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Graham Medical - 51038 - FlexAir Disposable Pillow/ Patient Support

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Graham Medical:
FSA Eligible
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A cost-effective alternative to bulky pillows and linen pillowcases. Stores flat and inflates in seconds for immediate use as a support to position head, arms, legs or other body areas. The patent-pending design's adjustable valve allows easy inflation or deflation as adjustments are needed.
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Manufacturer Graham Medical
Categories Patient Room, Pillows
Code 51038
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
40 Review
LaDonna Review from
September 3, 2020
Perfect Soft
I needed a 2nd latex foam pillow for my bed to replace a memory foam pillow that I don't like. I've slept on latex foam pillows since I was a child and I just don't sleep comfortably with anything else. Beautyrest is a reputable brand and I was happy to find it for such a good price. This one matches the description and is exactly the right size and shape to pair with the latex foam pillow I have. This is a REALLY GOOD PILLOW! It is VERY soft and fluffy. Unfortunately I prefer a denser pillow with more support for my neck so I'll keep shopping. It came securely packed and right on time. When I
Zelda Review from
March 9, 2022
Great pillow
Tried this brand/style at friends house and it was a great pillow. I was having trouble finding right pillow that wouldnt flatten as soon as head hit pillow or one with no flexibility to soften holding my head. This pillow (like Goldilocks story) was just right. I would highly recommend this pillow.Walmarts competitive prices were a huge point in decision to purchase these here. I had thought I would place order and pick up at store; however, I received notice they would be delivered next day!
Alana Review from
March 27, 2021
Good medium firmness bouncy pillow
Bouncy but firm at the same time. Has nearly enough sink in that I need. After a year or so of use hopefully it will sink in better. Its slightly too thick or firm for my neck but I think its a good replacement, eventually, for my old latex pillow. Time will tell. I bought this and the dreamsweet Brazilian Natural latex pillow to compare both and this is way softer and bouncier then the other brand. If you are looking for a medium pillow, this is it. The other is a bit firmer and has less sink in.
Cheryl Review from
May 12, 2021
Fantastic Pillow!
Yessss! LOVE this pillow! It's hard to find plain old-school latex foam pillows - not the newer hard memory foam kind. This one is soft but supportive. Has no odor at all. It did come inside a Beautyrest brand bag, so I do believe it is a Beautyrest. If you like a latex pillow (in my opinion it's the most comfortable pillow of all time), you will not be disappointed.
Glenn Review from
December 11, 2021
Throw away all your other pillows for this!
After purchasing this pillow and experiencing the best sleep in some time I ordered a second for my husband and discarded all our other Down-filled pillows! The pain in my neck began to subside within a few days because of the support it provides for my head and neck. It is far better than a memory foam pillow as it always keeps it shape when you move yet its very soft, pliable and light-weight. I couldnt rate another product high enough!
Melissa Review from
December 17, 2021
Great pillows for a great price!
Great latex foam pillows for a great price! I got the Standard size, which is definitely smaller than the Queen, but these will be perfect for the guest room. They are nice and plump, unlike some other pillows I had purchased in a different brand. Shipping was super fast! Im very happy with my purchase! This is my new go-to brand for latex pillows.
auncon1 Review from
July 15, 2021
Glad I found this foam pillow
Comfortable pillow, especially for the price. I bought the standard size and it's perfect for me. I haven't had any neck pain since I've been using it. It's not as lofty as some of the other foam pillows which is good for me because I am a petite lady (4'10"). It definitely does not go flat though. It really holds its shape and stays cool.
woodswoman Review from
September 24, 2021
Pillow to relieve neck pain
I have an older latex pillow that I love and this one is equal in quality. It has ventilation holes, and is fully 6" high as the description says. It is not too soft or too firm. I have bought many pillows and latex is so superior to memory foam. I suggest airing it out a bit, but it is the smell of natural latex, not some chemical.
Mark Review from
January 4, 2021
Best support ever
This Latex pillow is about the best. Been using it for 2 weeks. What I like - it gives support without being hard. The pillow doesn't come up to cover over my ears. The photo looks like it's kind of thin. For sure it's not thick - but it did not matter because of the support it gives, and it's hard to describe until used. I bought a big memory foam pillow a year ago - it was better than other pillows, but not near as good as this latex. Glad I bought it.
Michael Review from
January 11, 2021
Best pillow I've had in over 40 years!
I've tried every type of pillow out there and never could find one that matched the ones my in-laws had. I figures they just didn't make that style anymore. I was so happy to find out that the solid latex foam pillows were still out there! Because it's a solid piece, nothing separates, like the fiber fill pillows do. And unlike memory foam, it's doesn't feel hard as a rock. It has a soft, yet firm feel and retains its shape. My son tried out the pillow and then promptly ordered one foe himself.
Dana Review from
April 17, 2021
Love this pillow.
As a kid, I always slept with latex foam pillows. A few years ago I finally had to throw away the one I'd had for forever because it was falling apart. I had decided I wanted to try some new kinds of pillows each for a few months or so to try to get used to it. I tried probably 3-4 different pillows and they all hurt me and gave me headaches. Then I bought this pillow and I could tell a difference on the first night. I love this thing for saving my sleep. Finally I can sleep comfortably again.
R Review from
October 18, 2020
High quality/Low price!!! A little firm at first.
I have an old latex foam pillow that is WELL broke-in I guess nothing compares. Lol This pillow is an awesome deal and quality! But it is still too firm for me (right now). I like a super soft and super thin pillow, like 2-3 inches thick Max. However I believe that when this pillow is broken-in it will be perfect!!! I might throw it in the dryer on no heat setting for a couple hours! Lol
nanadeb55 Review from
June 18, 2020
I've used a one piece latex pillow since I was a very little girl (I'm 65 yo now). I can't sleep on anything else because of it. These are very well made and very good quality but I wish it was just a little softer. I would say these are a medium softness. I used to be able to get different softness's, but buying them online you can't tell by feeling them their softness levels. And I can't find them in stores any more. I buy two when I find them just in case of being discontinued.
Margo Review from
September 30, 2020
New, old fave
I grew up using solid latex pillows. Have since tried about every type of top grade memory foam pillows, both flat and neck roll varieties. In frustration recently after waking up with yet another head and neck ache, I ordered this, hopeing it would be better than my one ancient and flattened latex pillow. It arrived in less than 24 hrs, and I love it. I'm a back and side sleeper, and will never be without a solid latex pillow again, despite the fact that they're impossible to find in a retail store.....latex allegies?
Margaret Review from
December 22, 2020
Finding true latex foam pillows that re not memory foam is almost next to impossible. I have only sleep on latex foam pillows for most of my life, thus I was thrilled when I found this one. Actually order this one along with another manufacturer which was too stiff. Was so excited that I have actually order 3, one for my daughter, that was using my pillow that I leave at her house, two for our second home; on for me and one for when our daughter comes to visit. Might order a fourth just to have as a spare, since they are so hard to find.
s2arts! Review from
November 16, 2021
Excellent Value
Latex foam is my favorite type of pillow. It is better than memory foam, polyester fiber fill, down, or anything else I have ever used. This is a brand new, genuine Beautyrest King size latex foam pillow that was a great value at $46.32 delivered. Highly recommended.
Karen Review from
September 4, 2021
These pillows are the BEST!!!!
These pillows are the absolute BEST!! Just the right support! I cant stand memory foam but I LOVE the latex foam! Bought one for all my family members and they love it too!! These seem to be made well and retain their support even after daily use!
Candace Review from
April 6, 2022
My husband and I each ordered one of these pillows and we can't get over how much better we've both slept! No more sore necks or aching jaws or anything that comes with using cheap, non supportive pillows. I can tell these will last us a while and after a couple months of use I know they won't go flat either. Very pleased with my purchase!
A Review from
March 29, 2021
Stays in shape, does not flatten or lump
I have had this pillow for several months now. It retains it shape, does not crush down flat or get lumpy. Stays lofty but not hard. Comfortable for side sleeping. Put inside an allergen zip cover to prevent environmental allergens. Pillow is non allergenic to me. Satisfied.
Back2sleepinglikeababy Review from
April 10, 2018
Wonderful pillows for sleeping in any position
I've been sleeping on foam pillows since I was a small child (less than 10 years old) and my old pillows have lasted over 40 years but after trips to camp in my childhood years and now, due to age of pillows, I just felt the need to get some new pillows. My new pillows are great!!! A little more fluffy since they are new but they have wonderful support, keep my neck/head in line with my body, and allow me to sleep in line and comfortable regardless of my sleeping position. The new pillows are odorless and have a nice cotton zip cover. I've seen these pillows in the recent past on sale at other
Martha Review from
July 20, 2021
Dream On .......... Beautyrest
Fast Delivery, excellant quality, only slept 1 nite on it but it did very well last nite. Only wish it was a little firmer. After sleeping on a Latex pillow for 20 yrs,, it's says a lot to sleep the fist nite on a brand New 1. At this point Well done Beautyrest.
Beverly Review from
February 9, 2016
Love My New Pillow
I bought this Simmons Beautyrest Latex Pillow to replace one of the same brand and model purchased in 2002. This new pillow is my third one. It offers a comfortable support for my head and neck. It feels natural to me as a side sleeper. It is the most wonderful pillow! While the pillow being replaced has not decomposed, worn down, nor lost its comfort and support, I have not seen one in any Walmart store I've searched since 2002. I purchased this newest one while it was available, although my older one will likely last several more years. The first one I owned lasted over 20 years, and the new
Patricia Review from
August 11, 2020
Fantastic pillow, soft but excellent support. Keeps your head cool too. Only negative is the out-gassing which occurs with latex foam. This pillow needs to be out-gassed (left out with out a cover) in a well ventilated room or outdoors for at least a week in order to be properly odor free. For those sensitive to chemicals I would suggest you do a bamboo pillow instead.
tornado67 Review from
June 21, 2021
My favorite pillow!
Have used solid latex pillows for over 30 years. This is my third set. Still have and use the other two sets. Hold their shape. Soft and Cool. Long lasting.
DRE29 Review from
September 12, 2018
Best Pillow We Ever Purchased
Both my wife and I love this pillow! I only gave it 4 stars because we have had them close to a month now and only time will tell if they get a 5th star or ? All I know is, I love the fact that I don't have to punch a pillow into shape to get it "just right" anymore - this pillow is "just right" every time. That is why we decided on a 100% latex pillow this time. Of course, comfort is subjective and what feels good to me may not feel the same way for you. But, if you are looking for a comfortable pillow and have never tried 100% latex before, you will probably be pleasantly surprised how well
Shanexxl Review from
January 23, 2019
Not for me
Im very use to memory foam pillows but they have to be very soft and forming. I wanted to try these latex pillows and sadly its just not what i expected. I asdumed the latex would be thicker kinda more like a rummber ball but softer. I was wrong but thats my fault. This pillow is super soft. Ill give it that for sure, and doesnt go flat under my head. Also a plus. It has a kind of weird spring to it where i feel like my neck cant fully relax though. Im not sure if i need to push down some or lift up. So im like stuck in this limbo mode. Either way i just cant get comfy on it. Maybe i need to t
CYNTHIA Review from
June 30, 2020
Glad I finally found it!
I knew the minute I laid my head down on this pillow I finally found one I like. I had a foam pillow for years that I loved and could not find the right replacement for it. I gave up for a long time. The pillow is a normal size. I don't understand the review that says it's not. I'm so happy with this pillow. Now I can get rid of my old one.
fastxn Review from
June 21, 2021
Yes!! It's worth it!
Can't find these pillows anywhere. If you ever had one and want another, this is it. Exactly what I wanted, felt the same as my other latex pillow and much less expensive. You'll be pleased with this purchase.
Brad1748 Review from
September 18, 2018
Good pillow but returned it and purchased another
I had to return this product it was just my taste. This pillow was in good quality as described on website. Very good material as pictured and promised. It was delivered promptly as promised. BUT I had to return it because it was too soft for me. I needed littler firmer than this quality. At the time of order I thought it will be firmer but it was softer for me. Apart from it, pillow was very good. Just because of my personal taste I needed to return it and purchased more firmer pillow from walmart.
Beverly Review from
February 8, 2021
very soft
I like the pillow. It's very soft. Could be a little thicker. There is nothing on the pillow that says beautyrest. So I don't know if it really is. It was in a clear plastic bag. No brand on it at all so don't know where it really came from. Other than that it's nice.
Monique100 Review from
January 24, 2015
Exactly what I wanted
When my two favorite, bouncy, 25-year-old pillows started leaving filling crumbs in the bed, it was time to replace them. I didn't know what type of filling they had (the tags had faded); so, I searched online and found out they were latex. I couldn't believe how expensive latex pillows had become. So, I was thrilled to find this one by a well-known company--and at a great price--at Walmart. I bought two. Latex pillows don't scrunch flat, are a bit bouncy, and hold my head up well. The insides don't bunch up, and they hold their shape longer than other materials. The only negative is that the
Dennis Review from
August 13, 2021
make them thicker
It would be the perfect pillow if it had more loft. They used to be great a few years ago. Please make them better like they used to be, Most people would not mind paying a little more. Sadly, I am returning both pillows.
ExitStageLeft Review from
January 14, 2021
Special Purchase Pillows
I have been using latex foam pillows for years and are the only ones that I will sleep on. After my 10 yr old grandson requested a pair I purchased these for him. On the website they were listed as special purchase. They don't seem to be as firm or the same quality as the other Beauty Rest I ordered on the website a few weeks before in king size.
creativecookies Review from
February 5, 2015
I will NEVER again use anything but a latex foam pillow. I purchased this pillow in the store 9 years ago. YES, 9 years ago and it is still a comfortable pillow. Every time i was in the store i would look to try and find another with no luck. I am so excited to see i can still get one online. I wish i would have figured that out along time ago. I just ordered another as mine seems like it may be getting a little thinner because my neck doesn't feel as supported as i would like it to, but after 9 years i cannot remember how thick it started out. I can't imagine anyone being disappointed with th
Nancy Review from
October 13, 2020
Sleep Like a Baby
If you like a foam pillow, this one seems to do the job. I have always used a foam pillow but when the one I had been using wore out I tried to find one to replace. Many that I tried had a hard insert designed for stomach sleepers and I didn't like them. I decided to give the Beautyrest foam pillow a try since it said it was for side and back sleepers. It was perfect.
BusyWAMom Review from
June 27, 2020
Strong Smell
I have purchased at least four of these pillows over the years. They are well worth the price. I bought four this time around and was disappointed by the smell. There is a strong chemical smell coming from the latex. This had never been an issue before. Hopefully it will go away in time.
Rose21461 Review from
January 8, 2019
Nice pillow, could be firmer
I prefer latex foam over any other. This was my first purchase of this particular brand. It looks exactly like other latex pillows I've owned; however, it is not as firm as others, which was a disappointment. Also, it had an odd smell. After airing it out for a few days, the smell did dissipate. If you are looking for a medium-firm latex pillow, this one is good. If you want a firmer one, keep looking.
Puddledux Review from
August 24, 2013
Too Poofy
I have a Simmons Beautyrest latex pillow that I bought about 15 years ago and is, unfortunately, ready to be replaced. It was the BEST pillow I ever owned, no other latex pillow comes close. My issue with this "replacement" pillow is not necessarily the fault of Simmons, as the factory in which my first pillow was made burned down about 10 years ago (I was told when inquiring about buying more pillows like it). No manufacturer since that fire has been able to match the quality of my first latex pillow ... all latex pillows I have tried since then (of different brands) are too poofy (too high o
Sherri Review from
August 4, 2021
Very satisfied with product
Purchased one for myself and spouse. It was exactly what I was expecting in one, as I have used these type pillows for many years: hypoallergenic, comfortable, and doesn't lose its shape. I will probably buy backups
Patricia Review from
June 18, 2021
Good Product, Worth the Money
These pillows are of good quality, and they have the "spring back" quality one expects from latex. Also, they do not have the unpleasant smell one finds in items made of memory foam. I strongly recommend.
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