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McKesson - 16-4812 - McKesson 16-4812 Medi-Pak Performance Fabric Adhesive Bandages-2400/CS

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McKesson 16-4812 Medi-Pak Performance Fabric Adhesive Bandages-2400/CS
More Information
Manufacturer McKesson
Brand Medi-Pak
Categories First Aid Supplies, Adhesive Bandage, Bandage
Code 16-4812
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Lay Off Pain|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.9 from 1 - 5
50 Review
Catherine Review from
April 23, 2022
This Brand Is By Far The Best!
This brand is by far the best if you need 1 x 1.25 oval bandaids. I got skin biopsies on my face and my doctor sent me home with 2 extras, but I knew I would need more quickly. I ordered another brand and they were not the same! They were a tiny bit smaller, even though they were supposed to be the same size, and the no stick pad was also smaller and did not cover the small wound even though the McKesson brand did. The other brand also stuck too hard and irritated my skin and turned it red. If you need this type of bandaid, learn from my mistake. Order the best ones the first time! By the way,
BOBBI R. Review from
November 12, 2021
Skin saver!
As someone who has to give myself injections regularly, I go to great lengths to find quality products that don't cause me problems. First off, it is very difficult to find "spot" adhesive bandages. The ones that I can find tear my skin so badly and leave sore circles on my skin that take FOREVER to go away. McKesson is the brand that I find often at my dr's offices, and I had never been disappointed with them. Other sites have had these, but they cost more and take forever to receive, or the order is canceled shortly after placing it due to low supply or whatever the reason may be. I ordered
no1instantkarma Review from
May 17, 2021
Excellent bandages stay stuck to my palms
Excellent bandages that will actually stay stuck to my palms! the hardest place to dress wounds is the palm of the hand. I experience recurring skin issues on my palms that leave deep fissure wounds. To avoid infections I must keep them dressed. These McKesson bandages provide a comfortable, absorbent bandage that will stay stuck to my palms for over 24 hours. Until I found these bandages I used to have to wrap my hands with gauze which greatly reduced my hand movements while drawing alot of unwanted attention to my hands. These McKesson bandages eliminated those problems.
VICTORIA S. Review from
October 12, 2021
Best ever
I am over 80 and have very thin skin that tears easily. I need really good bandaids that dont remove my skin when they are taken off. McKesson bandaids fill the bill. They also dont fall off in the shower. They also DO come off easily after a shower. Must be the special weave that permits such impressive performance. Best bandaids yet!
NANCY S. Review from
October 29, 2021
Great Specialty Bandages
My husbands dermatologist often takes biopsies of suspicious-looking growths. Until now Ive had a difficult time helping him after these procedures. But these bandages fit perfectly & had great absorption capability. I believe he healed faster after his last biopsy because of these bandages!
JENNIFER B. Review from
February 14, 2022
Adhesive Banaides
Product arrived timely, easy on, easy off delicate skin. No skin reaction unlike the Johnson & Johnson products, and other brands that pull the skin and leaves you to deal with the sticky glue! Worth every single cent, I will not hesitate to use this Medical Company again. jab Highly recommed this Company
Joanne Review from
December 8, 2021
Great price for fabric bandages/ size is good too
My 41 yr old son(who works construction) uses these particular fabric bandages to help protect the healing process on his open cut skin. They are the perfect size to cover his fingers after he applies ointment to help heal his skin. I have tried others but this is the best price for bandages, as Bandaid brand is too expensive.
ROBERT L. Review from
January 23, 2022
These bandages are great. They
These bandages are great. They stay put an are not always fraying at the edges like regular small bandages. I will continue to use them for small wounds I get on my head, arms, etc.
RITA S. Review from
April 9, 2022
These are the best bandages that I have ever used. And, Simply Medical shipped them really fast. I wish they would pack the boxes of bandages better, since the boxes were disfigured when they arrived. However, the bandages are fine, and I love them!
NYCStickler Review from
March 4, 2021
Lasts through 3 Showers
These band aides may be expensive but they last through three showers. They're the best on the market. We have been buying them for years; my husband's hands get chapped at work and sometimes his skin cracks from dryness. These band aides are the only ones (make sure you get "fabric adhesive strip") that stay on when he's working.
David T. Review from
April 14, 2020
Best Bandaids Ever!!!
Have been purchasing these band aids for years. They are by far the best band aids (BA) I have ever used. The biggest complaint with most BA is their adhesive ability and how long they last. These band aids do not come off until you physically remove them, they do not care if you soak, tear, they will not come off. I mean days, actually left one in place for approx. a week as I forgot it was there and again had to physically remove. Fantastic wound care product!!!!
nancgoettsc0 Review from
March 30, 2021
Stubbornly functional performance
Stays where you put it better than any other 1"x3" I have ever tried. I had a serious injury to my right thumb. I wrapped it with one of the McKesson bandages each morning and it adhered all day until being intentionally removed at the end of the day. I am very happy with this product.
Robert N. Review from
May 20, 2021
The search is over
I have finally found a great replacement for a J&J that is no longer made. The McKesson Fabric Adhesive Strip stays put under challenging conditions yet removes in one piece without taking skin. A fine product! R.W. Nelson
MARGARET S. Review from
February 18, 2022
generous coverage
I like the size and the ease of removal. It's not too sticky but also doesn't just fall off. I like the narrowness of the box which fits better in my medicine cabinet.
BARBARA S. Review from
January 10, 2022
Great service, great product
The McKesson adhesive bandages have a strong adhesive that stays on through shower, etc. Simply Medical fulfilled and delivered our order without issue and on time. Thank you!
TARA D. Review from
February 26, 2022
Plastic patch
I like them, but I had three areas they took skin cancer off. They put the fabric bandages on. And I ordered plastic. They don't stay on as good as fabric.
LANCE B. Review from
August 4, 2021
doctor tested
I have looked for patch bandage for several months but could only find those that would not stick, fall off or would have a smaller adhesive area that would not hold. This fabric oval bandage does the trick.
CINDY H. Review from
January 3, 2022
Simply the best!
Ive been a barber/stylist for 45 years and I finally found the perfect band aid! It bends with movement and stays on well. Its nice doing business with this company!
cpumech Review from
July 12, 2021
Great Bandaids . My Doctor uses these
Pros, They stick to almost anything as long as the skin is clean, and they are gentle enough on delicate skins. If they get wet they do much beter than the other brands.
KAREN B. Review from
November 27, 2021
Oval Adhesive Bandaides
They are working out great. I have to self inject cholesterol medication every two weeks. I use the bandaids for that and they are great.
wiljann_8 Review from
April 25, 2020
Perfect bandages
Thank you for a quality product at a great price! In these crazy times I thought I would restock my EMT bag that I carry daily with the best products available. Even though theyre in a nice bag they hit every bump in the road and I need my stuff to be clean, sterile, and ready to use. Thank you for providing me that assurance!
MAGGIE F. Review from
January 31, 2022
Great Bandaids for a great price!
These are great bandaids for a great price. Much cheaper than the name brand bandaids. They shipped out quickly and arrived quickly.
guyintn Review from
February 18, 2021
McKesson Bandages 4 boxes of 100. Good Bandages
Good adhesion. Correct size pad, with adequate adhesive along the edges. Great value! Vaccinators ought to get these!
GALINA K. Review from
August 28, 2021
I like it. It's a good product for the good price.
It isn't first time I buying. And I do not want to buy another brand. It is good product for the good price.
Linda B. Review from
November 17, 2021
Great price. Packaging was ridiculous this one small item in a big cardboard box. Came separately from other 4 items.
CHRISTOPHER B. Review from
January 14, 2022
Best ever
My dermatologist uses these and thats how I found out about them. I bought them for my family, great for golfers, hunters or any activities as they really stick.
PAUL R. Review from
December 31, 2021
Replacement first aid supply's
I'm happy with everything I order, As where l live the store don't carry any good Bandage, your are heavy duty they stick where you put them, Don't fall off, Way thing are today you can not find the items l bought from you, Your prices are good, fast shipping, High quality first aid supplys as always, fresh stock's items, Will buy again when needed, Thanks for your services, 5 star place, be safe
Paul Review from
June 14, 2016
Best bandages without irritation
These are the only bandaids/bandages that do not cause skin irritation. We have a big family and at least someone gets irritated by other brands, particularly if they get wet. We use a ton of these. These stick well and endure being wet but also don't seem to hurt as much when being pulled off. I only with they came in fun colors for our kids and also some smaller sizes.
MARY L. Review from
June 15, 2021
Best bandaid for strong hold
I need to wear bandaids on my toes when I swim. These are the first ones Ive found that stay put in water. Ive been looking for this kind of bandage for years. The shipping was fast,
BETH B. Review from
February 8, 2022
Bandage stays in place
If you have delicate skin this bandage is for you. Stays on very well but because the bandage is flexible the skin is not pulled.
tekwiz48 Review from
November 1, 2021
like curad good quality
this is a upper quality bandage company and you will find them associated with hospital usage these compare well to curad I recommend them definitely they stay put
watchesvw Review from
December 18, 2021
Sticks VERY well, yet doesnt pull your skin off in layers when removing. This is the second time I have bought these for a chronic skin issue.
Henry H. Review from
November 23, 2020
Fabric Strips
I had to have abrasion done on five areas on my left arm. The McKesson strips adhere to the skin quite well. I ordered a few hundred of them in different sizes and every one of them stayed on.
Mary Review from
May 23, 2021
Sticks great!! Even when wet.
This is a durable, very sticky flexible bandaid. My favorite bandaid so far. Even sticks after getting wet.
Brad S. Review from
May 28, 2020
Awesome Deal!!
These bandaids are great! Very durable and don't slip off. A really good deal for 100 bandaids!! Our house goes through bandaids so fast so getting 100 for such a low costs really helps my wallet! Thanks Vitality!
Stacie M. Review from
February 11, 2021
Great bandages!
They are sticky yet delicate on the skin. No sticky residue left behind once they're removed. Tough plastic outer layer helps them last as long as needed.
850*laura Review from
August 17, 2021
I depend on these. Size of isn't available in most stores.
Really helpful. Good coverage, great adhesion.
Trudi W. Review from
January 11, 2021
New Find
So happy we tried these bandages. Not painful to remove but stay securely on skin. Bandages that are used at my husband's podiatry office.
Suzanne Review from
April 11, 2022
Perfect option
Perfect size. They stay on fine. Nice bulk so they're not too expensive
Stacie M. Review from
February 11, 2021
Great bandages!
Theyre sticky while being delicate on the skin. No sticky residue once theyre removed. Tough fabric makes them last longer.
Patricia B. Review from
September 24, 2020
Not the same quality as previously purchased bandages. They are thinner and make my skin itch. Please go back to the original.
Cora D. Review from
March 23, 2021
Packaging was excellent on replacement....boxed
Packaging was excellent on replacement....boxed instead of envelope. Thank you. Cora Davies
DAVID G. Review from
February 27, 2022
much needed bandage
Adheres to the skin well without causing pain when taken off. Quality product.
BONNIE L. Review from
April 18, 2022
Good quality and size. Bargain
Good quality and size. Bargain
Review from
June 19, 2022
Fair. Poor sticking and pad small. Disappointed
Ronald C. Review from
November 5, 2020
Bandage COmbo Kit
Quality, assortment of shapes & sizes at a fair & reasonable price; Easier to sit & shop & see what you are getting reading the descriptions!!!!
THOMAS M. Review from
August 29, 2021
Bandaids, the best
Great bandaids, better than you can get at local stores, do their job well, stay put longer and not fall off
RUTH H. Review from
June 10, 2022
McKesson Adhesive Bandages
Bandages were what I needed but was not happy with the handling cost.
Review from
June 19, 2022
Fair. Poor sticking and pad small. Disappointed
Donald R. Review from
June 24, 2020
Band Aides
Great for flexibility and stay,s put until you want to take it off. I think you should have 2 styles in a box 1/2 with adhesive on the side and half with no adhesive on sides at the bandage area so air can get to some sores or cuts to help them scab over.