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Spenco From: 47423 To: 4742300 - Spenco 2Nd Skin Blister

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47423 - 4742300
FSA Eligible
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474232nd Skin Blister PadsEach
47423002nd Skin Blister Pad2-2/5" x 1-1/2"Box of 5
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Spenco 2Nd Skin Blister
More Information
Manufacturer Spenco
Brand Spenco
Categories First Aid Supplies, Adhesive Bandage, Bandage
Code 47423 - 4742300
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Lay Off Pain|Wound Treatment
Score: 2.8 from 1 - 5
47 Review
kittymom-mk Review from
April 14, 2022
I have happy feet!
After 2 foot surgeries, I have permanent challenges with my left foot. I rely on special inserts with metatarsal domes or Spenco shoes to relieve my challenges. These thong sandals provide significant comfort, and I'm grateful. The construction and comfy material with extra arch, heel, and sole support are perfection. I typically wear size 8.5 and sizing up to the 9 was exactly what I needed. I ordered Wide to accommodate my issues, and that worked perfectly. The navy blue is attractive in that the color is continuous and won't show any staining if they get dirty outside. I hope Spenco will us
kg1117 Review from
April 22, 2022
Runs small, size up
These are my 3rd pair of Spenco. I have 2 pairs of the Yummi sandals, these run true to size. I am a true 6 1/2, in sandals or anything with an open back I order a 7 as I do not like to have my heel on the edge. I ordered a 7 and they fit like a small 6 1/2. I don't know how a true 7 would be able to wear the size 7. These only come in full sizes, for me, I know a size 8 would be too big. They also fit a little tight. Again very different feel than the Yummi style. I hope they loosen up a bit with wear, I literally have to push my foot in. I don't have a wide foot. Now the good part, they are
aingeal Review from
April 5, 2021
These are terrific!
I've been wearing orthotic footwear for the past 25 years. I normally wear a different and very expensive brand. I had never tried Spenco. Since my retirement, I'm home most of the time, and it's hard to justify really expensive shoes to clean my home or garden or just lounge. These were very inexpensive, and I was curious about the brand, so I bought them -- and I came back for more! The support is BETTER than my expensive orthotics. It supports my whole foot and not just one arch. Plus I can wash them in the sink! Great for gardening, housework, lounging -- but I can wear them out and about
Laurie702 Review from
March 30, 2022
The right shoe strap is much smaller than the left. I can barely get my foot in it. Its too much of a hassle to send back for the price. So Ill wear when getting out of shower. Ive noticed that Spenco sends their rejects to Zulily. Most the time, its not an issue for me. I have a few pair that the seams arent sewn perfectly. Thats fine for me but quality control wouldnt let them go out to dept. stores. Also, this is really a recovery sandal which would be great for healthy feet. However, I have too many problems with my feet to wear a spongy sole. If you have plantar fasciitis, they with a har
56DINK22 Review from
April 22, 2022
Oh goodness! I purchased my regular size 7 & they fit me perfect & I wore them today while walking my dog & everything went great! Now.. I just have to admit this particular pair of spenco's look so funny too me. The bottom of the shoe looks so big & wide & funny. This is just my opinion & doesn't effect how sqooshy & comfy they are to walk in. I now have acquired alot of spenco's & they are normally cute, this pair is weird. I have the black ones & I'm definitely keeping because I'm not that concerned, I'd rather have happy feet & look weird then look great & be hurting & never wear them! Kee
Pyrenees9 Review from
July 30, 2021
Best shoe purchase ever. Please incorporate this technology into other shoe styles. I have plantar fasci and sciatica so I have put Spenco inserts into all my shoes to be able to stay on my feet all day. THESE are a DREAM to wear, even all day. I would never have believed it possible in any open shoe/sandal. Had them on all day today and feel great. I feel happy with the "squoush" of them. Better than barefoot. Never had a problem with rubbing on my tender feet. Just purchased two more pairs for a total of FIVE. Believe me, even with flat feet, these are the most comfortable and light shoes I
DazlingDame Review from
July 21, 2021
Perfect for around the house
These are perfect cushiony for around the house. We have a lot of bare tile floor and I don't like to be barefoot. These allow me to be cushioned and walk around. They are very comfortable and of 3 pair of new type slide shoes I received today, these are my favorite! I wish I had gotten the blue camo, but I went safe with black. They would have added a nice touch to the look. Although not ugly, they are not particularly fashionable really, more functional. But, I was looking for a shoe that was on the comfortable side. They can be washed off with soap and water and kept clean that way. I love
LadySantee Review from
June 5, 2022
Perfect for lounging, but the color can chip off
This is my first purchase of this brand. I bought them because they looked pretty, well-made, and I wanted the orthotic support. They are all that, but the color began to chip. I've not had these very long. I don't believe the shoe will fall apart, but I didn't expect the color to chip within a short period of time. I've only worn them while lounging at home and after I get out of the shower. I still like them - love, love, love the color. Handle with care this cutesy pair!!!
TnM22 Review from
July 19, 2021
not meant for regular wear
I thought I liked this slide at first. The concept of an extra cushy shoe with proper foot health in mind sounded great. I had not intention of wearing these as swim or beach sandals, though that may be how they should have only been intended. I had hoped for softness and support under foot around the house occasionally. I tried them in the size 8, which I own other Spenco slides in, but the arch and met pads were not positioned correctly unless I pushed my foot way in - and regularly did so - to keep them there. More concerning was that after wearing a few times the support seemed to be dimin
kmnstr Review from
June 29, 2021
Several problems
I got these in the shimmery black top with white foot bed. Put them on and my feet slid in pretty well. The width was roomy for me and I have a wider foot although I do not ever order the wide width. So this was a 9M I tried which is my regular size. First I noticed there is over an inch of space from the tips of my toes to the front end of the shoe. This can cause tripping. Second - they make my feet sweat. Third - with just walking around the house for a little while, any dust, etc. gets onto the foot bed, mixes with my sweating feet and the white foot bed becomes dirty so fast - just nasty-
Pawleys Island Girl Review from
May 11, 2022
Finally tried this brand. I was looking for a pink sandal and thought I would try these. They arrived in two plastic bags and I didnt realize what they were. Finally opened. Smell very strong, chemical like. All plastic and very uncomfortable. As a true 7 for years, I was surprised at how short the footbed is. Annoying knobs in the footbed, also plastic. Anyway, I own them now and my curiosity with this brand is over. So much for Spenco.
Luzsufyan Review from
November 5, 2021
Oh my goodness
What wonder is this on my feet ? I feel as if Im walking on clouds of pillows and my feet are singing every time I take a step. Ive never felt such comfortability on my feet ever, this is the best Sandals Ive ever purchased. I wear them everyday in my home and my sister fell in love with them so I let her try one on and she said I want these. She couldnt believe how comfortable they were. I told her , I told u so sis. So I guess well be shopping for more. Im getting my mom a pair too. Thnx QVC I love the sandals. Oh I got the non-thongs because its best for me. Enjoy ladies.
lightheart Review from
May 6, 2022
Caused a callus on my big toes
I would have kept these because I've been wanting a pair of supportive sandals that I could get wet. They fit well, as expected, but never in my life have I had any sandals that caused calluses like these did. The only reason I can figure that this happened is the texture on the sole. There's a border where the texture changes and that is where my skin thicken up immediately every time I wore them. This has happen to me before with hiking boots but never sandals. Shipping stuff back is expensive but these where no use to me.
truemtngirl Review from
June 30, 2021
Cute but mis-sized
I ordered a size 8 in both the slide and the thong version in this sandal. Received the slide style first and they looked tiny upon opening the package; and I couldn't even get my foot in it. I thought I was sent the wrong size but the bottom of the sandal has W8/M7 (women 8, men 7). I then received the thong version also in a size 8 and it fits perfectly and is so comfortable and cute (I got the pink camo with the black sole, darling!). The thong version that fits also has W8/M7 printed on the bottom of the sole. For comparison, I put the slide and thong styles sole to sole and there is a 2 i
Bellami Review from
June 24, 2021
Stinky Slide
Had hoped these would be great for around the house. When I opened the package (not your typical QVC packaging) I got a terrible odor from the slides. I was able to slide my feet in without an issue. I usually wear a size 8 and the size 8 fit finebut are clunky. The nauseating smell followed me around the house as I wore them. My cats sniffed my feet and ran! Even after several days out of the package, they still smell terrible. Is this a defect? Need to be careful wearing them on carpet as they get caught up and make it easy to trip. Maybe these are best for wearing at the beach. Not a good p
Foxy Brown 2 Review from
June 22, 2021
This is the first time I've bought Spenco sandals
I really like how they feel on my feet. I ordered 8W in the slide and thank goodness I ordered the wide. I had to work a little to get my foot in the slide, it was a little tight. I ordered the wide because I walk a lot and sometimes my feet swell. If I would have ordered the medium width I don't think I would be able to get my foot in the slide. Also the slide is a little on the short side. My foot just fits in the slide. I really want to order another pair but I will keep trying these out for a while. I love the arch support and the cushiness of the slide. I am assuming that the straps will
Anonymous33 Review from
June 27, 2021
Ugly sandal - Too Wide
This is my second try with Spenco after Leah and Shawn rave about the brand. I should've known better. I ordered my usual size 6 in black. The color was bland and not sparkly as pictured on tv. The slide is quishy and comfy but it's also all plastic. I had to force my foot into the slide which gave a secure snug fit but the sole is much wider than the actual footbed which gives an odd clownish oversized look. Quite frankly, for the style and materials, this sandal was much more expensive than it should be even at it's "sale price". They were returned. I'm really getting tired of paying these r
Kath1010 Review from
April 14, 2022
Smells bad
I received these Sandals today was looking forward to getting them. Well that went away with disappointment. First the smell was so bad it was in the sandals the bag inside and the packaging. Even the ups driver said something about it!! They looked like the kind that are hanging on a rack in a store. Second i went by the sizing chart and they were like a side to big. I looked at them one was a 7 ones was a 8!!!! To much money for the SMELL,look,packaging. So they are going back ASAP!
LPN Review from
June 3, 2022
Very disappointed In this Thong Sandal
I like the Spenco brand! Have several other styles and Was always satisfied. I have owned this shoe since April Although I didnt wear them till my trip in may. Well, before my trip was over, the silver started to peal and crack! Of course the 30 day return policy has expired. Very disappointed in this order. Now I will be very cautious before buying again!
lovelabs1 Review from
April 4, 2021
Just received these today. Upon opening I thought they would be way too wide (I have a very narrow foot). To my surprise, not only did they fit, but they are so comfortable! They really cradle your foot, lots of cushion. They feel different than my other Spencos (they are comfortable in a different way). Ive decided that I will wear these for around the house shoes as well as outside shoes. We have hardwood floors throughout so they definitely make a difference. They are far more comfortable than any slipper Ive ever worn. Thumbs up Spenco!! Keep putting them out!
PinkDragonfly Review from
May 28, 2022
Cute, But
They are super cute, but they are very snug on the top of foot. I wear a size 8 in all my shoes. Usually with spenco i am good with an 8med. If you have a chunky foot, it will be too snug. Im afraid in the summer when my feet swell they will be uncomfortable. Once again pay for return shipping. Lately its been hit or miss with all my purchases on QVC and lets not even get into the loooong process with returns. Nine times out of ten I have to call to see where my return is.
9 Review from
June 23, 2021
These are my first Spenco purchase. I bought three pair. The footbed is fine. The top over the instep is so tight it actually hurts my feet. The footbed is very comfortable. I thought Spenco was supposed to be a supportive shoe brand. Wow are they ever not! I will not buy another shoe from this company. I cannot get my foot in this shoe without pulling up on the top a lot. I will try to wear them around the house for a few days in the hope that they will stretch some. I ordered a 9W and the size seems correct. I am so disappointed. I wish QVC hosts would tell us, their customers, the truth. QV
mum23 Review from
June 28, 2021
Too Small, not wide
Wanted to love these sandals. I need something supportive in the house. I purchased a 10W. These were so tight, I could barely squeeze my foot in. I'm not sure what is going on with the size. It seems that if you have a small narrow foot, it fits you perfectly. If you have a larger, wide foot: No Fusion2 slide for you. I don't know if they will stretch when they are worn or if they will always be this tight. The size also felt a little small on the length. I was almost falling out of back cup. I will be giving these away to a family member or just donate to Goodwill. The cost to return, especi
MItoAZ Review from
April 21, 2022
I recently developed plantar fasciitis on my right heel, and these sandals are very comfortable for me to walk on our tile floors. However the footbed is huge. I wear a 7.5M so purchased 8 as recommended which is the correct size for me. I only wear them around my house because they look like water skis on my foot - very wide. Ill keep searching for more stylish looking orthotic sandals.
ShoppingQueenMamma Review from
July 9, 2021
Fit Is Way, Way, Way Off
I wear a size 8, not wide, just a size 8. So thats what I ordered. My heel was at the VERY end of the shoe, and actually, it felt like my heel was stepping on the end of the shoe because the shoe was just way too short, not like a typical size 8 what so ever. Also, the width of the shoes were sooo tight. My feet actually started to feel tingly as if the shoes were cutting off my circulation! I wanted to love these, and I would have, if the sizing wasnt SO far off. I sent them back and asked to exchange them for a size 9 wide, thinking that a bigger size and a wider width might work, but by tha
ShopperinFL Review from
April 21, 2021
Not for me
I have problem feet with high arches. I own many, many pair of the Spenco Yumi (more than 10 pair). I buy new every Spring/Summer as they are the only sandals I can wear that dont hurt my feet. I need the good arch support. I loved these slides, but unfortunately they are way too soft and squishy to provide the support I need. If you require a firm arch aupport, I would not recommend these. I bought two colors, so now will spend $17 to return them. Half the price of one pair just to try on and return. Ridiculous!! Plan to buy from companies with free returns in the future. Cant afford to throw
ShopperinFL Review from
April 21, 2021
Not for me
I have problem feet with high arches. I own many, many pair of the Spenco Yumi (more than 10 pair). I buy new every Spring/Summer as they are the only sandals I can wear that dont hurt my feet. I need the good arch support. I loved these slides, but unfortunately they are way too soft and squishy to provide the support I need. If you require a firm arch aupport, I would not recommend these. I bought two colors, so now will spend $17 to return them. Half the price of one pair just to try on and return. Ridiculous!! Plan to buy from companies with free returns in the future. Cant afford to throw
Reader71 Review from
July 2, 2021
Cute color but goes downhill after that
I got these in my usual 9M in the pink camo (cute color). Like others have said they were hard to get on but I managed. My toes never came close to the end of the shoe though and they were quite wide. I wore them all day, mostly on a trip in the car, and found them to make my feet sweat and then squeak when I did walk. On the return trip home I took them off to let my feet breathe. Putting them back on after that I noticed that each foot hurt in the same location on the inner side of the sandal and was red from rubbing. Not sure if I will keep them and wear for short periods of time outside or
Gracies Mom Review from
April 8, 2021
Fit Not Right & Smells Awful!
I've worn this brand of sandals before--all last summer--so I thought I'd buy this style--I liked the light pink color. Received them yesterday and am so disappointed! The awful smell when I opened the package they were sent in was unbelievable--never had that happen before from anything I bought from QVC----very strong smell of plastic. I take a wide shoe and this sandal said 7W on the bottom-, but I could barely get my toes in!! There's no way this is a true wide sandal-----what a shame!!! Will not buy this brand from QVC again. Not going to return--will donate them--hopefully they will fit
Imo Review from
June 22, 2021
Love these!
These are the most comfortable thongs Ive ever owned. So cushy and the medium width doesnt fit wide. I would have bought more but why are their three colors of blue?? How about some yellow, pink, green, orange. Also, I really dont understand the white soles on shoes it doesnt take long and they just look so dirty. Must be why the black soles sold first. When this style was offered earlier I was lucky enough to get the black and turquoise. Missed out on the pink. Please bring these back next year. Super comfy!
Leela20 Review from
April 24, 2022
So impressed
Im someone who doesnt get excited over flip flops and who doesnt wear them unless Im at poolside because they offer no support and arent comfortable. These are amazing! And so cute, too. They are so comfortable and give such support with each step. Im an 8 1/2 wide and followed the recommendation to size up. The 9w is the perfect length and width. Im coming back for more.
Teddixat Review from
April 18, 2022
I know Speco shoes are more roomy and I have several flip flops by Spenco but these are far too wide for my size 8-1/2 medium I went up to the size 9 as suggested but these are just too big so sadly I have to return as they flip around on my feet. These would do well for someone with a wider foot. The smell didnt bother me as I know that will dissipate and I love the outsole but they are just too big. They were sent to Me directly from Spenco in a bag that was printed with the words WACO on it and no packing slip or return label was enclosed
GG from CC Review from
April 17, 2022
One 1/4 Inch Shorter
First time ordering Spencos. Very squishy footbed but the right toe post was a little uncomfortable & my heel was almost over the en. Seemed a little short so I measured & sure enough the right was 1/4 inch shorter. Checked the size on bottom & they were marked the same. Bad quality control on Spencos part. Will exchange & hope the next ones are both the same size.
Linda 5280 Review from
April 29, 2021
So Tight Across the Top of Foot.
First of all I will say that I have a true wide foot. I ordered my usual Spenco size of 8 W. My problem with this shoe is the top band that goes across the top of the foot was extremely tight. I tried pulling it up because it does stretch, but even then I could hardly get my foot to slide into the shoe. So, I ordered the next larger size and they were so big they looked like clown shoes, but still extremely tight over the top of the foot. I love Spenco. I have many pairs, slides, sandals, clogs, and I am happy with all of them. I just cannot wear this particular shoe. Just a warning for anyone
Vonburke Review from
April 17, 2022
very cute and comfortable
I received my rose-colored sandals today. They fit well and are super comfortable. I am very pleased with my purchase. It's really hard to explain the comfort level. Like walking on marshmallows. The smell everyone is referring to is the rubber from the sandal. It only smells when you initially open the package. Not a big deal!
Basye Review from
June 6, 2021
Sizing is Crazy
Bought the blue pair and "sized up" to 9 (wear a 81/2). It was way to BIG. Went to exchange and the blue had sold out. Exchanged for black and asked for 8 and a perfect fit. The smell was strong, but after airing out, was fine. I saw that Blue was back in and ordered the 8 and the shoe is a whole size smaller than the Black pair I have. Holding them up to each other the Blue pair is no way an 8. I guess the form of the shoe is the reason. These problems should be corrected before selling them. I will say they are very comfortable and wanted another pair. Shipping cost are the reason I'm going
shopshop8 Review from
June 21, 2022
Not Good
I got my usual shoe size and these are so wide!!! I look like like I have platypus feet. Not cute at all and more importantly not comfortable. I got them before pool season really ramped up and now Im stuck with them. Wish I could return. Thought Id try them out this summer because my go to Vionic slides have gotten so expensive. Grrr, shouldve stuck with what I know because I wasted money.
Karsmitty Review from
November 3, 2021
LOVE these
I purchased a pair in each; one thong and one slide. I love them both. Good arch support, super cute, and very comfortable. I don't understand all the negative reviews for these. My 82 year old mother got a pair of the slides and she loves them for the arch support also. No complaints from us. True to size.
AReneeK Review from
May 17, 2022
Spenco Orthotic Thong Sandals
For me, I generally dont like Spenco as my feet are narrow and normally the Spenco shoes are not molded to my foot. I purchased these to have something to where to the pool, or after a workout, or on the beach, So I didnt care about the fit, but I was very surprised that these worked well me. although they are wide for my foot, it seems to cradle my foot in the shoe, are light weight, and my foot doesn't slide around. So this was a good buy.
Fantazma Review from
July 2, 2021
rec'd one show a whole size smaller then the other
I ordered the 9 W. I sized up because one of my feet is slightly bigger (1/2 size) then the other. My bigger foot fits in the shoe fine, very comfortable. but my smaller foot would not even fit in the shoe. I like that they can be worn around/in water and the blue camo is really cute BUT what good is it if they don't fit because one shoe is considerably smaller then the other and they are not consistent with their sizing? These are definitely a go back. QVC's quality control team needs to be let go and a better quality control team hired. Or is it that QVC just stopped caring?
Keysmomma Review from
June 21, 2021
I tried
Ordered my usual 9M for Spenco, length & width no problem, I have high top of foot so these were tight with my right foot unable to get totally into shoe. Footbed is the old message bumpy type that hurts the bottom of my feet. Wore for an hour inside in AC, from support comfort ok but my feet were getting very hot, when I took off I realized just how uncomfortably hot my feet had become. Add the fact that my feet look like clown feet as sole is very wide & heavy plastic smell these are going back. Cheap looking price should be half even with Spenco name. Oh, adding pink to cameo doesnt make it
Jizma Review from
June 22, 2021
Just OK
I just received these and they are just OK, nothing special. They are nothing more than lightweight beach sandals, which would wash off great after walking in sand because they are all plastic (which I knew before I ordered them). I just thought they would look dressier on my feet. I had to push my feet into them and that was fine, but the sole is wider and longer than my feet and makes them look big. I'm going to keep them to wear around the house because it's not worth sending them back, but they are way too expensive for the type of sandals they are. They didn't even arrive in a box, just a
VSt Review from
May 8, 2021
aha1 Review from
July 5, 2021
Love It, But Send The Wrong Width
I received this item and I immediately loved it. I wore it for a few days and I thought they were a little wide on my feet. I checked the back of the sandal and it was a W7 instead of what I ordered , which was a M7. By this time I could no longer exchange it. I find that whoever handled this order is careless and should counseled and fired. I am keeping it, because it is really cute, but it is the responsibility of the company to check what they are doing. After all we pay for it. I am giving it only 3 stars, because it was handled improperly by the company. If handled properly, I would give
Margipoo Review from
June 27, 2021
Weird Sizing
Very cute; lightweight; blue camo was fun. I ordered 1/2 size up to a 9M as Leah suggested. I felt like I was wearing boats on my feet. For a medium fit, these were very wide, too. These go back. Will be annoying to have to pay $7 return fee for am item misrepresented size-wise by QVC, especially since original shipping was $5.50. (QVC has got to rethink its return shipping fees-Im buying fewer items as a result of its exorbitant return shipping fees.)
JettaL Review from
May 8, 2021
When I first got my shoes I though would I really like something made out of what looks like rubber/ plastic. well YES I DO! Now have the green and the black. When i wear them and walking around all day the feet do not hurt at the end of the day. They feel like I am getting a food message. And be leave me everyone would like one of those. They are soft not hard at all, foot just slides into then and rest on like a cloud with the messaging action. Try a pair of these new sandals and you too will be raving about how they feel
Jenna229 Review from
June 20, 2021
Best Flip Flops
This is my 1st pair of Spencos and I am so pleased I brought these in pink camo. The Camo is what caught my eye and seeing the models show the comfort In The heel area. Just trying these on at home I know they will be a summer favorite! Not only are they cute but WOW theyre so comfortable and feels like your on a cloud!! They are true to size and I love the depth of comfort on the foot. I need another pair dont hesitate these are fabulous They hold your foot in place, these are so good