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Hydrox Laboratories - A0053 - Isopropyl Alcohol 99%, Gallon, 4/cs

Hydrox Laboratories:
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Isopropyl Alcohol 99%, Gallon, 4/cs
More Information
Manufacturer Hydrox Laboratories
Categories Lymphedema
Code A0053
Sold By Case of 4
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.8 from 1 - 5
50 Review
CinemaDude Review from
September 19, 2017
Great product - better than the 70% counterparts.
I also found it easier to use this in a spray bottle (old Windex spray bottle) that dealing with trying to control pouring it from its original container. It works great as a spray. The only think I would caution, be sure to take a Sharpie and mark the spray bottle clearly so there is no mistaking it for something else, especially that it is a clear liquid, it could be easily mistaken. There was a very serendipitous side effect of putting it in a spray bottle -- we live in an apartment and I must say have been very lucky in that we have been on the winning side of the man-against-roach war. Bu
shelby.j Review from
January 20, 2020
I like buying little bottles that have little sprayers on the tops and I put isopropyl alcohol in them. It helps me keep my cosmetics sanitary and also helps my eyeliners last longer. I will sometimes spray the tips of my felt tip liquid eyeliners with this and isopropyl alcohol to help clean off the tips if they have lumped up old product on them or are starting to dry out. If theyre really getting close to the end of having product in them then I will squirt a little bit of isopropyl alcohol onto the corner of my clean counter and dip the tips of the liners in them so that the felt tips can
alysia.r Review from
September 20, 2020
I can not go out of my house without some of this in a spray bottle now to completely disinfect every thing that comes inside my house, after I leave a store, before I get in my car and take my mask off, I saturate everything it this Alcohol to kill any chances of Covid coming home to my family, also everything I buy gets a bath in this. It's good for my face I must say, it's like a toner. Crazy day, I never have bought so much of this, It is the first thing I look for now every time I go into Walmart before any other section. Like I run to it, and it's never there anymore. Great value if you
janet.t Review from
August 22, 2018
Super cheap to purchase. I use this for so many things. It also does contain a lot in the bottle. However, the bottle itself needs a little remodeling because its actually a bit difficult to get the alcohol out of the bottle without spilling it everywhere. The body of the bottle is a thin plastic that you can easy squeeze. And the opening is a wide hole. So when you try to pour some of the alcohol into a small bowl or whatever, its hard not to spill everywhere since you do have to squeeze the bottle to get a good grip. It also does not help that because the opening is wide, its very easy to sp
valerie.d Review from
May 24, 2021
I started to use this as a antiseptic but now I use it for many different things. It's great to use as a disinfectant in your bathroom or cleaning any old glass that is stained. it's also great for removing scum from buildup in your shower. Overall it's a great product to have in your home.
danielle.d Review from
March 13, 2022
This is a great product to always have in your cabinet at home. It is affordable and works well. I use this mostly to help clean minor cuts or scratches. I sometimes use this to help remove stains out of clothing, such as pen stains. You can use this for a variety of things!
shawnh Review from
June 17, 2020
This stuff is a great cleaner for you PC internals
what people are not reviewing is at 91% this is perfect for cleaning unpluged discharged computers inside if you know what your doing you can use a qtip and dipped in this stuff will leave a motherboard or whatever else you clean looking brand new though it takes time and patience to get it all done the result is far superior than just canned air alone and alcohol evaporates so it will not harm your electronics though you must avoid touching a capacitor but if you unplug the pc and then hit the power button it will discharge all power from the unit but still handle it like it's still got juice
j'niece.m Review from
December 8, 2021
Not too sure what to say it works as it's supposed to it's broken I do like the 91% or they're 100% versus the 70% however I would improve this product by maybe changing The branding it's been the same thing for the past 500 years overall I'm pretty satisfied with rubbing alcohol for all general uses. And two thumbs up though it's a certainty it will be purchased again in the future.
kaitlyn.m Review from
September 20, 2018
In our household we use this for numerous things other than just what we bought it for. The first being that we use it to treat cuts and scrapes. The second is my significant other uses it to clean his glasses. We usually have to buy a new bottle about every four months. It is well worth the price for what you get. My boyfriend doesnt have to spend a lot of money on glasses wipes seeing as he works in a flour factory and it would cost so much more just to get the wipes in a box. I do recommend it for other people who need their glasses cleaned but dont want to pay so much money for the little
heather.a Review from
May 31, 2019
This is some pretty strong stuff right here! Ive used this to clean off my home phone and my cell phone screen. Ive used this with a q-tip to clean off the frame/ arms of my glasses. I used this as an astringent when my face broke out really bad for some reason or another and it cleared it up (overpowering smell but it did the trick). I've even used it on my back as an astringent because for some odd reason it gets oily there. With it being an antiseptic it burns like crazy when applied (even just dabbed on with a cotton ball). I'm on my 2nd bottle so I'd say I recommend it.
Review from
August 22, 2015
very strong odor- that goes away when dry
use with adequate breathing ventilation as it is strong if used near face-mouth-eyes and will irritate breathing. very drying to oily skin so good as a wash if needed. will burn an open wound and possibly cause damage to raw flesh-- instead of helping healing. good for washing skin after exposure to poison ivy- insect bites or weeds and mowing. refreshing when chilled as a massage agent--- but will remove body oils that help protect skin. can be used to sterilize combs and brushes, tooth brushes-- just rise well before using. price has increased dramatically in past year with no reason known..
teresa.t Review from
October 4, 2018
Yes I would......This product has multiple uses; I actually use this to clean the cups before I personalize them for other people, I have used it to dissolve windshield frost quick and easy, with kids I remove more ink and marker stains than I can count. I keep a spray bottle full in the kitchen, bathroom, garage, and in my car. Works great on cleaning mirrors, phones, electronics, windows, removal of stickers, and of course boo boos. Works wonderful as a degreaser when cleaning up oil and such. I use it to clean my makeup brushes, fix my broken powder makeup. Non toxic, evaporates quickly and
mandy.p Review from
July 5, 2018
I purchase Walmart's Vi-Jon 91% Isopropyl Alcohol on a regular basis. I take care of my elderly grandfather who has diabetes so we have to check his sugar every morning and every evening as well as sometimes thru out the day. I use this product to "clean" his fingertip before and after each needle stick. I also use Vi-Jon Isopropyl Alcohol to disinfect my makeup brushes after I clean them. It leaves my brushes soft and clean. And last but not least I use this product mixed 50/50 approximately with a cheap window cleaner and it works amazing. Leaves my mirrors windows as well as anything I clea
sarri.k Review from
September 17, 2020
I have used this product for a number of reasons, and I am always satisfied with its results. The most recent usage was to ward off ants and unwanted creepy crawlies in the house. With all the rain we had throughout the spring and first parts of summer, the ants were a problem in the household. Spraying this along the window sills and around the doors really helped keep the ants out.
april.r Review from
August 18, 2018
As the mother of teen who is active in competitive sports and who has Type 1 Diabetes I use a lot of alcohol. The Wal-Mart Vi-Jon 91% isopropyl alcohol is the best. For sports injuries it cleans the cuts and scraps and I feel confident the germs are taken care of. We also use the Wal-Mart Vi-jon 91% isopropyl alcohol to clean fingers for checking blood glucose levels, for cleaning the old and new pump sites, and for cleaning the old and new Dexcom sites. This is the best alcohol. My son never has infections and we always feel safe when this alcohol is in our medicine cabinet and bags.
donna.h Review from
April 6, 2020
The alcohol is great simple packaging and very affordable. Im using a lot of this right now to clean the surface areas in my house. It cost about $2.50 so yes a very affordable price. I put it in a spray bottle and use it that way. I recommend this to everyone right not to disinfect surfaces.
cheryl.b Review from
April 24, 2020
This is pretty cheap and just as effective as any name brand kind would. I think this is only a dollar or two and lasts a long time. Ive bought this several times and would continue to do so. Its a lot cheaper and does exactly the same thing. I would recommend to anyone needing alcohol without wanting to spend a lot of money on it.
jenny.v Review from
October 31, 2018
Affordable price, and works just like any of the top brands. Rubbing alcohol is an OK cleaner at best. It won't hurt the ball, but all it can do is remove light surface dirt. When you're not using a real bowling ball cleaner, at least use a citrus degreaser or Simple Green. There is absolutely nothing about rubbing alcohol that could possible revive a ball. Either you were throwing the ball better, or maybe the back ends were cleaner allowing the ball to hook, finish, and hit better.Like This?
raven.m Review from
February 2, 2022
I use this for about everything. If I have zits I use these to dry them out. To clean my make up tools, for cleaning sprays for my bathroom. I love how cheap it is next to name brand and it does more if not a better job.
bonnita.r Review from
June 18, 2018
The Walmart isopropyl 91% alcohol is a wonderful cleaning solution. It is very effective for nearly any cleaning job and extremely inexpensive but don't let the price fool you. This product is just as powerful at cleaning as the pricier brands. I was doubtful at first but was soon blown away at how well it cleaned and disinfected. Great for removing sticky messes as well. I would recommend this product to anyone needing superior cleaning and disinfecting products.
daisy.p Review from
January 25, 2019
I use this Alcohol in many different ways. My husband uses it after he shaves. He is African American and his skin is so sensitive that he gets razor/hair bumps on his neck. He rubs the alcohol on his neck after a shave so he doesnt get n infection. I use it to clean mirrors, grease on stove and any other surface thats needs a little disinfecting. Im a teacher and use it to clean permanent marker on the students white boards, and to clean my Promethean Board.
harley.g Review from
November 17, 2018
I always like to keep alcohol around for more than just to wipe on the occasional scratch (pets), it's also good to disinfect things like derma rollers (soak it for a few mins) or to spray on powder cosmetics to sanitize them. For powders you might want a lower % so it won'r evaporate too fast but I just spray extra so it hangs around longer. Sometimes I'll also spray things like the tv remote every now and then so it feels less germy. With something so basic I don't think brands matter so why not save a bit with the CVS brand?
felicia.k Review from
October 3, 2018
This alcohol being 91% is super strong to the sense of smell. My husband and I use this every once in a while on our face after washing and getting black and white heads to dry out any dirt and oils. It is super hard to breathe when this is so strong and right in your face. Using this on cuts works well too. I know that Im killing anything that could possible cause and infection. For the children I recommend the 50% so it doesnt burn as bad.
Review from
April 3, 2018
I always have a bottle of this in my house. For one, it helps get ink/marker stains out of clothing and around your home. I have a big family, so a product like this always comes in handy because my kids like to make a mess!! For two, it's great for cleaning cuts, scrapes etc. when someone gets hurt. Because the alcohol is 91%, strength, it is a little more expensive than the 70%. It's worth the extra money though to me. This is something every home should have.
erika.m Review from
March 31, 2020
This product is effective. It has many uses from cleaning nail polish that spilled on the counter to killing germs on a cuts, I am a repeat buyer of this product. I dont think it needs improvement. Its affordable. I would recommend it to anybody.
daisy.r Review from
July 5, 2018
Its really good for when u fall and scraped her leg or hands, etc. Its really affordable and I think for everyone else too. I got this product at Walmart. The pros about this product is that it can stop your cuts really fast and its a good sterilizing method too but the con is that it stings and I dont really like feeling that sensation of stinging. I would recommended this to others who would like to purchase something to help them out with there injured or want to sterilize something.
wendy.ѕ Review from
March 19, 2018
Works just as well as if you bought it from CVS or Walgreens. I use it for many things. First aid kit, art projects, craft projects a big bottle is so handy for alcohol ink art, or blending coloring pencils, adding different effects to your watercolor paintings.. there are just so many uses so buying it in a big bottle for such a good price is a great deal. This isnt my first time purchasing and I will be repurchasing again.
joelene.s Review from
April 20, 2020
I dont have any alcohol at the moment due to a shortage from the pandemic. But i have the wipes of the samme brand . I usually prefer the bottle cuz its good to have on hand incase of emergency. I can rely on this product knowing that it will clean any scratches or wounds . this is a must have for every home.
dalene.s Review from
July 27, 2018
I use this for disinfecting and cleaning. This usually includes things like tweezers, nail clippers, glass, and removing hair dye from counters/floors. It works amazingly well. I also put it in a small spray bottle to spray the shower/tub once in a while to kill germs and eliminate odors. Really cheap to buy and a little goes a long way. It gets off sticky residues and stickers/residue as well.
amy.j Review from
September 15, 2020
I like having this on hand for a lot of different reasons. Its great to sanitize thermometers. It's great to put on q-tips little scrapes up. It's good value and I'd defiantly put this and keep it in my first aid kit I trust it that much.
mary.m Review from
February 11, 2022
For me the smell is the only down fall. My asthma sometimes kicks in a little from the smell. It's a great product used for lots of different things in my household.
lalka.n Review from
February 25, 2020
his works exactly how isopropyl alcohol should. Its such a great price at Walmart! I think I only paid $1Customer Helpline +1.855.485.O4.07Customer Helpline +1.855.485.O4.07Customer Helpline +1.855.485.O4.07Customer Helpline +1.855.485.O4.07Customer Helpline +1.855.485.O4.07Customer Helpline +1.855.485.O4.07Customer Helpline +1.855.485.O4.07! I use this for first aid purposes, as well as cleaning and disinfecting my jewelry. Its awesome!
india.a Review from
June 28, 2018
I always keep a bottle of this ! And its cheap to buy! I use this for removing my lace wigs. And to remove any gunk that soap and water cant remove off of surfaces . I just dont like the residue it leaves on your hand but Im assuming thats because of how strong it is. I havent tried it on a cut or scrapes yet. I have other stuff for that. But Im sure whatever its supposed to be used for itll work !
kelsey.l Review from
November 20, 2018
Works great! Love the price. Use it for many different things. It meant me expectations. It was amazing. Repeat user. Always buy it. Don't use any other brand. It is very affordable. Prices are great. Yes am satisfied overall. Will never stop using it.
JackyS Review from
March 1, 2017
Electronics Cleaner & More
This products quality is equal in comparison with other stores. I had previously been buying it in supermarkets and CVS for more than double the price. Leaves no oily residue as in other brands. Great for cleaning electronics and things that cannot be submerged in water! I will be buying this exclusively in the near future. Also doubles as a Natural bug killer while wet. Thank You!
sherley.v Review from
February 16, 2018
This product is great. I use it to clean around the house and disinfect. I also use it to clean my earrings and ears. Great for disinfecting injuries as well. My boyfriend is sick right now with a fever and i drown a cotton ball in the alcohol and put it in his belly button (yeah i know, weird and uncomforable) and also put some another cotton ball with alcohol on top of his throat. It works wonders, and he woke up after a nap with his fever gone down.
bethany.a Review from
May 26, 2020
This is the only alcohol rub Ill use. I clean my earrings and ears with this. It pulls off so much! Its really strong and a great disinfectant. Definitely recommend having this in your house!!!!!!!
cheri.t Review from
September 11, 2020
I use this to clean my macbook air and iPhone. It dries quickly so no liquid seeps into my computer. It's so much cheaper and safer than buying computer cleaners sold out there. It ha been hard to attain since the pandemic, but I try to buy a bottle whenever I see it in stock.
ashley.t Review from
December 1, 2018
This is 100% the same thing that you would buy from Johnson and Johnson! Don't spend the extra cash! it works great and saves you money on keeping your family healthy and safe when accidents happen. Or just random household needs! This gets 5 stars from me! And coming from a LPN and a mother of 6 kids Im telling you every penny counts and your family health is safe with this product.
nichole.b Review from
January 18, 2019
I love using Walmarts rubbing alcohol. I use it many different ways. Not only do I use it for cosmetic reasons but I also like using rubbing alcohol to clean off my paint brushes after I am done painting. Since it is so affordable I am able to purchase bigger bottles if I want to. I would recommend Walmarts rubbing alcohol to anyone who is looking to purchase any.
Review from
February 26, 2018
Worked awesome. It really cleaned up the messes. I couldn't be happier with it. Definitely a nice item to have. I use this all the time. On surfaces especially. This alcohol is quite cheap. It is really inexpensive at Wal-Mart. Overall I love it and I would definitely buy again.
karin.r Review from
September 7, 2018
Around here, we use this to "clean and sterilize" my mother-in-laws diabetic supplies. I use it to clean my earrings and disinfect small wounds. I also use it to make wet specimens out of smaller animals and insects who have passed so they I can preserve them fo my collection. I love the smell of rubbing alcohol! It works great for all intended purposes
chipp.c Review from
November 17, 2018
So many uses in this little great priced bottle. It was exactly what I was looking for. I wilm definitely but it again. Ive been using this since I was a kid. Great size great cost. Can spil if you knock it over. Very satisfied. Will recommend to my friends.
maribel.f Review from
September 3, 2018
It does it work, its effective and affordable. I use it to disinfect my synthetic makeup brushes between clients and it lives the clean, free of bacteria and in 5 min Max they are totally dry. Im very satisfied with this alcohol and have repurchase several times an will keep repurchasing. Its as good as the brand names but for a fraction of the price. Highly recommend it.
gabriella.l Review from
January 8, 2018
This stuff is absolutely amazing. I get hurt easy and frequently, and often need to clean out words. While it stings like no other I know it is killing any bacteria or germs that could of harmed me. In my opinion, it is not too expensive for how many uses you get out of a single bottle. The smell is a little strong, but that's expected with alcohol. I recommend this as an addition into your home med kit.
alejandra.g Review from
May 29, 2018
You cant really go wrong with this product, its simple, old fashioned isopropyl alcohol. I got it at my local Walmart. The price is reasonable. Alcohol shouldnt be too expensive. I love using it to keep my makeup brushes clean. The only downside is the container. The opening is really big so it may be easy to make a mess if you arent careful.
brittany.s Review from
June 14, 2020
Great product!! This is always good to have on hand. I also have a salon and we always use it!! I love the way it smells haha Its a little more pricey than some other brands. But its also higher in alcohol%.
savannah.c Review from
June 7, 2018
Very satisfied with this product. Very effective. It absolutely met my expectations. There's not a single thing bad to say about it. I'm definitely a repeat user, the only brand I buy. I don't think there's any improvement needed! Works like it promises to. I would absolutely recommend to others!
abbie.k Review from
January 17, 2018
Great product. Pretty good for just a quick cleans? Not pricey. Averaged at affordable. Nothing bad to say about the product. It met my expectations extremely well. Keep it in my bathroom.. do lock away from children. Do recommend this product for just a grab and go alcohol.
sarah.d Review from
February 12, 2018
this alcohol is great. Weve used it for the whole family. For sports, and falls. Big and small scraps, burns. Even on our animals for injuries. Ear piercing. You cant go wrong with this stuff. And its cheap in a good size bottle. More on the shelf at all times would be great
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