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Mobility Transfer Systems - 1181B - Safetysure Wheelchair Board 18 L x 16 W

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Mobility Transfer Systems:
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18 L x 16 L * Provides flat sitting surface and eliminates the hammock effect associated with traditional wheelchair seats * Made of lacquered finished plywood * Corners and sides are rounded to prevent chipping * Makes an excellent sitting surface when combined with a pressure relief cushion * Splinter free plywood * Weight capcity : 300 lbs *
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Manufacturer Mobility Transfer Systems
Brand SafetySure
Categories Bathroom Aids, Bed Aids, Car Aids, Transfer Board, Wheelchair Accessories, Wheelchair Transfer Board
Code 1181B
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Require Prescription? No
Store Mobility Equipment|Online Living Aids
Score: 4 from 1 - 5
49 Review
Bonnie Review from
June 22, 2022
Very Functional, Perfect Length
This is the second DMI 30 inch wooden transfer board I've purchased through Walmart. Of the 5 boards I have, I like this model the best. The length is perfect, even bridging distance from my power chair into the car. I find any shorter, even 28 inches, not as ideal for me. The wood surface is smooth. Looks and feels sturdy (I'm 5'4" and 132 lbs). I like the beveled ends for easier sliding and the cut-outs at both ends. High recommend.
Benny Review from
June 6, 2021
Just slide into your car from wheelchair
I bought this to help me transfer from my wheelchair into my car. It is just the right length - there's enough overlap at both ends for safety. Plus, the board is extra sturdy because of its high weight limit - no worries that it will break. Finally, the surface is smooth enough to allow one to slide easily.
Harvey Review from
August 26, 2020
Good Board for Lightweight People
The board is well made polished and smooth with tapered ends. The problem is that it is not designed to transfer people heavier than 100 pounds unless the person can aid in the transfer. Almost impossible to transfer into a vehicle because it is too short. The price is good, the quality, and workmanship are also good, but its uses are limited by its size.
and95bran98 Review from
February 28, 2019
Sturdy . . . rated for 440 lbs, well within my weight limit. Ends of board have half inch rise before taper starts. This may be due to the fact the board is made from southern pine. It doesn't appear to be a laminated board like plywood but made from a solid piece of wood. From my experience, the thinner the board (laminates), the easier to place under & pull out from under buttocks. This board is one inch thick, good for weight but hard to work with.
MISERBUYER Review from
August 31, 2018
Not what shown in 1st photo, poor design
I was expecting the item shown in the first photo, but instead the grab holes are larger and closer together, and the wood is pine. (The other photos are accurate.) There was a sticky section where the sap came through the finish, making sliding difficult. Also, the ends are not rounded at all, but a blunt cut of about 1/2 inch thick, making it difficult to get under someone. The larger holes make it less efficient for sliding and the holes being closer together makes them less useful. I returned it, and my husband made a better one for my mother, who is a paraplegic.
PekeMama Review from
July 1, 2020
Great Product - Fast Delivery
I am at an Acute Rehab facility for MS. I needed to purchase this for slide transfers. This board is sturdy, nice bevel edge and I like the cut outs. The smooth finish allows for slide. You need to use caution with placing your hand under board or in holes under board you don't want to sit on fingers or hand. Delivery was fast so I am able to train using my board. Price was very reasonable.
Ernest Review from
February 5, 2020
A product Not as advertised and of lesser quality.
The transfer board WAS NOT as advertised. 1. The board was shorter and not as long as advertised. 2. The board appeas to be soft pine wood and not Maple wood advertised. 3. The board was not made of plywood as advertised but of glued blocks of lumber in width and length. 4. I would NEVER buy another product from this company
Paul Review from
June 1, 2021
solid product
this is a standard transfer board. The extra length helps for longer reaches, like into a car/van. It has no hand holes, but that would weaken it from it's 440 lb rating. Works fine for us. Had over a month.
Patricia Review from
August 8, 2021
good product
this is my second purchase. needed one in the den and one in the bedroom so I didn't always have to hunt it down. works perfect transferring from one surface to another
Bev Review from
Home Depot
February 26, 2019
This is a board that is used for handicap transport from one spot to another. Th
This is a board that is used for handicap transport from one spot to another. The finish was excellent, the spots for hands were great. In all the board was finished well and your price was excellent. If you buy this from medical supply it would cost at least 75% more.
laurencetrucker1 Review from
March 3, 2020
This board is much slicker than the one at the nursing home. The only thing wron
Good board. Much slicker than the one at the nursing home. Only problem is one corner is dented, probably from shipping. I sanded it and it works fine.
JamieM Review from
April 14, 2016
Walmart vs Apria
My insurance company uses Apria Medical Supplies. It took them over 2 weeks to get a cheap plastic 18" transfer board. Whereas WalMart took less than 1 week for a 30" WOOD board at a fraction of the cost. This board serves the purpose very well and I am glad to have purchased it. It could have been sanded down and maybe treated to prevent the coarseness but it is not enough to complain about. It is simple enough for us to tweak it a little and make it exceptional.
mamashug123 Review from
April 18, 2017
Lightweight but needs more tapering on ends
The product is a good product but could be made better by tapering the ends more. We have a hard time getting it under my dad's bottom when we use it on his weak side. He can't lift his weak side buttocks and a more tapered edge would help with that problem. Other than that the product is good.
rickh0712_2 Review from
September 9, 2019
Exceptional Product At An Exceptional Price
The transfer board's price was exceptional when compared to other similar boards on the market. Big difference. The product arrived quickly and seems to be well made. It does the job without losing an arm and a leg obtaining it.
Chicago shopper Review from
November 3, 2020
Very smooth and sturdy
Im actually using this as a shelf as it was the perfect size I needed and very reasonably priced. It is finished, smooth and is very sturdy. Highly recommend.
dickh115 Review from
May 17, 2016
Not as useful as hoped
The board is of good quality and was shipped promptly. We found it difficult to use. Even with the bevel, it is thick enough to make it difficult to slide under the patient, and not slippery enough for the patient to slide easily. For patients who are able to move and help, it may be okay, but for my wife, who is immobile, id didn't help. We changed to a Hoyer lift, which made transfer much easier.
trail87walker Review from
May 20, 2019
High quality transfer board.
This is a high quality board equal to a product offered by a local medical devices supplier for nearly 3.5 times the price. Fine finish, smooth surfaces and edges, strong. Shipped very quickly and arrived a day prior to ETA. I recommend this board.
nitelite Review from
January 9, 2016
Sturdy Board
This board did not work for my wife - it is too thick at the edges and could not slide it underneath her. We have a Drive Lifestyle Board that works, but is getting worn. Returned this board and ordered a new Drive board. Had no problem returning the board to Walmart store - free shipping back. I think is an excellent service - plan on using in-lue of other .com's.
JLo Review from
Home Depot
May 13, 2020
The shape and size are fine hit the surface is so rough, it doesn't facilitate t
The shape and size are fine hit the surface is so rough, it doesn't facilitate transfer. My kid kept getting stuck and he's only 6. I can't imagine it would be any better with an adult.
4971rebecca Review from
November 1, 2017
I own many transfer boards purchased from various medical suppliers. This is the first one Ive encountered with an inferior finish. It needed more sanding and a better quality finish, rough. I would have returned it if I didnt need it for immediate use
shay Review from
July 22, 2021
This is a great quality transfer board! Small in depth and easy to handle and use in small spaces and small bottoms!
Cjborntoshop Review from
November 9, 2015
Wood Transfer Board
I would only recommend this for a child or petite adult. The board is short and did meet our needs. However the construction even though it is just a single board is well done, smooth contours and beveled edges makes it easy from wheel chair to another location. It's just not made for adults.
CoffeeHound Review from
May 3, 2020
Solid Wood and very sturdy.
I like the hand hole in the board, it gives my wife a way to help us leverage her from one place to another. The board is sturdy and the finish is very nice. This board works as well as others costing twice as much.
keishahedin Review from
September 1, 2020
Lightweight with great features
Great quality. Perfect for scooter to car transfers. Like the tapered ends and slots.
capsar050 Review from
January 26, 2017
Wood Two hole transfer board
This has been found to have the exact same thing as the more expensive board a home care nurse recommended. Do get the two hole transfer board. It is very handy to have the second hole for pulling yourself laong the board and you don't have to pay attention as to which way to place it.
Patrick Review from
March 15, 2020
false advertised...
the ad stated the board length as 24 inches, but when it came, it was actually almost 30 inches, which is NOT what I was hoping for!...also, the finish of the wood was NOT very smooth... at least the board itself is still useable...
Ruth Review from
May 19, 2021
The board is to short. I needed to help transfer from wheelchair to car. It would not be safe for me. Ruth C
fschulgen2012 Review from
December 6, 2021
Great product
Very sturdy, light weight easy to use with limited hand and finger function.
Howard Review from
August 31, 2021
Simple, well made board
The transfer board appears to be well constructed for its purpose.
mitsevarg Review from
July 25, 2019
Almost awesome
Great transfer board. Would have been awesome transfer board if I didn't have to sand the ends down to make them smoother with a smaller lip but besides that I couldn't be happier.
66littlesteamer Review from
January 28, 2020
Needed help
Love the help this transfer board gives. Now my husband can transfer from bed to wheelchair and back again. This board is a blessing for helping people get mobile.
Andrea Review from
April 24, 2021
The transfer board I received is not sanded completely smooth, and there is barely any finish on it, so my mom cannot easily slide across it.
littlewalt2 Review from
November 17, 2020
A strong slideboard thats light in weight at a reasonable price!!
A strong board with a nice finish that is light to handle during transfers!!
vicki Review from
April 5, 2022
this is a good transfer board and the dual handles are convenient. very sturdy.
Tim Review from
Home Depot
January 15, 2021
Its a board! Works like its suppose to work....
Its a board! Works like its suppose to work.
Satisfied Review from
January 21, 2016
Problem solver
We had a 24 inch board that worked, but not well in all transfers. It depends on the receiving chair and positioning of the wheelchair to it. A longer board was recommended by a Physical Therapist. Shopping on line I found a number vendors selling longer sliding boards. There was quite a price range, but they all looked the same. Walmart's price was a third less of one price and two thirds less of another. No brainer! I ordered on line and arranged pick-up at a convenient Walmart location and paid no shipping. The store personnel were friendly and helpful. The board is of the quality of shorte
Useful item Review from
Bed Bath & Beyond
March 8, 2022
Helpful tool
Gain independence and confidently transfer from one location to another.
Review from
June 9, 2021
My husband did not like
My husband did not like the board because it was not slippery enough and he stuck to it while transferring.
Angel1 Review from
Home Depot
January 14, 2020
The board was a very good quality solid wood, but the exterior needed more coati
The board was a very good quality solid wood, but the exterior needed more coating to allow for an easier glide across the board.
neisey53 Review from
May 12, 2020
Good to have
I used one in the hospital and was happy I could order my own. It works good and its the same quality as the one in the hospital. Im happy with my purchase.
Chuckie Review from
May 22, 2015
Works fine.
It works fine. The double cut outs really help. The product arrived with a chip in it, might have happened in transit, the chip was in the plastic bag covering. Just need to be careful in using it.
jennielee1 Review from
July 27, 2017
Great board
This board works great. It has each end slanted down so he can slide onto the board with out catching on it. This is just what we needed. Thank you
rbrt.wbr-1 Review from
April 30, 2020
My slide board
The board is exactly what it should be they only thing I wish they did was pour a few coats of clear so when you slide across it it's easier. But it's a good board
christopherb4404 Review from
October 10, 2018
Nicely made board. One solid piece of well, designed and made and finished piece
Well made device. Arrived ahead of schedule and works fine.
Cherokeegal Review from
November 26, 2015
Good product
This is longer than my husband's other one, which really helps getting in & out of the car from the wheelchair. It is also lighter and easier to use. Would highly recommend it.
$1300stolen Review from
April 18, 2018
Outstanding slide board
LOVE the slanted ends! Good quality wood, all-round good product. Best one I've used.
ehjhch2012 Review from
August 7, 2017
Nice and sturdy
Receive a transfer board for my mother through her insurance, not sturdy and even her therapist thought it was too light weight. Ordered this one and everybody is very happy it
pollym_9 Review from
May 20, 2020
The board is not smooth enough. One does not slide easily. Need better finishing.
Review from
June 9, 2021
My husband did not like the board because it was not slippery enough and he stuck to it while transferring.
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