides excellent cushioning and support.
MikeM Review from
January 16, 2017
Definitely preferred by the wheelchair user.
I bought this guessing that the elderly woman wheelchair user would prefer it over the standard wheelchair seat and I was right. She is really thin, not much built in butt padding, so she likes this pad. Looks like a good value.
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