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Marpac - MAR-WHISH - Whish multiple sounds white-noise machine

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Whish multiple sounds white-noise machine
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Manufacturer Marpac
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Require Prescription? No
Store Online Living Aids
Score: 4.5 from 1 - 5
46 Review
Alex Review from
March 7, 2021
I Can Sleep Now!
My neighborhood is noisy. The neighbors directly behind me have 2 dogs that bark and howl around the clock. The owner can't get his dogs to be quiet. They wake me up. They seem to bark at anything and everything. They howl and cry long after the siren has ended. My next door neighbor loves to drive his incredibly loud Harley Davidsons motorcycle. He sits in the driveway revving the engine at an ungodly hour and screaming to his wife, "I love this bike!" He wakes me up way too early on a Saturday morning. Other neighbors throw loud parties until the wee hours of the night. I can hear the loud d
WankelSnothausen Review from
March 16, 2021
Not recommended.
Walmarts price and service is the best on this clock. The clock itself is much cheaper than I expected. The display is to bright and only slight angles make it look distorted. I propped a wedge of paper to tilt I the distortion away. The sound is cheap but many choices. I would have hoped for a higher quality and I'd say you can find a better one. I'll keep it because it is not worth the trouble of returning it.
Ccl Review from
January 7, 2022
Very satisfied with purchase...
While the duration of any sound file is relatively short and one can detect the repetitive elements, overall this item is a useful and recommended purchase. You have many choices of sounds, sounds as an alarm, and practical functions such as display brightness and more. It is a worthwhile purchase and we use it nightly to mask ambivalent noise and lull us to sleep . It has been reliable and practical and we are happy with it.
English country dancer Review from
April 2, 2021
Good product for help in sleeping
I like the range of different sounds. The sound of ocean really sounds like the ocean waves. I also appreciate its ability to change times during the two changes per year we have. Its lightweight also which is good. You can also adjust the light fixture on the time to fit how much light you want during the night. A good product!
Jennywren03 Review from
March 4, 2018
Nice All-In-One Unit---Hard to Come By
This is a nice all-in-one unit, which I needed because I dislike having multiple gadgets on my small night table. The sound machine is much better than the $20 sound machine we tried out first---but being an all-in-one, expect some compromises. I have been using the "Rain" sound which seems a hair muffled--but that is not really a drawback as I wanted "white noise" to sleep to. I would have preferred a light rain sound as opposed to hard rain, but this really does put me to sleep right away, so that's what counts. No noticeable looping, which is great. My only complaint is the instruction leaf
katalog Review from
January 4, 2020
I like it!
I had my last combo sound machine/alarm clock for a long time and didn't I would ever find another one I like until this one came along. I like the features on this. You can choose the alarm for every day, just during the week, or just on weekends. But be careful and don't forget to select, I got up rather late for work one day because I forgot to change the option to 'weekday'. I only use the ' white noise' option. The sound samples are on the web site. I like that when the alarm goes off it doesn't get too loud too quick. I like where the buttons are placed on the top and that the display is
Jeff F Review from
March 12, 2019
Great Alternative to AnnoyingRadio Alarm Clocks
This is a great product especially for people who an alternative to annoying Radio/Alarm clocks that use loud beeping or terrible radio reception to wake you. You get a choice of twenty sounds to choose from to help you wake up as well as fall asleep to. Several really nice aspects to this item are the following: When you select a sound to wake you up at a specific time it starts out as a low sound and increases until it reaches the maximum sound level you set it to, allowing you to wake up in a more relaxing fashion. You can set it to a sound program and fall asleep to it and have the unit sh
Kemahpatti Review from
August 25, 2020
This unit replaces a 15+ year old, large white SI sound soother whose sound was loud enuf but not the clarity as when newer. I read reviews on this model for 18 months or so; earlier opinions stated the volume was not loud enough. I need high noise to block out my loving bedmate's snoring. After reading recent opinions I decided to purchase this machine. It is great! Good going, Sharper Image!
Cool Breeze Review from
July 8, 2021
Love it!
I bought this as a Wedding Gift and the couple loved it. They also said the Gift Bag was really nice. I have one and bought one for my Brother, as well. He loves it, no more being jolted out of bed by a startlingly alarm clock. This is the perfect "alarm clock" sound machine - the only way to wake up serenely - love it!!
Susan Review from
February 19, 2021
I would buy this product again.
This product is an attractive piece on the nightstand. I love the dimmable feature so I can see the clock but it's not too bright in the darkness. The sound soother has many choices and can also be used as a wake up. The alarm setting allows for different times for weekends vs weekdays so you can set it once and let it be.
CL therecumbent biker. Review from
April 18, 2020
I would & have purchased this product again.
I was surprised at the quick delivery, 2 days! This is the 2nd sound soother machine I have bought from Sharper Image. The 1st one finally got knocked off of the bedside table. I used it every night for 15 years. I'm very happy with the new model, I also bought one for my sister. The new model is smaller, has better sound & controls are easier to use. I figured out the various functions after the confusing directions in the manual.
Ccl Review from
January 8, 2022
Worth the purchas
With many sounds to be used to lull one to sleep or to awake, this is a reliable and recommended product. Although the length of each sound is relatively short and one can detect the repetition, for the most part this is not a prohibition, especially for falling asleep. We have enjoyed drifting off comfortably and the reliability of our purchase.
Marge Review from
January 7, 2022
Awesome Gift
I had a friend say they wanted to try a white noise machine because they couldn't fall asleep easily. I gifted this item to them for Christmas. They absolutely love it. They are using the ocean sound timed for 30 minutes. They are asleep before the 30 minutes is up. May have to get the one for me!!
Art Review from
April 12, 2021
Excellent product
I use this as a bedside alarm clock, not as a sound soothing experience to calm my nerves. Works just fine if you pick the fog horn or train sounds (or the radio) to wake you up. Easy to program & pleasant looking. I also like that it shows not only the time but the day of the week. Also, the radio reception and sound is very good.
JB Review from
January 21, 2021
Perfect way to fall asleep and wake up the next day!
As a sound machine, it has lots of options...some only suitable for waking up - the foghorn would not put me to sleep in a million years. The rain option works very well. Only slight complaint is only being able to select 15, 30, 45 and 60 minutes duration - or all night. 15, 30, 60, 90 might be better. As an alarm clock, the sound comes on SLOWLY - nothing startling anymore. Wind chimes are what we use.
AER Review from
February 23, 2020
Overall acceptable
Used as an alarm and white noise machine at bedside. Controls are much easier to use than my previous radio alarm with one exception. Dislike that alarm volume escalates (there is no choice on this feature) and when you use the volume control to turn it down it switches the source instead. White noise is somewhat tinny but acceptable, and there is a good choice of sounds. Adding a USB port would make it better.
Vegas Donna Review from
June 29, 2020
Perfect sound machine/radio/dual alarm clock
I've been looking for a sound machine that was high quality for years. I then stumbled upon Sharper Image website and found the PERFECT one. Not only does it have several soothing sounds, but it also has dual alarms, dimmer switch, day of the week and date, and is easy to read and operate. It also has a great sounding clock radio that was something I didn't expect. I couldn't be happier with this purchase
Jackie Review from
January 7, 2022
Great little machine
I love this thing! It has a lot of choices for noise and I like that I can shut off the screen, use it plugged in or not and that it's a radio. Helpful for keeping my asleep in a noisy neighborhood and with a snoring husband. Worth the money!
Larry with a Sharper Image Review from
June 21, 2018
Satisfied and Content with a Good Purchase
The size and visibility of the numerals was a real plus. It has an adjustable back light that makes the screen very easy to read across the room at night or during the day. The day, date and time are all easily readable. The compact size fits nicely on the night stand for easy reach. The control buttons are black on black and take some getting used to, especially in the dark. The sleep sounds are not all that comforting, in fact I found only two that were really helpful in falling asleep. This product could also be improved by including a USB charging connection for a cell phone. Overall, I'm
Doji Review from
July 10, 2018
Meets most of my needs for a clock and nature sound machine
I bought this alarm clock for the various nature sounds to help with sleep. I like the sounds, and the options for bright or dim display. Using the various buttons is not all that easy, though -- I had to use the instruction booklet several days in a row and would need it again to change the settings I chose. My main complaint is -- the "beep" option for the alarm is not LOUD enough. Its volume is based on the volume set for the sleep sound! So, if I want quiet rain at night, then the beep is VERY faint. I did find that setting the alarm for one of the sound, it does keep getting louder until
Bob the builder Review from
January 9, 2020
Definitely A Keeper
Bought this to replace a bedroom clock radio that I had for more than 10 years. Its a very attractive compact design. Most of the control buttons are concentrated on the top. Setting the time, date and alarm time was a snap. The dual alarm is a plus and able to wake to a tone, radio or sound is also a bonus. Also being able to dim the display is a must have feature. The only two negatives but not deal breakers are there isn't an AM radio and the sound is average. But then you wouldn't be expecting a concert hall from a small unit. All in all a very good unit
Gaynelle Review from
March 26, 2021
Unique and Fabulous Product
We both love our new sound noise machine! Love the lit digital time bar on the front and all the great things it does. Wake up to your favorite radio station and go to sleep, hearing the ocean. Nice size and great quality!
LJ Review from
August 21, 2021
I considered one of these for years Every night my sleep disturbed by my hubby the snoring bear but NOT ANYMORE So much time wasted, I love the the thunder and the surf options. The fact that you could listen to the sound options on the features was a bonus for me . I bought with confidence and have slept through the night since it arrived
Annie S. Review from
March 3, 2019
First, we bought the wrong clock from somewhere else. Impossible to program, what a disaster! Sent it back and decided not to go for a bargain the next time, but instead, bang for the buck. The last great clock we'd had was also by Sharper Image and we had it for about 20 years! Dual alarm, soothing sounds...the works. So I went looking at SI and found this clock. It was very easy to program, looks beautiful and the sounds are a million times better than my old dinosaur, as wonderful as it had been for the time. I'm so happy with this clock and would definitely recommend it to anyone.
Merridale Review from
November 10, 2016
I had high hopes for this radio. I needed something that was easy to read during the night, that had 2 alarms and the sound soothing option. Well, it is easy to read but the rest is a concern. The instructions are not the best but I got the alarms set, radio station tuned in and volume at a nice level. First night the alarm came on and the radio came on at full volume and about blew me out of bed. So I reset it, tried again, but same problem. Then every couple of nights it just randomly decides to sound the alarm instead of the radio. My only solution was to shut off the alarm and then turn on
Carolynwr4 Review from
February 25, 2021
Great Product
I'm pleased with this clock. Nice design, compact and runs on batteries. I like the fact that you can turn the backlight off at night. It has several calming sounds and the radio reception is good.
Linda B. Review from
August 11, 2018
This alarm clock changed my life!
This alarm clock with 20 sounds also has two alarm settings. The display is a blue-ish color and along with displaying the time, it also shows the date. You can use the sounds as background during the day or as you drift off to sleep since there is an auto shutoff feature. It's also a radio. This awesome little machine replaced an alarm clock radio that I've had for over 25 years, with it's harsh red display and jarring beeping alarm. I love waking up now to the escalating gentle sounds of a babbling brook or the ocean. Life-changing!
Deedee Review from
January 22, 2021
A great wake-up alarm
This radio has a nice sound when we want to listen to FM radio. The variety of sounds for the alarm makes for gentle waking up. We use the ocean sound the most. It starts at very low volume with bird sounds and gentle surf. The volume builds as slowly and should wake even a very sound sleeper.
Bob F. Review from
September 20, 2020
Excellent clock radio with one minor flaw
Everything works fine but, unlike others, it doesn't show what alarm time is set. I don't keep the same alarm time every day so unless I remember I have to go through the whole process of setting the alarm to check the time. Last couple clock radios I've had did show the alarm time when the alarm was set. Otherwise, it works great.
Early Riser Review from
March 31, 2016
Great Sounds/Not Easy to Use
The Pros: There is a large variety of sounds. The numbers are easy to see. The Cons: The clock is difficult to set. The instructions leave out explanations that are important, so I had to figure it out on my own. I tried to call Customer Service but could not get through. You have to use the same buttons for multiple functions. It is not easy to turn off in the morning if you want to turn it off before the alarm is set to go off. Even on the weekends, I don't turn off the alarm because it is difficult to reset. So I just change the times. I wish it was more user friendly. Like easy to turn on/
MH Review from
November 6, 2013
recommend highly
I use the sound feature of this product every night. It has exceeded my expectation for ease in falling asleep and peaceful awakening. (wind chimes are my favorite sound for morning). The controls are easy to use by touch even in a darkened room because of location, size, shape and symmetry in placement. The range of options for display brightness is excellent. Can dim display to prevent it from lighting up the entire room at night or turn it up so can be seen easily across the room in bright sunshine. Although compact and nicely streamlined in shape I still find the full size clock a bit larg
BB Review from
May 3, 2021
Yes !!!!!!!
I absolutely love it and highly recommend this product !!! Great sound and quality !!! It's perfect for me and anyone who loves these beautiful sounds ! A favorite sound ? Love them all !!!!
Jim O. Review from
June 6, 2020
Sound Soother Alarm Clock
Looked for a long time for an alarm clock with dual alarms that didn't look like a computer screen - this one fit the bill! Good sound quality on the radio, vast choices for background sounds, variable brightness controls AND the alarm increases gradually and doesn't blast you out of bed!! I would highly recommend this device !
Lhanes63 Review from
September 26, 2020
Perfect for our needs!
Our master bedroom is a loft, open to the house below. We needed white noise to cover the sound of our pets and kids walking below. My husband and I are both sleeping better. This unit is perfect, really attractive and many sounds to choose from. I highly recommend!
The A's of Waterford Review from
January 11, 2014
GREAT little sound machine!
Bought this as a gift for my wife for Christmas. She uses this every night for blocking sound and creating a familiar sleep environment for the both of us. It replaced a great Sharper Image White Noise sound machine we bought probably 20 years ago - so we anticipate this will be just as longlasting and wellmade. The features (especially the automatically increasing volume on the alarm sound) and button layout are very well designed. Surprising how great a sound comes out of such a compact and attractive device. The FM radio is also great! The unit is extremely easy to use - which is why the in
Tina R Review from
January 22, 2021
Bright versatile white noise machine with dual alarms
It has so many white noise choices. It is easy to program. Be aware that the alarms are cascading- starting very quietly and gaining volume. I was not aware and actually returned it for replacement . Then I read a review on another site that mentioned that.
Don Review from
March 10, 2021
The controls are easy to adjust. Everything is accessible.
I use it every night and turn it on a bedtime. I've used on for any years. This one has many more choices of sound sources and easier to change from std to day light savings time.
Kitkat Review from
May 6, 2020
Definite good buy!
I have wanted one of these for several years now, and finally by old alarm gave out. It was the perfect opportunity to get one. The sounds are so realistic and with dual alarms I can set up alarms for myself and my husband. It's absurdly easy to set up if you follow the enclosed simple instructions.
Jen Review from
November 6, 2014
sound soother white noise
I actually bought this to replace the sharper image travel soother that is no longer sold. I received the original travel soother as a gift years and years ago and I loved it. So, when the speaker died on me, I thought I'd stick with this manufacturer. The machine is for my baby's room, as my neighbors and street are very noisy. I'm kind of disappointed in the sound when compared to the original soother I had. I can really only use the white noise setting to actually drown out sounds. I do like the volume level, radio setting and fact that you can turn off the clock light. I'm not thrilled wit
Jenny Review from
July 11, 2020
Quality consistent sound. Brightness control.Easy set up.
Easy set up. Brightness control is a huge plus. Sound quality. Sound options are very pleasant. Great purchase. Attractive design.
Sallie Mae Review from
January 7, 2022
This product has been tremendously helpful for an elderly fa
My relative is presently in a nursing home and diagnosed with dementia. Now he doesn't have to constantly ask staff about day, time, month, etc. This gives him some needed confidence and independence.
Curtis Review from
April 13, 2014
OK but just ok for the price
I have tinnitus and bought this to help me sleep. I wanted to hear something other than my approx 10,000Hz tone. It's a fairly flimsy piece, with cheap speakers. The result is that turning the volume up past about 9 (out of 15) results in distortion. I hoped for better quality sound for $70. A good price for this would be $30 as it's really just a clock radio. The prerecorded loops are too short on the tracks and hurt the realism. For example, the summer night track has the "ribbet" of the frog far too frequent. Anyone who has heard the real thing will pick that up, but it may or may not bothe
Donna the authenticator Review from
March 20, 2014
To many Cons and not enough Pros
I use this to mask outside noise such as snoring, road and car noise, mini motorcross racing noise etc. while trying to sleep or read. About half of the sounds offered on this machine are NOT relaxing such as the Fog Horn, Road Noise, Loud Train. The others are decent but they just don't sound authenic but rather manufactured. The repitition of the different sounds, repeats to quickly for it to be original. I am keeping this machine and will use only a few of the sounds. Also the instruction booklet was incomplete. There was a step missing when you first select the different sounds, duh, the v
Babycakes Review from
January 9, 2019
Liked the sleek look of it and sound was good quality.
I'm a person who cannot fall asleep if its dead quiet. I normally use a box fan, in the winter we didn't like it. So my husband bought this unit only for the 20 sounds available to sleep to. Won't really use radio much. So I liked only a few that were offered in the 20 sounds. The other sounds I thought were,....let's say were not relaxing. Especially when using it to relax or sleep by. I do like the product though.
Liv Review from
January 3, 2013
Excellent Sound Machine/Clock Radio
I love my new sleek-design sound machine/alarm clock! I have owned so many of these through the years and it's been a struggle to find just the right sound, along with the needed functions (alarm, 15/30/45/60-minute timer, radio, snooze, dimmer, etc). I was skeptical at 1st because the machine is so lightweight and didn't seem "solid" but once I put it into use I forgot that right away, and the lightness in weight allows me to pick it up while lying in bed and bring it to me if I need to make an alarm setting change. I am VERY low-tech, but still find the controls easy to figure out without ev
White Noise Wayne Review from
June 1, 2014
Great item, high price
After trying a few different items that are similar, this is clearly the best. It looks nice, is made well, intuitive to use and sounds nice. The radio section works well and tunes clearly. The sounds are good quality samples although a few might keep me awake rather than put me to sleep like the "City" sound. But the rain and white noise are soothing and help me nod off. The controls are easy to use and I never read the manual. Overall I really like the unit and would recommend it, but the only thought I had is that the price was just a touch high for what it is. Yet with that said, it *IS* t
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