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Complete Shaping - CS-CLT-OA-LC - CS-CLT-OA-XLD - Classic Tank Top / Camisole With Built-in Prosthetics

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Complete Shaping:
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Classic Tank Top / Camisole With Built-in Prosthetics
More Information
Manufacturer Complete Shaping
Categories Breast Cancer, Mastectomy Camisole, Mastectomy Products, Condition
Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids|Whole Surgical
Score: 4.3 from 1 - 5
40 Review
Ann O. Review from
April 20, 2021
Worth every penny!
The camis and tanks are truly as wonderful as the reviewers say. I bought two (one of each), then promptly bought three more (a mix of camis and tanks in different colors) and recommended them to my BFF. They are worth every penny and I will never wear a bra again! I wish I had discovered these sooner as I was very uncomfortable in my bras. These garments are absolutely 100% comfortable while supporting in all the right places, including the bust as well as a bra would. With all of the talk about "hold" and tummy control in the advertising, I was hesitant to buy as no one discussed the experie
Lyn F. Review from
April 18, 2021
The bra alternative of my dreams
I don't write reviews but I have been so pleased with this tank and cami that here I am. I positively despise bras. At 56, even though I am in decent shape, going without one isn't an option. I have spent more money than I care to think about searching out the most comfortable way to keep my 34 DD's from hanging down to my waist and finally I've found an effective alternative. I have altered other camis and bodysuits using duct tape, needle and thread and more - all trying to create something comfortable but supportive. Honeylove has literally made the tops of my dreams. The price is worth it
Julia A. Review from
December 22, 2021
I now have 3 of
I now have 3 of these and wear them in preference to even my formerly favorite bras. I like having my middle covered both for warmth (I run cold and only in the heat of the summer will I not wear these), and for that secure feeling of a hug. The first two I bought a few months ago, and now that I have a new one again, I can say they do stretch just a bit over time, but very little. The first time putting one on, it's very snug and takes a little shimmying to tug it into place. Later they pull right on. They stay down well. The removable cups do shift between wearings and sometimes have to be s
Jeannie R. Review from
September 1, 2021
Human Thundershirt
Look - I am probably not the usual type customer, I am not really a 'girly' person who spends money on underwear. I have 2 of these, and here's why: 1. They lift and support like a bra with none of the uncomfortable straps. I hated bras so much that I have been wearing bralette styles for years (I am a C+) and these tanks are even better. FYI the last round of bralettes I owned for years were $8 each. For me to make a purchase decision like this was a huge deal. 2. They have a nice amount of compression around the midsection. I have a medium and a large for days when I am wanting a more relaxe
Sherri C. Review from
August 11, 2021
My new favorite undergarment
I've been getting familiar with my honeylove liftwear tanks now for about 3 weeks. I'm glad I waited to review. At first, I wasn't sure because the feel and construction of the tank is so different than others out there. I have become a dedicated believer though. Here's what I love the most: The feel on my body is snug but not restrictive like some other items that literally affected my GI system negatively! Also, the tank bottom stays in place - no rolling up. The straps are wide which I love and also stay in place. I've talked about comfort first here because I will not sacrifice feeling goo
Glorene D. Review from
August 28, 2021
I was skeptical when I
I was skeptical when I bought it because I've tried just about every bra out there over the past fifty years. For most of my life gone to great lengths to get away without wearing a bra because they are so incredibly uncomfortable to me. They ride up, the straps fall off my shoulders or cut into my shoulders if I make it tighter. The tank-type bras also either ride up or roll up, etc. After reading the HoneyLove claims, I decided to order one, even though it was by far the most expensive bra I'd purchased to date. I honestly figured that I'd more than likely wear it for a few hours and want to
Kandee J. Review from
December 22, 2021
Everyday comfort and support that makes me smile
I am absolutely obsessed with the LiftWear tank. After a year of working from home and ditching expensive and uncomfortable bras, I found the LiftWear tank a must for my back to office wear. It holds the girls with a great amount of support ( just for reference I am DD) without wires and it is so comfortable! It helped hide those extra COVID pounds too! Maybe it was just me, but they actually helped me get back into shape because of the extra support on my mid-section somehow motivated me to stick to my diet and exercise regimen. Now I am excited to buy all the colors in a smaller size! The ma
Irene C. Review from
April 30, 2021
Theres a reason its not called the superpower tank
I know all bodies are different therefore fit will vary. Since it was my first tank (previously purchased superpower brief), I expected the same compression feel and it was rather loose fitting. Initially, I thought it was sizing and customer service graciously did not hesitate to send me out the next size. The second fit better but still not the firming I expected. I will still keep and ordered additional tanks with a different expectation of compression. The smoothing and the support are sufficient to get the job done. I do prefer the brief, instead. I wear the tank under my work attire (off
Alyson G. Review from
June 6, 2021
I wanted to like this
I wanted to like this tank. The fabric is smooth and silky feeling but with structure. I like that the cups are removable and how it looks under my clothes. But the tank does not stay down over my hips. It rides up to my natural waist and bunches up there. I tried different ways - on skin, over underwear- always the same bunching. I am a little fuller on the bottom (a 20 in pants, 18 top) but not unnaturally so. I used the fit finder tool on the website and it suggested a 1X and I sized up to try to avoid this problem. No luck. If this tank would stay in place I would buy several. Everything e
Nicole B. Review from
August 3, 2021
Accurate cup size, a little short on me
This tank is a bit difficult to get on (like standard shapewear), but it is comfortable once on. I did forget that I was wearing it the first time I wore it all day. The cup size is accurate, and it's very supportive while being comfortable. The straps are also comfortable. The only problem I have is that the top is a little short on me, and did ride one or twice (I wore it on a day when I was carrying a backpack, and lifting up a toddler quite a bit). I don't have a long torso, so this surprised me. The gripping material did keep it held down most of the time, but I felt like I needed to tug
Kalpu C. Review from
November 14, 2021
Really like this
I really like this tank. It does what it says. I have worn it three times and its been really comfortable. The reason for the 4 and not 5 stars is for 3 reasons. For the jeans that are slightly looser on me, will almost fall because of the slimming nature and the times I have worn it and it comes out from being tucked in, it does continuously roll up. So I may still play with it and figure out how best to use this. Lastly, I think it may be too warm in the summer time. Ive only worn it during cool weather and it adds a nice warm layer. So Ill be curious to see how it feels in warmer temperatur
Rebekah C. Review from
August 5, 2021
What Shapewear?!
It's so comfy better than wearing a regular bra because you have coverage all the way to your waist - no separate parts to bother with! My strap on the wide band kept sliding off my shoulder so Honeylove rep suggested the adjustable straps and bingo! When I lose weight I will still wear this cami, no more bras for me unless the outfit or weather warrants one. Great shopping experience and can't wait to get down from an XL to my normal medium, which I may be able to fit a small at that point. I am 250lbs, 5'6 and I tried the XXXL XXL AND XL. I of course put it on from the bottom to the top, so
Amanda R. Review from
February 9, 2022
Finally a "bra" for a 50 year old.
50 yr. Size 18 - 2x HoneyLove After looking at them for sometime, I finally purchased the Lift Wear Cami and Lift Wear Tank. I love them both but like the tank the best. I love the wide straps on the tank. No more indents on my shoulders. I love how both hug me and stay in place at hip level. I don't have to constantly pull them down during the day. They are also light weight and not scratchy like regular shapewear. I have ditched my regular bras. I removed the pads because they made me look super chesty (something I do not need). The bra will not make your girls high and perky but they are no
Courtney H. Review from
August 16, 2021
Worth it!
I had read about the Honeylove brand a few places, and when the LiftWear tank came out I thought I would give it a try. Just to see if it might be something that could give respite from wearing a bra every now and then. I actually have great bras, so I wasn't that concerned to find something, but who doesn't want something a little more comfortable? I did find it more comfortable, and I also loved that I got the smoothing in addition to the comfort. I wear the LiftWear tank pretty much every day now! The best part, it doesn't roll up from the bottom - it stays in place right where I put it. It
Ann F. Review from
January 17, 2022
I now have 4 shapers,
I now have 4 shapers, 3 are xl and the other is a l. The cup inserts all seem different sizes, not all stay in place very well and I dont know if that can be fixed. Also, I have a continuing problem with straps falling off my shoulders. I thought these would not do that but I was wrong. They slide worse than a regular bra. However, I have fixed that problem a with the addition of a small square of double sided tape under the shoulder strap. I use a clear sort of thick tape which gently and comfortably sticks to my skin. Recommend your company look into adding a similar feature.
Kimi R. Review from
January 18, 2022
Nice idea, but didn't work great for me
I really wanted to love this, but the fit was not the best. Upon first wear, it fit nice, smoothed out my stomach, supported the ladies nicely, and looked good under a button down shirt. But after a few minutes of walking and moving around the house, the tank had inched it's way up around my stomach and was bunching up around my ribcage. I had to keep tugging it down into place every couple minutes. I tried tucking it into my jeans but it still kept riding up. When it was laying nicely it gave my silhouette a great shape. I just wish it stayed in place longer than 3 minutes.
Patricia C. Review from
April 19, 2021
This tank does exactly what
This tank does exactly what it says. It smooths down all the rolls and creates a nice silhouette. As you would imagine is necessary, it is very snug and you definitely need to pull it up from the bottom. I am petite but bought a medium. Additionally, this does hold the girls securely but its squishes them in a bit of an odd way so you dont exactly get a perfect cleavage presentation, but it does the job. I just wish the price point were a little lower I would be inclined to purchase the other version of this tank as well. But you get what you pay for!
Ashly E. Review from
May 28, 2021
Worth every penny
Seriously worth every penny. Very soft and light feel. I sized down for the extra compression on my stomach. I love how it looks and feels! Great quality. I wear a 34D bra, and did not expect to get any lift. I was shocked at how much lift this provides! Very comfortable, I no longer get the back pain associated with my bra. Great construction. Cannot say enough good things! The tank part rolls up occasionally, but not as much as I thought it would. Seriously in love. I need to build my collection up!
Becky W. Review from
May 12, 2021
Straps are a fail for me
I had exchanged an item for this. Really thought I would love this but the straps sit too far out on my shoulders. Constantly pulling them up. I really dont have time to send back again simply because Im leaving on business trip and really needed this so will have to take with me. The cami with adjustable straps seems to fit better but I like the look of a tank. Bottom rides up and I feel the compression is across my ribs, not stomach which is where its needed. I feel Im always adjusting this. Trying to be honest with my review as its an expensive item. I like the fabric and smoothness
sherri h. Review from
September 13, 2021
Wearing it every day! Never going back to regular bra.
Have been wearing every day since it arrived! Combination of how it feels (SO comfortable) and how it looks under clothes (SO smooth and shaped) is everything promised. Too low-cut at cleavage to wear as tank top, but will wear as bra at home and out and may not ever go back to regular bra. A little hard to put the support cushions back in place after laundering. Wish there was a little more lift but theres enough to avoid pendulous effect I got with other no-underwire bras. Comfortable on shoulders, long enough to hold in tummy and stay in (or over waist of) pants, no digging or poking anywhe
Mallika T. Review from
May 23, 2021
Pretty good but not perfect
This item is constructed nicely, however I do find that it slides up and off my hips throughout the day, such that I have to tug at it and readjust any time I can do so in private. So I think the bodysuit version will fix this issue for me. Also, the item hugs your body so close that an underwire bra will dig into you and cause chafing. So I have to be careful about that. I wish I could do without a bra but I have such a large chest that it isnt a reality for me to do so when I leave the home. I am not sure that I would purchase this item again - I did purchase the bodysuit version in hopes it
Kathleen W. Review from
March 22, 2021
Some great features and some disappointing
I originally bought a large and exchanged it for a X-Large, which was an easy and very professional process to exchange. The top fit ok in the large size, but it rolled up. The X-Large the top fit well with a little more length in the straps which was nice, but it still rolls up all day, kinda drove me crazy at work having to pull it down all day, as I have to wear an apron over it tied at the waist, the bottom is getting stretched out from the constant adjustment to pull it down, I tried both tucking it in, and wearing over my waistband of my pants. The fabric and sewing are very smooth, and
Marilyn M. Review from
October 13, 2021
Best Undergarment on the Market That I've Seen
It's my favorite new undergarment - I have the LiftWear Tank in every color - I love the material - it's smooth and soft but a bit firm so it holds everything in nicely - I like the lift it gives me, which a lot of other tanks don't give and I love that it covers my tummy but doesn't ride up. Plus it washes very nicely in a gentle cycle, cool water, light soap and hang to dry. This is an excellent product. The best I've seen. I prefer to get it 1 size smaller than recommended because it firms everything up better and yet I don't have any lumps bumps or back fat showing up.
Trisha N. Review from
June 20, 2021
Replaced my traditional bras!
I am very pleased with the LiftWear Tank. During the pandemic I worked from home and bras became a thing of the past. This item (I have 5 of them now lol) replaced my bras and gave me a much better fit and look under my clothes. Its construction is well made, high-quality and worth every single penny. Their bras work really well also but I prefer the tank for the added smoothing in my stomach and back areas. You cant tell that its not a traditional bra! And by the way, the old bras went in the trash and I havent missed them one day. Do yourself a favor and join HoneyLove!
Mary S. Review from
June 15, 2021
Beige is the way to go!
Im old, so wearing the tank as a top isnt for me, but I see how it would work for the young and cute! The beige tank is super comfy, and smooths all the places that need smoothing! The straps are great, and the lift provided is plenty. The black one, sadly, has a tendency to roll up- even though the material and construction are identical to the beige. I need to adjust it periodically after sitting. Its easy enough to do, but just not as sweet as the other. All in all, I really like the product, even with this small drawback.
Marina S. Review from
February 20, 2022
This a great tank and
This a great tank and versatile as well. The bra part of it does provide great lift and support. The reason for dropping one star is because the trunk part of the tank is loose and rides up on me although it has a texture to help keep it in place, I think that only works if the fabric is snug. I also wish the waist part had more compression. I wear an xs.. maybe if there was one more size smaller it would be perfect for me. Other than my own sizing issues, this is a great product and I still bought more in different colors.
Rebecca S. Review from
December 28, 2020
comfortable but not flattering for this shorty
Very comfortable, but very little shaping. I don't think a person hugging you would instantly know you were wearing a shaping garment, which is a plus for me, but I was hoping for more lift since I mainly purchased this hoping to get rid of bras. I wasn't really looking for compression in the midsection, and it's a good thing - there's zero. For winter, I might consider wearing only this and going away from traditional bras...not sure about summer when a nylon layer could be an issue. Overall, I like it, but don't love it. The main problems were 1] length. I am 5'3" and the straps are too long
Kelly G. Review from
May 23, 2021
These LiftWear Tanks are AWESOME! I've tried other brands that swear they are the best, but none of them proved to be comfortable or do what they claim. HoneyLove LiftWear Tanks do excactly what they say they do, they're comfortable, I completely forgot that I was wearing it. It really felt like I wasn't wearing anything under my shirt, except the girls were in the "right" place all day! I actually felt like I could sleep in it, no wires poking or pinching, no bulges! You have nothing to lose, try them if you are tired of underwires! I will definately buy more and wear only these, no more BRAS
Rebecca L. Review from
June 29, 2021
Thinking about a tummy tuck? Dont! Try this first. Amazing
Ok first of all I was skeptical. I have purchased other products in the past that made me look like a potato. But this!!! Come on now!!! Fabulous. Figure flaunting and amazing. Just some of words I would use to describe. I mean it feels soooo good too. Like you are supported and confident. Nothing sticking into you or poking you. After having 5 kids, mama needed some help. Its like a tummy tuck without the procedure. Plus its sooo comfortable. It really helps with my posture and its slimming with curvesAlso, it DOES NOT ROLL UP! Love the jet black color it is divine. The packaging was spot on
Jackson C. Review from
April 20, 2021
Throw away your bra!
Seriously, throw it away! I love this more than any bra or cami Ive ever owned. I expected to be hot, wearing a cami under one or two outer layers, but this is cool and extremely comfortable. I only wish repeat customers could get a break on cost for more purchases because its expensive, but Ill definitely be buying more. From a 65-year-young teacher who has spent thousands trying to get comfortable and still be professional, this is the one youve been looking for! Dont hesitate any more. Pull the trigger on that purchase. Hit the button and dont look back!
Sheryl L. Review from
May 12, 2021
5 stars for the bra
5 stars for the bra cups. fit ever, excellent coverage and support. Short-torso women like me might find what I'm finding - the straps fall down...but I love them anyway because they do not dig in. I think adjusting the shoulder seam with a few stitches will do the trick. The tank is a little futzy to tuck in if you're wearing pull-up leggings, but I'm still loving the smoothing, and it does not ride up. Love that my back is smooth - no bra lines or bulges. I have been wearing this exclusively so will be online for more.
Lisa M. Review from
October 5, 2021
First wear was great but after wash -Meh...
I loved this piece when I first put it on and ore it. I swore Id never wear anything else again. So long bras! BUT after my first hand wash and air dry I found the straps were not as taut as before. The tummy area was still good at smoothing but nothing like the first wear. I don't think I would buy it again for this reason. Maybe I was supposed to dry it in the dryer?I didn't for fear of shrinking it. But with flat air dry, it never returned to that first perfect support.
Patricia S. Review from
March 1, 2021
Comfortable Wireless Support FINALLY!
I have purchased many a "wireless comfort" bra in hopes that they would support my full-figure throughout the day. The material often sagged, or scrunched, rolled or climbed and the results were always laughable. Not anymore! I have FINALLY found the ultimate piece of well-constructed lingerie that will support me, flatter my shape, and keep me in comfort all day long! Look no further ladies, comfortable, wireless support is finally here! I immediately bought two more after this delightful discovery, and wear them daily, happily ever after!
Lori M. Review from
September 12, 2021
Helps support the back! A must have for long commutes.
I was bucked off my horse in May of 2021. I was taken to the trauma unit after having broke several ribs. Dr's said they couldn't do much. I couldn't wear a regular bra because it came around and hit part of the area that was injured. I saw the Honeylove top and girdle. I thought this might offer the support I need to help heal. It does, and allowed me to travel my 30 mile commute to work each day with less pain. It has been 4 months since my accident. I am truly grateful to those who have designed these garments.
Di N. Review from
October 19, 2020
Highly recommend tank bra
I originally ordered a size medium based on the size recommended, it was too big. (I am a 32E) so a lot of bust, but small around. So, I decided to get the next size down (Small) and that was also too big. Fortunately they have an extra small which ended up fitting perfectly. I love this tank bra, doesnt hurt the shoulders, very comfortable. It does roll up a little, best to wear with jeans or pants not anything that doesnt have a waist to help keep it from rolling. Customer service was great. I also have the bra got in an extra small based on experience with the tank. It fits , but a little t
Jess L. Review from
April 19, 2021
I ordered two tanks and
I ordered two tanks and got mediums based off the sizing guide on the website. They were way too small and someone helped me get two different sizes as an exchange to see which fit better. I got a large and an extra large, the large was still too small for my bust but fit my belly well, and vise versa for the extra large. I really wanted to love these but they just didn't fit me right. I'm a 38DDD but a size ten pants but I'm postpartum so I have a little belly from having my baby a few months ago, I would have loved some help supporting my belly and being able to wear a tank that that gave me
Margaret Q. Review from
December 27, 2021
Comfortable but washing them is problematic.
When I first got my Liftwear Tanks, I loved them. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. However, after hand washing them and then hanging them to dry, as instructed, they no longer stay true to form anymore. When I wear them, they constantly roll up and I am continuously having to pull them back into place. This saddens me as they fit so wonderfully at first. I am not sure why the roll up now but I haven't given up on them yet. I am still hopeful that they will resume their wonderful fit with the next washing.
Jill L. Review from
March 16, 2021
Ok for the average woman
So I think this tank is decent, I just have some advice for honey love in their future iterations. This is a high quality item, however, its only made for an average sized woman. I got the 3x plus which is my usual size. Now, Im 64 and this tank only came to my belly button, so that didnt work for me. And the shoulder straps we placed way too wide and slid down my shoulders. Needs some reworking. I would love it if you made tall and tall plus shape wear.
barbara s. Review from
December 6, 2021
Better than just a bra
So much more comfortable for me than a bra. The band of a bra usually curls up and is so uncomfortable that I gave up wearing a bra altogether. I ordered a size up of the liftwear tank because I still have quite a large tummy. I step into the tank because it would be too hard to get it on over my head. It gives me just the right amount of control. I was unsure of the sizes however and just guessed. I would like a little more size info than 1x, 2x, 3x. I am sometimes a 1x or 2x but bought the 3x because of my tummy.
Connie C. Review from
March 7, 2021
I work in a sheet
I work in a sheet metal shop and I was looking for comfort and style while still being securely fit. The comfort is perfect on the bra section but I still fight the bottom staying in place all day. Its light weight and during these winter months it has felt nice and added a great second layer. We will see once it warms up if it is too much. The color has been fine for under work clothing and works well even under dressy styles for dinner with friends. If the bottom would stay in place better as promised it would definitely get 5 stars!