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BSN Jobst From: 02071001 To: 2071001 - Elastic Gauze Bandage

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BSN Jobst:
02071001 - 2071001
FSA Eligible
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20710014" x 4.1 yds8 / Case
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Elastomull is a non-adhesive, elastic bandage for fixation and offers a precision fit, even in areas where there is constant movement such as the elbow or knee. Superior performance and stretchability in controlling bleeding or edema. It has a high cotton content and is virtually lint-free, reducing risk of particle contamination.

  • Soft, rich texture to ensure patient comfort
  • High moisture absorbency
  • Superior performance and elasticity for a precise fit
  • Virtually lint free

Elastic Gauze Bandage, 4\" x 4.1 yds, Sterile, 8/cs
More Information
Manufacturer BSN Jobst
Brand Elastomull
Categories First Aid Supplies, Gauze Roll, Bandage, Bandage Roll, Compression Bandage, Conforming Bandage, Conforming Gauze, Elastic Bandage, Gauze, Gauze Bandage, Gauze Rolls, Sterile Bandage, Sterile Gauze
Code 02071001 - 2071001
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Lay Off Pain|Wound Treatment
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
48 Review
Grogu Review from
July 30, 2021
!Bandage Color Bleeds Onto Pet's Fur and Stains Their Skin!
The question and answers page for this product specifically states that it will not bleed dye or stain the animal, and is even water resistant. This is absolutely NOT true, my pet was not even wet and their fur was stained green and is STILL green after multiple washes. This bandage was to help my pet with skin allergies, not turn them into the incredible hulk. I posted my own review three times (this being the third attempt) and NONE were posted, I answered the question on whether it stains pet fur and skin truthfully, as well as reported the incorrect answers, and yet the incorrect answers r
TaraSue Review from
July 30, 2021
!Bandage Color Bleeds Onto Pet's Fur and Stains Their Skin!
The question and answers page for this product specifically states that it will not bleed dye or stain the animal, and is even water resistant. This is absolutely NOT true, my pet was not even wet and their fur was stained green and is STILL green after multiple washes. This bandage was to help my pet with skin allergies, not turn them into the incredible hulk. I posted my own review three times (this being the third attempt) and NONE were posted, I answered the question on whether it stains pet fur and skin truthfully, as well as reported the incorrect answers, and yet the incorrect answers r
MommaBear Review from
May 21, 2022
Great for all around use
I love this stuff! I use it for anything - from horse wounds to human wounds - it truly is amazing. Only sticks to itself and not a wound. It also provides great support for hoof abscess where you have to diaper and duct tape - gives a great layer that is tough to walk through. Also cuts off easily when time to change!
HeatherTC Review from
June 25, 2021
Stains Your Pet's Wound and Fur!
This product works just as well as other vet wrap/co-flex/co-bain (and all the other names it goes by.) The downside is that if it gets damp, whether from water or an ointment, it leaves dark blue dye on my GSD's fur AND THE WOUND ITSELF... not ok! It will NOT wipe off! I cannot shampoo the areas as this was needed for wound dressing on my 120 lb. GSD's back ankles. We have all colors, even other dark blues from other companies, and have never had this happen! Cannot recommend!
Steph Review from
August 3, 2020
too sticky
I have horses and have used different brands of vet wrap for years. This stuff is hard to unroll and wrap because it is so sticky. Works fine other than that but when you have to use it multiple times a day its just an added hassle. I will use what I bought then switch to a different brand. I wish Chewy carried other brands because its so convenient to add this to my autoship!
Calvin48 Review from
March 10, 2018
Every bit as good as more expensive wraps.
My horse cut his fetlock this winter and I kept it wrapped for two weeks. After the first couple of days I changed the bandage every other day. I had a nonstick pad on the wound, then a four-thick cotton over which I wrapped a gauze roll, and I finished with a CO-FLEX bandage and two short pieces of duct tape. I used one roll of CO-FLEX every four days. It did not tear or wear out. All of this wound care was going on in January and February through a couple of snow storms and melting snow. This horse lives outdoors with other horses. I bought many rolls of CO-FLEX in various bright colors so I
TazG Review from
December 12, 2021
Vetwrap plus
Haven't used yet, used before. This is stock to wrap my Samoyed's tail during labor. Have neo pink, real & blue. Wish purple wasnt higher. Why?
Review from
October 8, 2014
I've used the 3M equivalent for years on many different wounds and injuries (hands, feet, fingers, toes, arms, legs), but COFLEX is even better as it doesn't stick to hair, it stays snug and it's less costly. Broken toes or fingers? 1" or 2" COFLEX will do the trick of holding the splint in place. Wicked cut on your arm or leg? Nonstick gauze pad, then use some wider COFLEX to wrap and keep it in place. Nasty wound on your hand? Use COFLEX on top of the dressing and you can get back to work. Since it doesn't stick to hair, vets even use COFLEX on dogs and cats. And even better -- Vitality's go
LLWD Review from
January 21, 2018
A First Aid Kit Must!
Flexible self adhesive bandage is a must for any animal first aid kits! I used it on my horses for years, and now for my 80 lb mix breed pup. Gus has an injured paw pad, so I first use a paw bandage (also available on Chewy!), then a human sock, finally wrapped by the CoFlex bandage. You must be careful not to pull too tight, and the bandage is not for use directly on hair/skin. This product enables my dog to still enjoy walks - even enduring on sidewalks & asphalt. The whole combo comes off when we get home with his paw is fully protected and healing beautifully.
TarzoTrot Review from
October 22, 2020
Handy for more things than just bandaging!
At a recent 50 mile endurance ride, I used the CoFlex to wrap the rope noseband of my horse's hackamore (to prevent rubs), my riding buddy used it to secure the zipper at the top of her tall boot which kept coming down, and on the last loop, I used it to augment the support in my old and failing sports bra so I could keep trotting comfortably! One roll did all this, and made our weekend so much more comfortable for horse and humans alike.
Review from
July 11, 2013
Co-flex: great product @ an amazingly great price
Ordered 1 inch Co-flex in a variety of colors. Amazingly good price and my order was delivered sooner than I expected. Also, a represenatitive from Vitality Med. called to let me know one of the colors was on backordered but they would go ahead and ship the other colors. I told them not to bother with all that - just replace with one of the colors I ordered. The representative was very plesant & helpful and my order arrived within a just a few days.Co-flex is a terrific product and works well to hold my finger splint in place (total of eight weeks) while being soft enough not to damage my skin
Mikey Review from
October 14, 2020
Works fine but not best quality
I bought this as a replacement for the "no chew" version that was out of stock. This product doesn't seem to be wound around the center spool very well and feels loose - lots of "air gaps" as I try to apply it around something. It doesn't feel taut, so it makes applying sort of challenging.
Review from
September 2, 2011
Fantastic Product!
Recently had occasion to have some work done on one of my toes by a Podiatrist and he used a colored tape that stuck to itself in the most amazing manner. It really did; stick to itself as claimed! I looked at pharmacies and drug areas in grocery stores but the only thing was a similar product by JnJ that claimed to stick to itself. Could not get the desired results from this other tape and luckily the Podiatrist gave me the remainder of the roll which had only a couple of inches left on it but inside that roll was what I needed. "CoFlex by Andover" was inprinted boldly and I went online looki
kel s Review from
February 19, 2016
I have used these many times in the past and I have no idea what I even bought them. They don't stick to itself. When needed to wrap a leg quick so I could get tape on it the wrap was a complete waste and did not stick to itself. Even my vet says they are worthless as well. Who needs issues when your trying to wrap something. I will never purchase again or recommend to anyone. We have thoroughbred racehorses and our retired guys who mainly use them. You get what you pay for and I wouldn't use them if they gave them to me!!!!
MaggieG Review from
April 19, 2018
Finally found the correct product for my elder dogs needs and NO GLITTER! Being a special needs large breed dog he now, after surgery, needs to wear front braces on both legs and at night he gets both front legs wrapped so he does not risk snapping either leg at and knuckle which is bone-on-bone and does not allow him to walk unless there is support. This is as close as we can come to giving him back quality of life for the next few months or years he has. THANK YOU!
Bunnie Review from
January 27, 2022
Great stuff
Works well. Good price. For any animal including humans. "Fashionable" colors for all.
DogMom Review from
October 29, 2020
Great Product
This bandage wrap is great, it sticks to itself and makes a great barrier between the injury and the outside world. I put some gauze under the bandage and then covered the bandage with a medical boot for my dogs paw and it stayed in place, even when he was outside.
Review from
September 27, 2017
Powerflex is a cohesive flexible bandage manufactured for equine use. Cohesive flexible bandage in assorted colors. Can be easily torn by hand and will not constringe. Provides 23 lbs. of tensile strength. Does not stick to skin or hair. Stays in place even under most adverse conditions.
Jeff Review from
August 3, 2021
Super sticky
This wrap is awesome. It sticks to itself and not to your pet. It is also a breathable frabric.
Pointer Lady Review from
August 5, 2016
Excellent product - excellent price
I operate a 501c3 rescue organization for the pointing breeds. I have a little GSP who'd thrown a blood clot to his lower lumbar during neuter surgery that left him paralyzed. All of his functions returned with the exception of his back feet which still knuckle under. I use the co-flex bandages every day to protect his feet and keep his toes pointed in the right direction so he can run with the rest of the dogs.
Review from
March 13, 2014
COFLEX bandages are perfect
My husband and I have adopted Greyhound rescue dogs, all of which had leg and foot injuries which required bandaging for weeks at a time. Before I discovered COFLEX at Vitality Medical online, we were spending a lot of money at the drugstore buying the flexible self-adhering bandages. At Vitality Medical the prices are very reasonable and the COFLEX bandages are excellent. We're sold! And let me pitch adopting a shelter pet rather than buying a pet. You'll get a wonderful, loving, grateful animal and you'll be saving a life at the same time.
CatMomma Review from
December 2, 2018
Great for Humans!
I admit, I shop on Chewy a lot for my cats. Recently my 6 year old sprained her wrist and needed to have it wrapped with Coban, which is pricey, plus it comes in boring brown and white. I saw this product which is 1/2 the price and comes in fun colors! Perfect! Maybe Ill see if the kid likes some of the pet toys next, haha.
Marianne K Review from
August 5, 2020
Just as good for people
I use this more for my accident prone husband than my horse. It's especially good for my husband who has thin skin which has a tendency to tear easily with a normal band aid or any sort of adhesive tape.
Nanner Review from
January 4, 2022
The Gang loves Chewy auto ship!
We all love Chewy products!! Cant wait to hear the doorbell ring! Auto ship is very convenient!!
Peter S Review from
June 22, 2015
Injury support
After an accident in which I broke a finger and tore several ligaments in my hand , I received physiotherapy from my local hospital. During which I was given some co-flex bandaging to support the injury. Not being able to locate an outlet that sold co-flex found vio-vet . Logic said ,if it's good enough for animals ,it's good enough for humans ! And it is . A great support for certain injuries .
sherry345 Review from
August 13, 2016
Works Great!
I have horses, but with the state of the country, I'm doing some prepping and using these bandages in my supply stash for humans in the event of civil unrest or a major disaster. I injured my ankle 2 days ago and the nearest drug store is 35 mi. away, so i wrapped the ankle (with Salon Pas) and used this bandage and was 90% well the next day. The price at Valley Vet is MUCH better than drug stores for the VERY SAME PRODUCT!!
Robin Review from
May 20, 2021
coFlex bandage
excellent, easy to work with and stays in place .I highly recommend this to anyone who has pet's that are active and get sprains. After applying as recommended my fur baby was feeling like a puppy again .
Gaynor M Review from
January 26, 2017
Great Bandage
Keeps my dogs sock on securely as she won't wear a dog shoe. Stays in place and perfect for awkward areas. So very easy to use. I have purchased this item many times and will continue to do so. Love the selection of colours. I keep one in my first aid kit for the humans in the household.
Jackie B Review from
September 20, 2018
Best Vetwrap
This is THE made in USA adhesive wrap that adheres well, isnt too sheer & behaves well in use. Dont be tempted by lesser priced, Chinese made imitations: they are no bargain. I use this product daily & other than color limitations, have nothing but good feedback on it.
Alex Review from
July 10, 2022
Works okay but prefer the no chew version
The quality of this bandage isn't as good as the no chew bandage, this bandage is too hard to wrap on my dogs leg and doesn't stay on as long as the no chew one does.
Precious Review from
November 21, 2018
Andover Healthcare CoFlex Vet Horse, Dog & Cat Bandage, 4-in
This stuff is awesome. Does not stick to fur, skin, or hair. Would definitely recommend to anyone who needs to wrap anything on a furry friend. I got it at an awesome price so I bought 5, will last me awhile.
Vida Review from
November 11, 2018
Wont buy again - barely sticks to itself
Thought I was buying a product similar to Vetrap. Nope! This barely sticks to itself and unravels. No wonder they were priced so cheaply! You might as well use crepe paper!!
Jgirl Review from
June 22, 2017
Just like the store stuff
While I will never understand why color makes such a difference in price, the yellow ones were half the price of what's in the store and just as good for any purpose you'd need. Mine was to wrap a wound. Stall bound horse do didn't care about color. It would be thrown away covered in goo and poo anyway.
Heidi J. Review from
March 4, 2022
Incredible deal and tool!
I still haven't needed it for our crew but I am ready for every possibility. It looks and feels as good as what the vet puts on.
Sarah Review from
April 1, 2018
Better Than Other Products
Very glad I bought this one - I had an old, similar product, and it was too tight, causing more problems. This is stretchy yet firm, comfortable for my dog, and sticks to itself no matter which "side" you use. I haven't even seen my dog bother it!
Review from
March 20, 2014
Great product
This product is great works very well for my husbands foot. It was able to hold the rest od the bandaging in place without irritating the foot or having it too tight or too loose on the compression days I didn't have to change the products I used as this product works great for compression as well. Would recommend this product to anyone. I do wish there were more colors though.
sharon s Review from
August 29, 2016
Valley Vet,Great Company!
I'm buying a lot of these tapes for human use in cases of emergency. In fact I fell a couple of weeks ago, sprained my ankle, used this tape to steady it and saved a doctor's call. Great stuff for human or animal. And BEST price around. Valley vet always has what you need and they ship it fast!
Sheena74 Review from
April 20, 2015
This is the kind we had when I went to college and I loved it. So I bought some for my farm. It sticks really well to itself. This is the only kind I will use and it isn't just for horses. It works well for just about anything. I even fixed a leak in our hose with it. Money well spent and at a wonderful price!!
Yodasmom Review from
September 5, 2020
Andover 4" CoFlex wrap
Good product does what it's supposed to. The plastic wrapper it comes in is waterproof. A gallon bottle of fly spray spilled all over in the shipping box and these wraps were still dry and usable!
Reviewed by Pet Drugs Online customer Review from
Pet Drugs Online
June 25, 2014
Review of CoFlex Bandage
Great bandages which we use on our dog's paw and then cover with a boot. She had a toe amputated years ago and is in danger of constant open sores where her paw rolls over to where the toe used to be when she puts weight on it. They help keep dressings in place and provide cushioning. Because the bandage sticks to itself but not the paw it makes a fiddly job easier.
LINDA Review from
July 2, 2022
Every tack box should have this
Purchased about 100 of theses, used as part of contents of gift bags for exhibitors at horse shows I manage.
Carolyn B Review from
August 2, 2017
Emergency supply
Needed extra co-flex for my dog for on holiday to use in between vet visits as he had badly cut his paw prior to going away. Arrived in good time easy to apply as no scissors required as tears really easy when got the amount of bandage on. Excellent product and always have a roll in my dogs firsts aid bag.
Charles Review from
December 21, 2017
Barrett the boxador's leg bandage
Nice bandage helped my hurt leg. I like the blue it made me look snazzy. It took daddy a couple tries to get it right but work just fine. Thank you Daddy. Thanks chewy for the great price and color.
Taylor Review from
September 22, 2020
Great value, great quality
The only negative is that its hard to rip so I suggest using scissors to cut it. Besides that, the quality of the wrap for the price is amazing!
JimmyD Review from
May 27, 2018
Money Saver
CoFlex Vet Horse, Dog & Cat AND PEOPLE Bandage, 4-in. Saved several bucks by purchasing these for my own use. Compared the packaging and product with the so called human product and they are identical and I haven't started chasing cars or climbing trees.
Review from
March 11, 2014
compression & support
COFLEX was perfect for a wrap after foot surgery. 3 bones were broken and there was a lot of post surgery swelling from soft tissue damage. Since it takes months to heal, i got a case of cheerful colors. I still have half a case and use COFLEX wrap when I overuse my foot and have pain or swelling. The wrap works well for both, thank goodness.
EdnaJ Review from
April 10, 2022
Love this stuff!!
Great price!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
WKatherine B Review from
July 14, 2020
Great Buy
This product is thicker than an other product that I was using; thus, you use less but get excellent sticking quality. The price is very reasonable, and the shipping was timely.
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