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Salter Brecknell From: 235-6S-11 To: 235-6S-220 - Salter-Brecknell 235-6S-11 (235-6S11) Mechanical Hanging Scale

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Salter Brecknell:
235-6S-11 - 235-6S-220
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235-6S-11Salter-Brecknell (235-6S11) Mechanical Hanging ScaleEach
235-6S-110Salter-Brecknell (235-6S110) Mechanical Hanging ScaleEach
235-6S-22Salter-Brecknell (235-6S22) Mechanical Hanging ScaleEach
235-6S-220Salter-Brecknell (235-6S220) Mechanical Hanging ScaleEach
235-6S-56Salter-Brecknell (235-6S56) Mechanical Hanging ScaleEach
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Salter-Brecknell 235-6S-110 (235-6S110) Mechanical Hanging Scale, Lead Time(In Business Days): 2
More Information
Manufacturer Salter Brecknell
Categories Kitchen Scale, Kitchen Supplies
Code 235-6S-11 - 235-6S-220
Require Prescription? No
Store Acculab Supplies|Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.6 from 1 - 5
41 Review
Ethan Review from
April 12, 2020
These are original equiment on my 2019 Chevrolet Equinox LS AWD size 225-65-17. Don't buy these tires if you are expecting a long treadlife. All 4 tires are down to 3/32nds. They have really good dry traction, you can take a turn 5-10 mph over the speed limit. That is where the good qualities end, they are horible in the wet they have hydroplaned in standing water since the begining. The ride is average for this class of tire nothing mind blowing. Road noise was okay at first and then after they wore down the kept getting louder and louder. Tread life is awful worst I have seen in stock tires,
WalChic Review from
June 10, 2021
Tires at a great price
I usually get tires from the dealership because I've always felt that they were somehow more reliable. This time, I caught a sale that would save $400 on a set of 4 tires as compared to the same brand/style at the dealership. So yes, I got the exact style tire that I wanted at a fraction of the cost (with warranty!) and they were installed with no issues by the awesome auto team at my local store. Hopefully I wont need more tires for another 50,000 miles, but I will certainly check Walmart first when that time comes.
fstntn Review from
October 4, 2021
Best price
The price of these tires are the best. Jeep dealership wanted $300 each. My girlfriends tire insurance sold to her by dealership is a scam. Only covered tire repair with acceptable tread. Will not replace tire if treads are low and tire can't be plugged. Bought these and she feels more confident driving. I feel better knowing she's safe.
lakewoodmotorsales Review from
October 28, 2016
Duelers for my Touaregs
I love these tires. My wife and I both drive Touaregs, so does my Mom, Aunt and a good friend. We all have the same tire and love them. I put mine through the test as my VW has 310 hp and I do use it to pull trailers and long drives through road raging crazy drivers. Not me !! These tires hold the snowy roads and power through water. I have tested them with 9/32 tread on snowy roads under heavy exceration and very happy with the traction. Braking is very important also and I do feel safe with the performance during hard breaking during snow covered roads. Basically they are great and highly re
fobr7867 Review from
March 8, 2021
Great price and quality
Good name brand tire that has a decent ride quality to it.. price was the best that I found in my size.. got the tires earlier than expected.. they mounted very easily onto the rims and used very little wheel weights.. would definitely purchase again from Tyregator
B1b2 Review from
March 31, 2021
I needed an exact replacement
I needed an exact replacement for factory install tires on my new car, just one. Walmart delivered and installed it on my new car in three days. Price was a premium, but I was happy to pay.
WasatchRay Review from
December 2, 2018
Great in thw sunmer. Absolutely horrible on snow
Great tires in the summer absolutely horrible in the winter on snow. Theee tires came on my 2018 lexus rx450h all wheel drive and I pulled onto a unplowed 2 of snow parking area heading up to Sundance and could not getting going again. Had to back down and back to the road to get moving. Also slide about 12-24 coming to a stop from 10-15 mph. Again great in the summer but do not attempt to drive on snow with these
Duckit Review from
November 13, 2019
Jury is still out
I put these on my 2016 CX-9. I only have a few hundred miles on them so far so I'm not sure how I feel about them yet...only three stars. The price was right, but at 70+ MPH they seem to have a slight vibration to them. I might go back to Walmart to see if they'll rebalance them. My original tires never had a rolling vibration even when doing 80+ so I was expecting these ecopias to perform as well or better.
Review from
April 21, 2020
These tires came as original equipment on my 2019 Lexus RX450h FSport. From the outset they are very noisy on the highway. Handling is so so. Rolling Resistance is very good. I probably won't buy them again.
Ben Review from
May 2, 2021
New Bridgestone Ecopia tires
I like the Bridgestone tires so far, quiet riding seem to hold onto the road very well. Always good prices at Walmart too.
123456 Review from
March 1, 2021
Good Tires
This spring will be the 9th season on these tires with my Santa Fe, and I have winter set to exchange. They are about 65000km, and still have 6/32. Good on wet & dry.
Robert Review from
April 12, 2020
Tires are just Okay.
Order was fast and delivery was early. Installation was fine, and staff were friendly. Five stars for them! The tires have a significant amount of road noise, so not recommended.
Mansfield er Review from
January 20, 2021
Were great til 7/32 tread
OEM tires, I got 45k miles out of them, mostly highway. They were great until they got to 7/32 tread and then they were worthless on very light snow. for OEM I guess they are ok, but I would never pay this price for them if Im buying tires.
Michelle Review from
June 30, 2020
Would not recommend these tires at all. Bought new on Honda CRV and am really disappointed in tread wear life. Have a little less than 40,000 miles and need new tires already.
Elmer Review from
October 1, 2020
Bridgestone Ecopia H/L 422 Plus tires
These are the same kind of tires that came with my honda cr-v . I ordered them and got them installed at my hometown Walmart. No problems so far, satisfied.
Ahmad R Review from
April 1, 2021
It is good tires and good price, but I think it had been on shelves for long time before I bought them, so I paid 100$ extra to fix it on the rims because it is too compressed and very hard to install.
WWRBD Review from
January 6, 2022
Great Tire
Great set of tires at 65000 miles and probably will get another 3000 out of them. I wish Sams had them in stock for order!
robbroe-5 Review from
November 30, 2021
Nice tread
They are some good looking tires, nice deep tread that goes along with milage warranty.
Ray Review from
February 7, 2020
We purchased 4 Bridgestone Ecopia EP422, September 2013 for the Toyota RAV4. 7 years and 115,000+ miles later, it was the best tire purchase we ever made. What a great tire with excellent driveability and longevity.
JCPl Review from
November 15, 2021
Bridgestone Ecopia All Season Tires.
Very happy with my choice of tires. Also very happy with the good service.
Paul Review from
September 17, 2021
Good tires from Bridgestone
These tires are smooth riding, quiet and hold the road well.
rolgar_49 Review from
September 8, 2020
Great tire
Tire still looked brand new. Very please. We have been riding on this tire with no issues.
p40trucker Review from
January 27, 2022
Great tires
Quite smooth ride. Wet traction seems to be good as well.
Todd Review from
May 22, 2021
Good tire
My wife purchased these for her car. She has no complaints so far.
Binod Review from
January 23, 2020
Rigid tire with smooth look,great for all seasons.
I like this tire..its very strong with light smooth surface. And its very good for all weather.
CeCe Review from
June 12, 2021
Tire purchases and install
Tires are great but I was really impressed by the excellent service I received
Eddy Review from
November 2, 2019
Very good tire but won't last long
I have a set of those tires and they perform very well ... low rolling resistance and quite..good traction in wet condition but after only 2 season of driving they are on 5 and 6 on 32nd... eventhough i did the tire rotation regularly and alignment as well ... not even 50k on them
Joyce Review from
April 26, 2021
Fabulous tire.
Excellent tire. Smooth and quiet ride.
me Review from
March 24, 2019
Great so far at 12,000 miles on Durango GT
These are OEM on my 18 Durango GT. They are smooth riding, quiet, good in rain and snow, and at 12,000 miles they have worn great so far.
archie8541 Review from
November 29, 2021
Very nice seem to be good tires so far only put about 250 miles on them
Deerhunter Review from
May 2, 2019
Best tires I ever had
This tire is so quiet it's amazing and I love the traction in snow and won't hydroplane, great grip on the highway in the summer it's fun driving on will buy it again
Sandra Review from
May 24, 2021
Excellent value for the price.
Product has to be ordered in advance so give yourself a week.
r.k.stone Review from
February 7, 2018
Good value
I bought my car used and one tire was mismatched so I didn't want to spend $159.00 for a new one, so I found this tire nearly new for one third the price! Free shipping too!
bre4697 Review from
March 24, 2020
5 Star
Tires were like new! Great value for what I needed. Thank you!
justvey Review from
June 19, 2019
Exact OEM replacement for my Dodge Durango Citadel 2016. One of my tires got punctured at the side wall and needed a replacement.
Randall Review from
December 17, 2020
Worth the purchase
I've only had the tires on my truck for less than a month but they seem to be a great value for the money
steve Review from
September 12, 2018
great tire
one of the best tires i have ever owned strong,quiet,very little rolling resistance just an all round summer tire extra load is great addition
atr89 Review from
June 26, 2019
Quiet and Performance Filled
Nice quiet ride with good traction on the dry and the wet, especially in the record summer time rain we've had.
rayner28 Review from
December 28, 2021
nice design and has a good grip on the road.excellent.
dlnewton527 Review from
January 12, 2021
Amazing purchase
Quality top rated tires at an excellent price.
Nick Review from
May 13, 2020
Happy tire purchase
Like the tires - like the ride Happy camper...
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